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Timely Info and Opportunity on the 2014 Canadian Pilgrimage from David and Boyd

Timely Info and Opportunity on the 2014 Canadian Pilgrimage from David and Boyd

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David Christopher Lewis
April 15, 2014   9:12–9:24 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Join Us for the Upcoming Canadian Pilgrimage

Write to the Messenger for Saint Germain’s
Alchemical Intercession on Your Behalf

David:  Is there anything you’d like to share, or was that it?
Boyd:  No, thank you. I was anticipating that I might be asked to do something like this. And I looked at the website and I thought,” Well, what would God like me to show and share?” And I was drawn to the Events part of the site, and it was the Canadian Pilgrimage. I didn’t know why, but I thought about it and I looked at a little bit of it and I noticed that it says the registration deadline is May 10, which is less than one month from now. It’s only a few weeks, really. I’ve been in a situation many times myself where I was debating, “Is this for me?” Or maybe I didn’t put my attention on it enough and I thought, “Well, I don’t know if I can get off work,” or “Golly, it’s a lot and I’ve already done such and such this year,” and so forth.

           I just wanted to share something that I have stumbled into a number of times. It’s not anything new, but I’ve found that it’s really smart when I come across a page like that or an event like that to just carve out a little bit of space and say, “Okay, today I’m going to sit and I’m going to read everything on that page and I’m going to meditate with God and ask, in all honesty, “Does my divine plan include that?” And not say, “Is my boss going to let me off work?” or “Do I have the money?” or “I’ve been to Canada” or any of the little ideas that kind of swirl around, and just have a powwow with my Higher Self and say, “I will open my heart to whatever God would like me to do.” And I’ve always gotten a sign, in some respect, when I have taken the time to do that.

           So I just wanted to share that and ask you, as my brothers and sisters, to consider doing that if you haven’t done it. Go to that page and read it all the way through, maybe today or tomorrow, but pretty soon, and have a powwow with your Higher Self and see what God is willing to do and what God would like you to do, because if you actually will accept whatever God’s will is, none of the rest of the stuff is going to get in your way.

            I have a sense and I have faith that the Great White Brotherhood has a lot of amazing adventures and a lot of really worthy reasons for sending us there. They are sending us there. They’re sending us to do some work there with them, and they require us as well as just them. So please consider all of this. This is my humble way of promoting this and highlighting the fact that if you need to get your passport in order or anything like that, it’s a good idea to start working on that pretty soon. So that’s what I wanted to share.

David:  Boyd, thank you so much. That was right on. I love the way that you bring everything into the highest perspective with great clarity, with great purity. And I’m so grateful for you and the way that you care so much and that you share with us a deeper way of reflecting. And this all comes through meditation. It all comes through silence, stillness and your practice over many, many years of deep reflection, deep contemplation, going deeper, deeper, deeper into the very essence of God and light and purity. So thank you so much.

            I would like to share with you, on the heels of what Boyd just shared, that I just got a little vision, and I desire personally to go to bat for all of you who desire to go on this pilgrimage. And here’s what I’d like to do. Everybody who would like to go on this pilgrimage, whether you feel you have the resources or not, I would like to hear from you myself in the next few days, let’s say by Friday morning, 9 am. I would like to know your challenges or whether you have the resources to go—the time, the resources, the energy, whatever. And if it’s a definite yes, I would like to personally know. If it’s a maybe, let it be a maybe. If it’s “I really desire to go; I just don’t feel that I can, though I would like to,” I’d like to know that. I would like to take these emails, which I will print out, to the altar, to beloved Saint Germain and ask for miracles on your behalf.

            Today I would like to formally say that if anybody out there would like to sponsor one or more individuals—you can look and see what the cost of the pilgrimage is—please feel free to give to the pilgrimage scholarship fund. I’m not going to say it’s going to be based on first come, first served; it will be based on what Saint Germain will adjudicate through me. Based on the resources that we have from that pilgrimage scholarship fund, based on your consecration, your dedication, your constancy on the path, and based on your need and requirements, some of you may receive a scholarship.

            This is an alchemy, a petition from you to Saint Germain, who is the main sponsor of this pilgrimage, because he’s giving his class on meditation. I believe that he will work miracles for those who truly desire to come. And I will go all out for you in my calls, my fiats, my prayers on a daily basis. The sooner you send your email, the better, because I will be naming you every day at my altar in my home for the victory of this pilgrimage, for your coming.

           I’d like to say emphatically, it would be a travesty if all of the Canadian heartfriends were not there. It would almost be a slap in the face to the Master, to Saint Germain if those of you in Canada who are in The Hearts Center are not there, because this is your nation, your country. You have to be there for Saint Germain to hold the balance and to precipitate on behalf of all of us, through your knowledge of your country, what we will all be working on spiritually in the various sessions we have. You are the spiritual leaders of your nation.

            So I’m calling to each and every one of you Canadians and saying, please write to me. I desire to hear especially from the Canadians, first and foremost. I’d like to know if you’re planning to come. And I’m not going to spank you if you can’t make it or you don’t desire to come. However, all I can say is that if I were a Canadian, I would be on this pilgrimage. I can tell you that because I know what Saint Germain will do for your nation, and I would desire to be a part of that. I would desire the good karma of helping Saint Germain to perform what he will do in all manner of different alchemies on behalf of both Canada and the world in Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa and Montreal, at Niagara Falls, and especially at that one-day seminar.

           So I hope that this message will get out as soon as possible, especially to those who are not listening today on the broadcast or watching, so that everyone has an opportunity to email me. You can email me at Please don’t send it to my personal email. Send it to That is the email. I think maybe two other people see that email besides me. It’s okay for them to see it. In fact, they don’t have to read it. I will take care of it. I will bring it to my altar. I feel that this is absolutely crucial for me, as the co-founder of The Hearts Center, to really work on. This is a very important event for the Great White Brotherhood.

           Last night in our team-leader meeting it was also suggested that the Canadians let me know the five major issues that your country has that you would like us to work on during this pilgrimage. I believe it was Joyce who was going to call three of you to get your take on this. Any of you may either collaborate on this or just send me an email on what the five major issues are. Now, we did talk about some of these issues at our summer conference in Winnipeg two years ago. And it was wonderful to hear from the Canadians their take on life in Canada, a very important nation for the Great White Brotherhood, by the way. There’s a lot going on in higher truth in Canada. We don’t always hear about it here in the United States. There are many initiates in Canada, many very highly developed individuals and initiates of the highest order.

           So please let me know what’s on your heart regarding this pilgrimage, all of you. And we will see the alchemy that God will perform for all of us, for us to fill up one or two buses, depending on what we can co-create together. If somebody desires to donate $10,000 or $20,000, I can assure you we could have a number of heartfriends come. You would make the great karma of allowing some amazing individuals to come on this pilgrimage. There may be one or two people out there who have these kinds of resources. Of course, most of us don’t have the extra money like that, at least physically in our banks now. So the divine light will shine upon you and all of us, and we are victorious.

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