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Magda Blesses Us and Speaks of Jesus' Can Do Spirit

Magda Blesses Us and Speaks of Jesus' Can Do Spirit

Listen 15 min

Beloved Lady Master Magda
David Christopher Lewis
April 13, 2014   
9:00–9:15 am MDT
Livingston, Montana


Jesus Exemplified the Can-Do Spirit

Shine Forth the Way, the Truth and the Life that You Were Destined to Manifest


Dearest Hearts,

            I am in tune with you, even as you are in tune with beloved Jesus and me. And as your Magda, I come to raise you higher in Solar light, the light of the Christos, the light of your own Christic consciousness and that essence of God that is yours to claim and to manifest in myriad ways to bless life.

            It is an honor and a privilege to serve the Lord God through all of the eternal cycles of light within the cosmos. And within that service and ministration, it is also Jesus’ and my pleasure to give you keys to the kingdom, resources of light, teachings and blessings that will uplift you and all those whose lives you touch with your conscious presence of love and adulation of the One God. In this spirit you honor every lifestream with its natal presence of purity and the immaculate design that the Lords of Life invested within it in the beginning.

            This day, dearest hearts, I share with you that my beloved Jesus was one who exemplified the can-do spirit to all whose lives he touched. When the mediocre philosophies, religions and the pragmatists among men that he encountered would say to others, based on their interpretation of law, “You can’t do this,” “You can’t do that,” “You are not allowed to heal on the Sabbath,” my beloved stood forth in the shining light of his Presence to aver that God within all, as the doer, is greater than all man-made laws.¹ For he came to share a new law of love, of mercy and kindness. He provided that can-do spirit to so many that you would be amazed to see just how many lives he touched, east and west, north and south throughout the then-known world, and how many lives he is still touching through his heart of gold and through this can-do spirit of acceptance, belief, trust in the One and knowing that the greater works for all are possible through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

            On this Palm Sunday, I come waving my own palms to fan the fires of God-beingness within the sons and daughters of a greater Christendom, which should have already appeared upon Earth and yet which this day each of you is giving birth to through your own acceptance and exemplification of your Christic and Solar consciousness. Blessed ones, the truth of our lives is being revealed to initiates who are ready to go beyond orthodoxy and that which most Christians have accepted as the norm, the standard based on a very literal interpretation of the Gospels and the Bible itself.

            Nature is God’s Bible. And when you return to the first principles of life itself, the acceptance of all as a part of the One, you too will be buoyed up in that selfsame spirit in which we lived and moved and had our being within the crystalline Presence of God-glory, which shone through our auric fields as we blessed, raised and cheered life on, providing the resources through our can-do spirit to each soul who came for nourishment, love and acceptance.

             Yes, blessed ones, whether it was Jesus interactions with the leper, the harlot, those impoverished through their own lack of awareness of the God within; whether it was even the tax collector who became one of his own; or whether it was others who were cast aside by society as less than, unacceptable, or of a caste system that put them beneath others, our Lord was there for each one. He saw the light of God within and charged forth the Spirit, which he held inviolate for all, unto their auras and beings, allowing them to feel their own Source of divine light, inspiration and truth.

               He was and is the way, the truth and the life² by the Christ-awareness that he manifested through oneness with the Father-Mother God, through acceptance of his mission and the model that Lord Maitreya shone forth on his behalf.

               Yes, our Lord is here for you, each one, to receive fully. And as you are clothed with the same essence of Solar awareness and Christic presence, we expect that the greater works that he prophesied that you would do³ will become the norm, will become commonplace across the Earth. For, dearest ones, it is God’s great pleasure to give you the keys to the kingdom4 and to your own self-elevation, your own self-realization in the light.

                I know that you yet have questions. The answers already abide within your heart, if you can access them through stillness within the Great Silence of the Eternal, which beats your heart. I know the struggles that you are moving through as a part of your path of resolution and of your attempting to comply with the Great Law of being, of reconciliation within all life, of transmutation and of coming into the center of the circle once again in your own God-identity. We can assist you, blessed ones, in this process of your daily acceptance of the highest, the brightest, the most brilliant of the ways and means to restore yourself unto all that is real and divine, which already exist within your heart.

               Attune to me, as I attune to you, as a mother, as a progenitor of many generations of light, many frequencies of God-consciousness, many wave patterns of perfection and beauty, harmony and peace. Some have revered me as the Black Madonna. And so I appear in many guises, many thinking of me as the Mary who was the mother of my beloved. And yet I am within that selfsame Spirit of motherhood that she bore unto my own, whom I nurture with the light of the feminine Christic awareness, the mothering aspects of the light of my beloved Jesus.

                East and west, north and south, we are with you in spirit and in matter, as Above, so below, within your daily lives if you choose to accept God’s light, God’s awareness from within. Be at peace in your Presence and shine forth the way, the truth and the life that you were always destined to manifest, blessed ones. For this is your life. Live it to the fullest in the diamond-crystal, radiant presence of your true Selfhood. Thank you. God bless you. I love you.


1. Matthew 12; Mark 3; Luke 13, 14.
2. John 14:6.
3. John 14:12.
4. Luke 12:32.

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