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The Voice of The I AM Speaks

The Voice of The I AM Speaks

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Beloved Voice of the I AM
David Christopher Lewis
April 22, 2014   7:04–7:29 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


It Is Time to Enter the Awakening Presence of the I AM

Master the Art and Science of Stillness through Silence

            I AM the Voice of the I AM—the I AM within all life, the I AM within you. This I AM voice you may only hear fully through stillness, within silence, in the innermost recesses of your heart, in the deepest space where God, as the I AM, exists within you.

            Heretofore many of you have not fully accessed the level of the I AM through inner stillness. And therefore you remain on the periphery of being, never fully accessing the light of your Presence, the Spirit of the I AM within you, the voice of the Divine that stirs the cosmos in that sacred space reserved within your being for the I AM, who you are. What then must you do in order to still yourself so that you may hear my voice, so that you may reside within the fuller God Presence of your True Self?

            You have danced all about and around the center point of being through all manner of interplays of consciousness that abide outside of the center of the circle. Therefore it is time to put all of this nonsense aside and enter into the quickening Spirit, the awakening Presence of the I AM, whereby you are yoked to God within the great spherical orb, the cosmic egg, of your individual, unique identification of the I AM who you are.

            The monkey mind is the greatest inhibitor and distractor of your Presence, and it feeds the dweller on the threshold in that it divides you and hides you from the I AM. You will never reach this place of stillness if you do not master the art, the science of stillness through silence. Meditation, for many of you, is the key, as it is a science of light and harmony that can bring you to the fount of the I AM, the inner man/woman of your higher being.

              Be still and know I AM God.1 You have heard these words, many of you for decades, and yet still you do not access this level of being. Instead you think and perceive through that monkey mind that you will reach it by force of will, human will; by your devotion, which unfortunately is not often born of a deep and lasting presence of divine love and universal understanding. The thinking processes of modern man, the engagement and the cacophony of so much dialectic, clouds beingness. It were better for many of you to stop talking and, at times, even decreeing in order to first, through stillness, feel and know I AM within

              There is not a twelve-point plan; there is not a twenty-one-step process by which you will somehow miraculously arrive at the point of the I AM—it will not happen by following some individual’s concept, born of the monkey mind, of how to achieve it. You must find from within yourself the access point, the means by which the I AM will vibrate and live within your awakened state of being—by quieting your body, your emotions, your thought processes and your memory patterns. For, blessed ones, the ascended masters who sponsor this movement require greater diligence on the part of their disciples in knowing the voice of the I AM within, listening and obeying in order that the greater plan may be fulfilled and the divine design, born of eternal cycles of light, may arise within the lives of all.

            Some of you have said in your heart, “I know not how to quiet or still my mind.” And yet, have you given your greater God Self opportunity to utilize the vessel of your being, the chalice of your selfhood, to truly experience the I AM by attempting to listen and still yourself for ten, twenty, thirty minutes a day, shutting out all except that which will divinely arise from within you as stillness and quiescence? Have you allowed the cosmic song of harmony to meld you fully with the All-in-all in those supernal moments when you feel the light, you know the radiation, and you abide in Presence through the inner glow of your being that modulates all quintessences of God that may be yours to associate with and to incorporate within your daily lives consciously, with great love, cherishment and compassion?

            So much doing, so little being. So many long lists of things to accomplish, people to see, places to go. And yet all of this, for many of you, remains on the periphery; for you have not found that centrality of beingness by which and through which your I AM fulfills itself within your life.

            It is fine, blessed ones, to be victorious in many endeavors. It is the way, the process, the means by which all of this is accomplished, through inner stillness and harmony, that makes the difference between an adept and one who ever abides within the novitiate state as an unkempt child. You seek wisdom—go within. You seek the Holy Spirit’s gifts—go within. You seek to be lauded by humanity with your credentials, even your PhD—go within. For what is a title? It is the representation of a course, a path of study, an accomplishment. And yet many PhDs and those who claim human knowledge have not reached even the first level of inner stillness, beingness within the I AM. For all that they have studied, all that they have perceived has come from an outer perspective, not an inner one.

           Therefore let your perspective be that of the I AM. Muse from within rather than from without. Feel from within rather than only from the touch of the outplaying of stimuli upon your outer being. Cognize from the center of each cell rather than from the reactive point of view whereby people, news, situations and events position themselves and attempt to cause a reaction from you, from the outside.

           You may reach this point from every point of the circumference of the circle when you go directly to the center rather than attempting to somehow reach that center by revolving and revolving and revolving around the circumference. Yet it takes a daring one, an intrepid one to go to the core of being; for it gets a little hot there within the sun of even pressure, where God abides in everlasting heat.

          Therefore, try me, and you will not be so erratic and stumble and fall and twist your ankle, stub your toe or do this or that which you later regret and say, “Oh, I was thinking of something else at the time.” You have not even mastered the beginning stages of Eckhart Tolle’s teaching on the power of the Now if you cannot live in that state of the Now for ten minutes or an hour, let alone a day. There will be further sharing from a number of ascended masters in days to come to assist many of you in making the leap to this new level of awareness, if you choose to accept their assistance.

            Every master has accessed the Great I AM. When will you attempt to go there, to reside there, to live there, blessed hearts? Some of you have reached this state and your lives have become magical and divine. And I applaud the stillness who abides within you; the I AM who shines forth the light through every cell of your being; the cause before the effect who models for you within your divine life pure consciousness, pure knowing, pure being in the I AM.

            You ask, from your monkey mind, which master I am? I AM the Voice of the I AM. That is who I am—I AM.



1. Psalm 46:10.

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  • This exquisite Heartstream is an extraordinary blessing for all who listen. It takes you straight in to the fullness of alignment with your own I Am. This Presence has promised more teachings. I hope you will you set aside a special section where these ongoing messages occur?
    4/27/2014 2:08:38 AM
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