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Maximus Shares a Powerful Talisman with Us and Facilitates an Action of Cosmic Justice Across the Earth

Maximus Shares a Powerful Talisman with Us and Facilitates an Action of Cosmic Justice Across the Earth

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Beloved Maximus
David Christopher Lewis
May 9, 2014 9:00–9:29 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Beloved Maximus Expands our Crystal Cords and Deposits a Gift in the Secret Chamber of Our Hearts
Accept the Full Radiant Stream of Your Presence Flowing through Your Crystal Cord

Beloved Ones,


I, Maximus, come this day to enfire you and the Earth with the radiance of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun; the light of the Presence, of all that is beautiful, true and divine; and the omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of the Almighty.

Would you be maximized this day to know God fully within your temple of light? Would you maximize your life in the richness and fullness of Spirit manifest in eternality now? Would you be resolved this day to be all that your own Higher Self—fully emblazoned within your outer waking consciousness—would employ as the gifts of the Spirit within all that you do, think, feel, hear and say? Yes, you may be more conscious, I say, of your God-reality and the individualization of the God-flame right where you are.

Therefore this day I come to maximize your efforts, to maximize your words, to maximize all the light that is flowing through your being, through your chakras. And, blessed ones, if you invite the light of Maximus in order to utilize the cosmic rays that you may have access to by your conscious choice, Progeneta and I will be there, right where you are, living, breathing, emanating through you day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment!

Is this life exciting, blessed ones? Is it fulfilled for you? Is it rich in the joy of the Spirit and the happiness of the Lord? If not, then it can be by your conscious will. You see, blessed hearts, if you would truly know God’s will, then enter into the spirit of willingness and maximize all of that blue-ray frequency that you can through your identification with light and in the emanation of beingness from the center point of your soul and spirit. And then God will fully emblazon within your reality the Solar essence of your God-identity.

We are often called into action seemingly as a last resort, at times often responding to dire situations, calamities and those problematic areas in which people feel bereft of the full spiritual empowerment that can be theirs. Yet, blessed ones, we would induce you to consider beginning each day with a song of your soul on your tongue, on your lips and flowing through your lungs and heart and mind and eyes. And in this, you may maximize through your awareness the energy field of your causal body, right in the here and now, on behalf of those whose lives you touch so that they may know God, godliness, holiness, beauty, perfection and all of the virtues that you seek—and may find in your spiritual toolkit—to outpicture in your daily affairs.

O holy ones of God, often we alight on the highest peaks of this Earth, raise our hands and simply let loose the joy of God, the radiance of the Spirit to humanity. And rolling down those mountain fastnesses to the valleys and the cities of the world are cosmic frequencies and energies divine that we utilize to mobilize the conscious ones, spiritual aspirants and the teachers of truth on behalf of the lightbearers who at times are asleep. Yes, lightworkers at times get caught in webs of lack of awareness of all that they should know that is transpiring in heaven and on earth, all that they should invest in in order to get the biggest bang for the buck within their work on behalf of the Lord.

Yes, dearest ones, we utilize any situation and make it better and best for you. We utilize every challenge and optimize—with the angels of optimization and even divine radicals that you may imbibe through your pranic breathing—those essences that will stir you unto a new field of divine activity, cosmic grace and perfect alignment with the Solar rays of God-consciousness. These rays are penetrating into the atmosphere of this Earth for the victory light of Aquarius to begin to fully take hold and be realized by lightbearers within this realm.

We know nothing of defeat! We only know the light of victory! We know nothing of the dire, dank and dense awareness of human consciousness. For we live as gods and goddesses in the lofty yet humble estate of the virgin aspects of pure beingness, in the radiant field and the sublimity of purity.

Gracious ones, you may yet access more of Spirit, of heaven and of the virtuous aspects of your own God-consciousness than you have to date. It is through a simple shift in awareness and a new dialing in to the radio frequencies of the heart, centered on and within God, that you may be love in its highest outpicturing for humanity, that you may be power and faith in its most dynamic aspects to lift life right out of the dregs and the burdens and the cares and the woes and the blues of yesterday. Yes, you may access the Solar radiance of the highest eternal truths offered, proferred from the lips of the Divine Mother—the cosmic teacher of all lifestreams throughout the cosmos—if you choose to be enlightened and to know her wisdom teaching as she profoundly releases it daily on behalf of her own universal children.

Blessed ones, joy is the motor of life for the initiate and for the adept who would understand happiness at its core, as alignment with the Source. If you are not fully happy in this life, I say get to know God within yourself and you may simply begin to laugh more, as we do when we observe you at times trying, trying so hard to be godly and wonderful on behalf of others. Well, dearest ones, enter the natural state, the simple, beautiful and radiant state of happiness. For this is where Progeneta and Maximus live. If you could see the world upon which we reside, you would be amazed at the cosmic authenticity of every thought of the Solar beings, the Lords of Love, and the dynamic Spirits with whom we live and interact. Why, we live and move and have our being in perfection’s glory and in the dynamism and the cosmic electricity and elasticity that light brings to every situation.

You may call upon the energy of Maximus, dearest ones, when you are required to move mountains of opposition to your work and transmute that substance into the newness of light-energy to utilize in your alchemical works and co-creations. You see, dearest ones, one of the keys to accessing greater God-consciousness is to accept the full radiant stream of your Presence flowing through your crystal cord. So consciously see your crystal cord wider, wider, wider every day so that you have the frequencies, the energies that you require to accomplish all that you desire to manifest.

It is a simple ten-second visualization to expand that crystal cord. Now, on behalf of you all, I expand it for you. And if you can feel the greater joy, the greater God-desire, the greater energy field of love and light flowing through your crown and into your heart, and from there expanded throughout your being, then you are beginning to know what it is to enjoy the light of Maximus and to be a progenitor with my beloved on behalf of lifestreams throughout your world.

Now I invest within your hearts something new, something radiant, something blue that I have foreseen as optimal for you to accept at this moment in your divine, historic, progressive evolution for your victory in the here and now on a continual and constant basis. And an angel of light deposits this gift into the secret chamber of your heart for you to access through the cosmic breath of the sun when you engage in silent meditation, preferably with the rising sun. And there will be released unto you throughout your day ampoules of grace, essences of holy love, frequencies of God-beingness for you to utilize throughout your day for your victorious life, blessed ones.

You see, it pays to know the names of a cosmic master and his beloved and to use them daily in your calls, fiats, prayers and meditations. It pays to love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength, with all your soul, as the Lord has commanded.Âą For when you do this, the Lord maximizes your love and returns it to you for a greater action of love to flow through you.

Now as we survey the scene of your Earth, we also attend to certain dynamics that must be resolved and, in certain quarters, dissolved for the victory of the lightbearers. The oppressive ones, those who do no good are now called to task before the Lords of Light, the Karmic Board and the Four and Twenty Elders. These are given, many of them, one final opportunity to bend the knee to the Lord of All Life and, through humility, to accept the coursing of the Divine One through their soul essence from this day forward. And each one is shown by an angel of record the results of that which they have engaged in and the ultimate result of what will come their way as karmic recompense if they keep on the course that they are walking and living.

It is a cosmic moment, blessed ones. And, in a sense, all of heaven pauses to see the inner response of thousands of those who have been ensnarled in a web of deceit, of the lie, of the liar and the sons of Belial upon Earth. Pray for the restored angels to have many converts this day and in coming hours from among those who have unfortunately been tools of the sinister one for lifetimes. And by your prayers to Michael the Archangel, Astrea and Purity, Hercules and the twelve Elohim, there is intercession this day for the nullification of certain strategies and plots that we long ago foresaw as possible. And yet, by God’s grace, these now are stemmed and the efforts of the dark ones are bound by the power and the grace of the Almighty!

Yes, dearest ones, your calls we answer, your fiats we receive and respond to, and this day miracles ensue in many realms. Believe them, accept them, know them within your heart and mind, within your being at your core. God is the doer. We are simply the extension of the essence from the Great Central Sun to your world in this hour and a door through which God’s light may flow and give birth to a new Earth.

Blaze the light of Maximus here! Blaze the light of Maximus there! Blaze the light of Progeneta where I AM! Blaze the light of Progeneta within the All! Even a short fiat such as this, blessed ones, brings about the miraculous, the divine, the magical in your world and in the worlds of so many. Maximize your prayers, maximize your work, maximize your life and you shall always be in sync with God. I thank you.

Messenger’s comments:

Before I take my leave of your company and your attention, I would simply like to thank every heartfriend within our movement today for who you are, the love that you share in so many ways, the abundance that you have given us, the caring attention to the path that you follow, the support that you give to everyone in your life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for responding to the ascended masters, for being there whenever you can in the various sessions that we have, the broadcasts that we are privileged to send your way. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hearts of gold, the starry beings who you are—the lightworkers, the lightsharers, the lightbearers that you are.

Heaven has alit upon Earth today by the power of Maximus and Progeneta. And as this dictation was progressing, I saw at that critical time both the alchemy of the release of this beautiful talisman within our hearts and also the work of many divine beings who are very Herculean in the way that they look, like giant Archangel Michaels. They didn’t have wings so much as simply gigantic bodies of light, and they descended and they did their work. It’s almost like the transformer movies, though not mechanical. They were pure light—pure crystalline, radiant, Solar light. And even though they are intense, they are pure love. Therefore the judgment and the justice that they bring is not born of anger or reaction to what mankind is doing. It is simply the highest divine frequency that we can receive in order that love, in its totality, may exist and be shared upon the Earth.

I can assure you that Maximus, as I felt his presence, was larger than our home and took up, I would say, about an acre of space in his being. He is so huge. You can visualize him in any way that you desire or see him in your mind’s eye any way that works for you. This is how I felt him. And he had me purposely wear blue today to receive this HeartStream.

So thank you, Cathleen and Robert, for being there today. I know I don’t always come on Thursdays, yet I am grateful for this maximizing effort of the ascended masters. I’ll say good-bye now and bless you.

In the name of the living God, in the name of the Father, the Mother, the Son/Daughter and the Holy Spirit, be sealed and let this session, with a final song to Mighty Victory, song 133, be sealed in perfect joy, grace and harmony. Have an awesome day. Bye-bye.


1. Matthew 22:36–38; Luke 10:27; Mark 12:30.


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