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Omri Tas' Twin Flame Reveals Her Name as Govinas and Chants a Love Song to Us

Omri Tas' Twin Flame Reveals Her Name as Govinas and Chants a Love Song to Us

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Beloved Govinas
David Christopher Lewis
June 3, 2014 7:00–7:18 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

If You Desire Joy and Levity,
Live in the Violet Fire Perpetually

Dearest Ones,

I come from the Violet Planet as a matriarch of light to support my own beloved Omri-Tas in his journey to Earth to find those in whom the violet light is blazing brightly this day. I AM Govinas, his consort, queen, if you would, and one who rules with the light of mercy a planet so dedicated and consecrated to the seventh-ray action of the violet ray, wherein freedom and the eternality of transmutation occur within the framework of life itself, within the very souls of our evolutions and those who witness to the glory of God, fully Self-realized within their hearts, their minds, their spirits.

I come because you have called forth the light of my beloved, many of you for a number of years now on the second and third of the month. And as you prepare for the coming of the Divine Mothers during your upcoming summer solstice World Freedom Conference, I am here to lend the resource of the feminine aspects of the violet ray to you for your sacred work.

We have taken note of that which has effulgently manifested through the giving of your Kuan Yin rosaries—the Crystal Rosary and now your new Rosary of Mercy. We have seen the cosmic effects of these divine emanations transporting many to a higher level of awareness in the feminine Buddhic aspects of God-consciousness, whereby mercy sings, freedom rings and the soul ascends in oneness with God to partake of that eternal light of cosmic joy.

If mankind upon Earth would understand the full science of Spirit that manifests as transmutation in action when one radiantly serves the light through the giving of mantras, songs, prayers, invocations and decrees to the violet light, you would see such a transformation upon Earth, dearest ones, that within a few short years you would not even recognize the aura of the Earth. For it would be infused with that God-energy of Spirit that inculcates within the very lives of all peoples the freedom fire of supernal and divine happiness.

If you desire joy, if you desire levity, live in the violet fire perpetually. If you desire oneness with your Source, find that point of reality within that ray, which is the culmination of the first six and accentuates the greatest aspects of all into its representation of energy as alchemy, of energy as love known within the soul, as energy that precipitates right here and now within your world the greatest divine gnosis, beingness, presence, love.

You could say that we are truly a planet of love, like Venus. For, dearest ones, there is also a stream, a ray, a continuity of expression between the evolutions of the Violet Planet and of Venus. And I am often in communication with Lady Venus herself. Some have even jokingly shared that Venus and Govinas are like twins, Mothers of their planets, in love with all life.

Yes, you see, dearest ones, there is such harmony, such peace, such prosperity and understanding when you incorporate all of the rays of God within your lives in conscious communication and communion with the Source in everything that you do, in all that you say, in that which you emanate consciously within your lives. And when there is that sacred charge of mercy, of reverence, of joy as you consciously see the violet light dancing, spinning and gracing all with its immaculate nature and its frequencies, as fountains of effervescent, ecstatic joy, you too will know what it means to live in the heart of God, one with all life, in love with every aspect and flowering of God within nature. You will know from deep within your core all that is essential for you to self-discover, to realize your eternal nature, your holy purpose, your sacred mission to bring loving joy to all life as we do.

Often as you sing the “Govinda Narayana” bhajan, I come to support Lord Krishna and Radha in embellishing the etheric plane of the Earth with aspects and radiances that Mother Omega herself inspires upon me to deliver to you. For where there is devotion, where there is peace, there I am in the midst of the living violet energy field that is invoked through joy and the radiance of seventh-ray love.

O holy ones of God, now that you know my name, you may choose to compose other songs invoking the priests and priestesses of the Violet Planet who, by your word, will lend the resources of their cosmic momentums of invocation to you to accelerate that which is alighting upon Earth as those activities that beloved Saint Germain and Portia and the Great Divine Director and his beloved have determined to manifest for the greater God-glory and realization of the seventh age of freedom and enlightenment upon Earth. You see, you may use every resource that God provides through any divine being if you consciously choose to invoke the ray of reality through this science of the spoken and sung word.

Now there is through my coming a certain harmonization of frequencies deep within the Earth as many whom I have brought with me focus the light into the very soul of Terra in this hour. Heros and Amora, with Arcturus and Victoria, focalize the frequencies of love and alchemy now through this action for the fortification within certain planes of consciousness of only God-desire for the light of freedom here.

Yes, there may at times be a revolution of the spirit, an overturning of darkness and the ways of unconsciousness. Yet we see opportunity manifest so that these transition points are fulfilled with the least amount of violence, death and destruction. For when souls are enlightened and harmony prevails within the world’s populations, peoples and cultures, there can be a more gradual, refined and wonderful transition to an age of divine love, dearest ones. This is your purpose for living in this hour—to allow for this transformational evolution to occur by love, by grace, by the Holy Spirit’s over shining Presence and victorious sense of awe, splendor and beauty.

[Govinas chants for 100 seconds a melody of light and love.]

The elemental forces of seventh-ray joy now awaken within the Earth for the victory of love’s alchemy and the freedom to be God, godly and God-victorious. Live in the light of the seventh ray, dearest ones, and you shall know your souls, one with the All. I thank you.

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