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Mother Mary Shares Her Heart with Us to Inspire Us to Love Ourselves (video)

Mother Mary Shares Her Heart with Us to Inspire Us to Love Ourselves (video)

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Beloved Mother Mary
David Christopher Lewis
June 11, 2014 9:00–9:25 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Your Spirit Is Valuable to the Cosmos

Every Emanation of Your Beingness Impacts Life

Gracious Ones, Holy Ones, Sons and Daughters of the One God,

As I come to you this day in the presence of love, in the presence of divine joy and understanding, I would provide for you, each one, a platform of truth, evidence of the Divine’s intercession in your life in a stream of beingness that will allow you to know your own eternality in Spirit, the grace of God moving through you, the flowering of the heart in ways that are indicative of that which God, through you, would reveal and authenticate by love.

As your Mother Mary, I come to stream unto and through your hearts something fresh from the altars of heaven, for God is always providing grace and opportunity for self-transcendence. God within you is always calling you to a higher life of intimate communion and conversation with the Source. When you put aside the various distractions that you find all about you in the civilization that you experience today and you focus upon what is real, what is true, what is viable in terms of its permanence within the cosmic stream of life, then you truly ennoble God and God’s fire within you and a new resource of light is established for you to bathe in, to draw forth inspiration from in order to fulfill your highest dreams, aspirations and goals.

What is it about life today that is so daunting for many? Some feel that they must take their own lives in order to avoid the burdens, the sufferings that are everywhere in your realm. Knowing that life itself is sacred, that your life is sacred, that your spirit is valuable to the cosmos and that you were born as a co-creator to expand God’s consciousness through your own individualization of the God-flame here gives you pause to consider the results of every decision, the consequences of every thought and feeling that you have toward yourself, toward one another, toward the world at large and all life as a whole upon the Earth.

When you realize that as a co-creator, every emanation of your beingness through your life impacts all life, then there is the sense of ultimate responsibility and accountability that we revere within our sphere of existence as part and parcel of life itself, consciousness, oneness with the Source. Knowing that you are impactful upon the cosmos, we pray, will give you pause to consider just how important every act, word and deed that you engage in is to life everywhere.

Thus, dearest ones, living in the present moment, focusing on the Now, being involved in what is currently front and center in your life is essential for you to make the greatest progress. For if you are always so focused upon either the past, which is no more, or the future, which does not yet exist, how can you be fully engaged as a God-conscious one in co-creation, in God’s work and the kingdom of heaven alighting upon and within your domain in this hour of your life?

You see, all of the recent teachings that have been presented unto you through a number of inspired or enlightened beings are moving the consciousness of humanity as a whole to a new life of Spirit within matter. You have heard that your DNA can be changed by consciousness, by divine thought, by the power of intelligent energy flowing through your being and impacting the atoms, electrons and cells of your own holy organism and temple of light. As this is so, and we aver that it is the truth, dearest ones, consider how the genes and chromosomes of your higher soul essence, your Solar awareness, are always in the process of evolving to become permanent and permanently affixed within the etheric realms of pure light, within the one omni-Spirit, omni-Presence of the universal One God.

Your goal may be Self-realization; your goal may be enlightenment and freedom. All of this is a part of the dynamic of life itself for you as a God-conscious one. When you involve yourself in God’s affairs and when you are integrated in your approach, in beingness, to fathom your purpose and God’s desire moving through your essential spirit, dearest ones, then there can be the most amazing interplay of cosmic forces for good. There can be co-creativity at the highest level and the flowering of consciousness through your Sun Presence in every moment of time and space as you know it.

We the archeiai are preparing a banquet feast during your summer solstice world freedom conference in Montana in just a few short days. And even now we are casting roses, with their perfumes and divine emanations, into the atmosphere of the Earth to prepare for this great celebration with many Divine Mothers in your midst.

O, how we know your souls, O mankind. O, how we have prayed for and done all that we are karmically and cosmically able to do to assist you on your sacred journey of light. If you would give just a little bit more attention to the archangels and archeiai and to your own guardian angel and divine sponsors, there could be a greater interpenetration of light within your realm, within your body temple itself. You would be raised moment by moment in this new stream of awareness within the greater ocean of God’s being. You would find yourself again and again infused with the eternal essences of the Holy One at the center of the cosmos, whose fire is there for you, whose abundance is there always for you to access through your call, through your belief, through your acceptance. You would never know lack or want, poverty, or a sense of despair, especially in thinking that you are not good enough for God, for others or for yourself.

Cast aside every sense of separation now and enter into the Garden experience of divine bliss, in beingness, with us as we hold you ever in the light, as we merge the resources of our spiritual essences with who you are now, and not in some distant time or far-off space, evanescent, unreachable, unrealizable. Realize God within you now. Feel the fire, the eternal light blazing within your being; and in this, enter the everlasting Spirit of the Lord your God with great reverence, holiness and love.

Yes, dearest ones, I am real because you are real, because together we are both a part of God in God’s great oneness with all life. My words ring true, for they are there already within your mind and heart, evidence of God’s ongoing communication with you through your own sentient beingness, your own awareness of presence within the eternal Now.

Though some may rail against the voice-box of truth, the portal of the Word, the amanuensis sent by the masters of love, wisdom, power in this hour, yet you can verify—when you are integrated, free to be who you are as a co-creator and as one who would know, who would feel and who would understand who God is within Self—that what we aver is reality, that what we share has the sustaining power to heal you even now, if you choose.

Some of you have read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I, Mary, encourage all to read and to reread this great tome of light. And especially consider that amazing alchemical time during which the master of the budding master, Sri Yukteswar, shared the teaching with Yogananda that God is greater than all dis-ease and that if one would simply accept one’s wholeness in the present moment, all dis-ease could be dissolved and a restoration of perfect wholeness could ensue.

Consciousness is key. Acceptance of the eternal Now now is the portal to relinquishing your attachment to suffering, strain and stress and to accepting again and forevermore the integration of your essence with God, who already exists within you in the inner dimensions of beingness within your heart.

As the archangels and archeiai continue to wing their way and provide so many impetuses of light for you, dearest ones, so I will sing to your soul throughout this day my own psalms of love; so I will share secrets for you, each one, to understand in order to make greater progress on your path.

Why, just this morning David looked in the mirror and for a fleeting moment was not pleased with what he saw. And yet I was there to aver before him, behind him and all around him that God is still God within, that the body temple is holy, and that one must accept who one is now with love so as not to diminish the God-flame that exists within the heart. Yes, dearest ones, honor who you are. Be accepting even of your foibles and imperfections as a part of life in this domain. Live in levity; let go of the past and of the burdens and cares and even the habit patterns that keep you attached to form and to a design less than your immaculate image, which I ever behold for you. As you know who you are, as God sees you, I will always be there shining the light of God through my eyes and vision for your victory, for your God-success in every moment, blessed ones.

Now breathe with me the breath of the Holy Spirit and feel within your hearts love impelling, love intelling, love compelling you, through joy, to know only God, only life, beingness and presence. I AM your Mary, and I am loving you always as your Mother, your benefactor, your advocate in truth and reality for the fulfillment of your purpose, your raison d’être, to be love in action now. I thank you.

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