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Mother Mary Blesses Us with Healing Love-Light

Mother Mary Blesses Us with Healing Love-Light

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Beloved Mother Mary
David Christopher Lewis
April 16, 2014¬†¬† 9:00‚Äď9:19 am MDT
Livingston, Montana


Today Is Your Opportunity to Accept a New and Higher Aspect
of the Flowering of Your Divinity


Gracious Ones Who Understand the Dynamics of Spiritual Living and Who Would Be in a Greater Field of Resonance with the Holy Mothers of Heaven and Those Who Serve Humanity through a Constancy of Givingness, a Stream of Splendor whereby the Glories of God Flow to All,

           I, Mary, am here with you in spirit and in matter to allow for you to know a greater depth of beingness within the heart of God. For you see, dearest ones, long ago I made it my goal to know the heart of God, to feel every divine emotion as the energy in motion of pure love that emanates from the center point of being of all that is. And as I contemplated the love of God for all of the created universe, I began to have revealed unto me divine mysteries, universal truth and holy understanding of the very nature of life, of God, of the All.

            During all of our revelations, our givingness during these HeartStreams, and especially during your times of infinite and intimate conversation with God from deep within your heart, there is an abiding presence there that is a link between you and God, which when established and fanned, accelerated and brought to bear within your daily lives creates for everyone whose lives you touch a blessing, a bestowal of grace, a new sense of peace, of oneness and wholeness in God. Truly, dearest ones, what we continue to invest within our deliveries is yours to accept, even as you let go of and surrender aspects of self that no longer serve you in manifesting your fullest life, your most glorious and wondrous beingness in your Presence and in the natural world of light itself.

            O angels of the sacred fire, fan now the fires of healing love within the lives of these your servitors of love. O angels of Raphael, my beloved, go to each one to restore balance, harmony, inner peace, prosperity and that which will allow them to always feel that sense of oneness with all life, that sense of godliness within, that sense of intuitive awakening to the new light essences that flow from the sun and from the Great Central Sun to each one’s own Solar Presence daily.

            Blaze forth the light of healing love now, O angels of my heart, throughout the world to heal all who are in pain or anguish, who are suffering or who feel a sense of separation from God. Blaze forth the light unto every cell of every being evolving here so that life as God knows that life eternal may be represented and accepted upon earth as it is in heaven.

            Dearest ones, my heart is here for you this day in a newness, a freshness, of spiritual fire, a newness of self-discovery. And my opportunity, given to you now, is for you to feel the fire of God’s love ever more deeply resident within your being. Oh, how we would convey to every soul her worth, her value to God. For when all feel and accept that validation of oneness with all life, all will be resolved, nothing will stand in the way of each one’s communion with the Source of all, and harmony, peace, prosperity and God-victory shall be the lot, the fate, of all within this realm.

            Now Raphael stirs the waters, the ethers within the emotional belt and body of this Earth so that there may be a greater transmutation this day of darkness, of illusion and of those mayic frequencies that have caused a sense of separation between the self and God. And as the waters are stirred, there is a sloughing off of certain toxic elements within the souls of humanity, and there is an unburdening of life itself in all realms.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Yes, dearest ones, today is your opportunity to glow and to accept a new and higher aspect of the flowering of your divinity. And you may represent God where you are this day as you breathe light and fire divine, as you flower through mindfulness, as you sing to the sun in great joy and internal happiness‚ÄĒyes, as your cells themselves cry out: ‚ÄúO Lord, I love you! O life move through me. Win hearts everywhere for the Divine One. Bless them with the sense and the spirit of spiritual integrity this day. O my Lord, I am yours. O my God, flow, flow, flow through my heart and allow all to know you, to love you, to serve you and to have invested within them your light, your eternal Spirit through their beloved I AM God Presence.‚ÄĚ

            Look up, blessed ones, ever to your Source and know that your God-victory is here and now, in the present moment, in all things, for all purposes. Know that all that you aspire to, all that you desire to have fulfilled, to accomplish, to succeed in is there for you to claim and to accept by this love-light of your Presence shining brightly where you are. Yes, a new soulfulness will take hold of you. A new beingness will, in a sense, rock your life. For we are here as the archangels and archeiai to move heaven and earth for our own, for each one to feel eternality within each breath, God-glory within each heartbeat.

            I AM your Mother Mary, speaking through David. For as he has invested the time in attuning to me and speaking to me, from his heart, prayers of love, desires to be of service, so I have used this vessel and will continue to do so on a daily basis to win my own back to God and to share heaven’s glory with humanity through this progressive revelatory movement of The Hearts Center and through each of you who is a part of it through your life lived to the glory of God.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† When you say ‚ÄúHail, Mary, full of grace, I love you,‚ÄĚ I expand your love in an infinite quotient of presence to bless life through your breath, one with the breath of the Holy Spirit. When you say ‚ÄúHail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee,‚ÄĚ knowing my oneness with the Lord, I use your words to expand that sense of oneness through your chakras, your auric field to all whom you know, all whose lives you touch in ways great and small. And when you say ‚ÄúPray for us, bodhisattvas of love, children of love, sons and daughters of God,‚ÄĚ my prayer, through the emanating currents of light from my Presence and that of my beloved, are yours instantaneously to buoy you up, to free you from every element of the not-self, unreality and maya. And this fire of healing love flows to thousands and millions on the wave patterns that we together have created by our union, by our love bridging heaven and earth, dearest ones.¬Ļ

            O, so simple a prayer, like a flower unfolding before the Great I AM, who accepts the perfume of the soul and extends its aroma to all life. Yes, through simple acts and words you are winning your victory, blessed hearts. For it is grace, it is God’s gifts of spiritual fire that will transform this world, not brute force, not armies, weapons or the incursions of human power at all. It is the power of love, the power of light that will transform all and win all back to the heart of God.

            Through the alchemy of healing love this day, a new world is here. Enjoy it and bless life through the magnificence of God’s divine energy flowing through you in every thought, word, breath and deed. I love you. I love you. I love you.



1.  The Hearts Center has released numerous new age rosaries calling to Mother Mary and other feminine deities using the basic format of the Catholic rosary to the blessed Mother.  The following link provides a PDF of the words to these various rosaries.   You may also find booklets, CDs and DVDs of them for purchase in The Hearts Center's online store.

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