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The Angel of Joy Reveals his Name as Levity and Shares Keys to Our Path

The Angel of Joy Reveals his Name as Levity and Shares Keys to Our Path

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Beloved Levity, Angel of Joy
David Christopher Lewis
May 26, 2014 9:13–9:31 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Levity Is a Portal to Every Divine World
Live in Levity, Learn in Levity, Love in Levity’s Fire


I AM Levity, the Angel of Joy. And this day I too alight in your midst to bring you the peace of joy that you have earned as grace, as divine happiness, as eternal understanding that it is God’s great pleasure to offer, to give you the keys to the kingdom,1 the consciousness of the One within yourselves, which has always been there and now resides ever in joy for you by your choice.

Levity through laughter brings aspects of the ascension current into play within your form, dearest ones. Levity—as the light-energy victorious in truth, yesterday, today and forevermore—provides a resource for you to retain an understanding of godliness in your midst, for you to accept the truth of your being, the wonderment and the awe of the Almighty, the Source, the Creator of all. Levity is the light-energy that incites you, through truth and the victorious sense, to your perfectionment in beingness.

There are so many words that the word levity could, as an acronym, be used to share with you keys to your victory on the path. So try me; invoke me; see through new eyes opportunities, through joy, for self-expression whereby you may access the radiant field of your own higher beingness as one who is one with God. For, dearest ones, there is only light in the heaven world; there is only perfection, joy, radiance and peace in our realms of divine happiness. And the Pure Land of the Buddhas fully embraces joy at every hand—“Joy to the World,” the “Ode to Joy,” Joyeux Noel—in all of its manifestations.

The very missions of Jesus and Gautama Buddha were suffused with joy and levity. And were the full record of their overcoming shared with humanity, you would see just how much levity was key for them to share with all mankind, and remains for them to continue to share, so that souls may be raised out of the depths of darkness, out of the doldrums and the dungeons of despair and despondency. Yes, dearest ones, levity is that which assists the soul to self-transform into the butterfly of light that emerges from the chrysalis, which represents that sacred space created by God through which the not-self can emerge from unconsciousness to a new world of light, harmony and joy.

Why has it taken so long for me to reveal my name to you? Well, it is because many take so seriously their own path that they rarely access the level of light that I bear to the world through the joy flame, who I am in order to assist souls to make greater progress on the path. In the Age of Aquarius dawning, there will much more teaching on levity, joy, divine happiness, blessed ones. For in Aquarian light and love, in the new world experience that many will know, all will be able to levitate with the Lord at any time, because it is the very nature of the soul to ascend, to soar, to swell, to grow and expand in the light of oneness.

One visualization that you all can engage in and use is to see yourself as a bumblebee, in whatever color you so choose, and ascend through the light of levity to any place, go anywhere to assist anyone through the love that you bear on behalf of the Lord God. You see, when you make that determination and declaration to fulfill God’s will within your life, you are given the keys to assist many in making the greatest progress that they can on their own path. And often an appropriate joke, a little laughter does go a long way and is the best medicine to move one beyond the constraints and limitations of the not-self.

You see, when you laugh, you create a field of joy that expands outwardly and inwardly to bless you and many others with its radiance. This field of joy is accentuated by many devic and angelic beings and especially the precious elementals, who love to laugh in nature. Did you know that often they wonder why mankind is so sullen and solemn in their mien and in their ways? Why, they note how children are more like them than adults, and so often they will conspire to do things to tickle your funny bone in order for you to lighten up, dearest ones. For they see that joy often is the key to overcome suffering, a sense of nonawareness or of being outside of the oneness of the circle of God’s eternal identity.

Levity is a portal to every divine world that you can both imagine and experience in your flights of divine fancy, in your meditations upon mirth and the ascending spirals of amity, where through your own higher amorous self you are simply in love with all life, everyone, all of God in nature. And through this infusion of compassion and understanding love, everything is made plain, your eyes are fully opened and awakened to the Eternal One, and joy reigns supreme in your world on a moment-by-moment basis.

Holy ones of God, live in Levity, learn in Levity, love in Levity’s fire. Learn to love yourself as Levity loves you. Learn to honor all through revering Levity’s ways, and allow Levity to live fully in the love-fires of your heart. For this is where you will find me; this is where you will experience my eternal level of joy; this is where you will continue to ascend in consciousness, grow in light and expand awareness.

Have you ever had the experience of being so fully enriched in love and in light that you almost could not stop laughing for joy of the experience, of that sense of oneness and peace, harmony and grace? You can bring back this feeling any time you choose by simply going within, smiling and asking Levity to raise you up and to also raise all life simultaneously. It is my great joy to bring you all that surrounds you with the mystical, the magical and the miraculous sense of oneness with life and God. And in this state of beingness, joy and levity will always be yours, infusing you with all that you require for your victory.

Yes, dearest ones, levity—leave it not aside. Enter into it and it shall be yours through every trial, temptation, tantrum and tribulation. There is nothing that levity cannot transmute when you accept the pure joy-fires of God’s eternal light-heart.

Yes, the lighthearted ones are my disciples and advocates, those who do not take everything so seriously that they cannot enjoy Sirius itself or their own path of attainment and perfectionment. Learning the art, the science and the mathematics of levity is key for some to experience God in God’s totality. There is no moodiness, in the negative sense, in heaven, dearest ones. For there is only one mood, and that is the good mood of Mu, the Mother of you all. Let us hear your uproarious laughter any time. For you see, when we hear and feel your joy, we reflect it back unto you to increase it, to sustain it and to utilize it throughout many regions of space to assist life.

Yes, I, Levity, will never leave those who are true to Self, in love with God, and in league not with leviathans, yet with the Levites—the true priests and priestesses of the Lord.

Dominus vobiscum. Dominus vobiscum. Dominus vobiscum. Amen.


1. See Matthew 16:19; Luke 12:32.


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