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Saint Patrick Warns Us of Impending Planetary Peril as Sanat Kumara Comes, Blazing the Ruby Ray

Saint Patrick Warns Us of Impending Planetary Peril as Sanat Kumara Comes, Blazing the Ruby Ray
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Beloved Saint Patrick
David Christopher Lewis
March 17, 2014  8:00–8:30 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

A Warning to Mankind: 

The Armies of the Lord Are on the March

Put Aside the Armaments of War and Conflict, 

and Enter into Resolution


Precious and Beloved Devotees of the Emerald Ray,

            I AM the living light of abundance, prosperity, healing and illumined seeing as I bring before you this day the light of Erin, the light of the fourfold path of beingness through the balance of earth, air, fire and water within the four planes of being within you.

            Dearest ones, there is so much symbology in what is represented on this day that you call Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17. I am honored to be thought of, to be prayed to on this day. And yet, it is a great desire of my heart that instead of reveling in the green, many more would enter into a deeper and more serene understanding of the emerald light of wholeness from within themselves instead of looking outside for that nurturing spirit that has always resided within. Let them feel the impulses of truth. Let them know the vision of the saints. Let them understand the dynamism and the power and the glory that comes through a consistency of givingness and the honor and integrity of beingness that the emerald ray represents and that true vision and true understanding model.

            There is conflict in your world, O mankind. And that conflict may only be resolved through truth, understanding and harmony. What better way for the resolution of this conflict than to put one’s trust, faith and belief in God, the one Source of light and life. What better way to enter into understanding between peoples, races and nations and to come to the table with no agenda except harmony, peace and brotherhood and seek ways and means of bringing about a higher form of resolution, which the Prince of Peace himself offers through love, through respect, through truth.

            It is time, O mankind, to put aside the armaments of war and conflict and to come to peaceable terms and agreements, because what is more important—to have a little bit more land or resources or abundance than your neighbor, or to abide upon Earth as one people of various colors and understandings and religions?

            Yes, I come this day with the Prince of Peace standing with me. And we each, as shepherds of light holding the staff, which symbolizes the power of God, wield the energy of Spirit and of the Word this day as a warning to mankind.

            We speak into the teeth and into the nexus of darkness that abides within the hearts of some, and we say: Thus far and no farther! You shall not pass, you who would attempt to incite war, conflict and continual destruction of peoples and nations and of the elements within nature itself. O mankind, if you would continue on the present course of division, then Woe! Woe! Woe unto you!

            We speak to the minds of leaders of East and West, of North and South, and we say: Look to God and not to your human minds for the resolution of conflict. Look to the Sun Presence of purity and harmony, else that which will be coming upon you will be a shadow world of darkness that you will not be able to withstand or to live fully within, in freedom’s fire.

            The armies of the Lord are on the march in answer to the calls of the righteous upon Earth. And Archangel Michael and his legions now circle the world round in answer to your prayers. Dearest ones, it is a time to be vigilant, to be assured that it is you, one with God, standing true and firm in your resolve to maintain your presence through God-love, God-wisdom and God-power that will be the only assurance that you will remain viable upon Earth as a Sun center, as a son or daughter of the One. Therefore, cast out serpents from within yourselves, and hold true to your course of light, faithful to God first and resonant in the vibrations of peace from deep within the core of your being.

            Now Sanat Kumara with the 144,000 stand in the atmosphere of Earth, raying forth the fire of the ruby ray as an energy field into Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Russia and also unto many nations where conflict has occurred and continues. And there is an action of sacred fire delivered as prejudgment of that ruby-ray energy now to erase and eradicate, to transmute and to dissolve the cause and core of continuing conflict and inharmony that could result in a planetary conflagration.

            Burn through, O sacred fire of the ruby ray and the emerald ray this day! Burn through! Burn through the dark elements which have entered the minds of men, dualistic thinking and the processing within their beings of ideations of degradation and of darkness. Burn through! Burn through by the power of the ruby-ray masters and Buddhas of light. Consume the demons of darkness in their display of denial of God himself. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! And let all truth be exposed and delivered unto the righteous.

            Dearest ones, one of the Four Horsemen¹ has been riding of late. And you and only you, mankind, by your freewill choice, can put an end to his ride for this time by bowing before the Lord God in obeisance and surrendering to the holy will, wisdom and love of the One.

            Yes, O mankind, it is a time of conflict and the violation of the holy innocents in many cultures. If you continue to harbor this darkness, especially through the denigration that comes through abortion and the mistreatment of children of all ages through child molestation, through all manner of sexual perversions foisted upon them, there will be such an outcry from heaven and the Mothers of light on behalf of these that the destruction that will come will be greater than what you can imagine.

            Yes, the blessed Mother Mary weeps in this hour for her children upon Earth. And she appears here and there to her own as warning for what may come soon if the ways of darkness are not turned toward the light. Be on guard with Michael and his legions, and be true to your calling to the Word and to the God-light within you.

            Blessed ones, I would have desired to bring a more pleasant message before you on this, my day. And yet, that which has transpired and the engines of wars which are rumbling cause me to be enfired by the power and even what some would call the rage of God, the fire of the Sun to bring about justice and harmony again. Peace, be still, and know that I AM God within!² Listen to the voice of reason and harmonize all within you by the light and power of the Sun Presence of the Almighty.

            I AM Saint Patrick. And with Jesus, my Lord, we stand in truth to defend the Woman and her Seed³ throughout the Earth this day. I thank you.

1. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. See Revelation 6:1–8.
2. Psalm 46:10.
3. Revelation 12:17.

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