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Paul the Venetian Announces His Sponsorship of The Hearts Center (video)

Paul the Venetian Announces His Sponsorship of The Hearts Center (video)
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Beloved Paul the Venetian
David Christopher Lewis 
March 16, 2014   10:10–10:20 am MDT
Livingston, Montana


It Is a New Day for the Earth When You Co-create with God by the Power of Love

I Am Now Sponsoring This Movement on an Ongoing Basis

          Dearest Hearts of Living Love,In this melody, you have heard the outpouring of the heart of one in hope of the return of the beloved.¹ In this hour I come, returning to you in a moment of solace and grace whereby you, as an individualized spirit-spark of the One God, may have blessedness and beauty magnified within your heart for the fulfillment in this lifetime of your highest goals, dreams and aspirations.

          I AM Paul the Venetian, and I come, empowered by the wings of the Holy Spirit, to reinvent this world in love; to refresh your hearts in love; to reinvigorate your souls and your spirits with the living light of love, through which and by which all is sanctified and sealed in divine grace, and by which the Lord magnifies all from within your hearts with the eternal essence of God-good.

            I announce to you that because of the diligence of those artisans of the Spirit within this movement who have been working consciously to co-create the beautiful imagery of the Divine that you have meditated upon, that you have seen within the slides, the visuals, the videos and the PowerPoint presentations—all that these hearts have offered to humanity through the vehicle of your website—I, Paul the Venetian, am now sponsoring this movement on an ongoing basis and lending the full-gathered momentum of my being for the victory of love within your offerings and through your Hearts Center movement.

            Yes, dearest ones, we are together moving in a new stream of cosmic activity whereby love, conquering all that is less than that which God created in the beginning, will transmute the past into the eternal Now’s opportunity for victory in the light. Many have shared their self-realization that Earth herself, with the evolutions living upon her, is moving from a time of fear within the age of Pisces to love in Aquarius. And we the ascended masters say that truly it is so. Every form of fear, tyranny and bondage must go into the sacred fire by the power of love. Every vestige of unconscious reactivity to that which is dark and lacks the divine light must, by the power, will and the emphatic love-wisdom fires of God, be transmuted so that the eternal new day of compassion, kindness, enlightenment and freedom may arrive and arise within all and throughout our Earth.           

            You have seen in your lifetime significant change within the culture, within technology and, unfortunately, in the ability of humanity to destroy greater portions of life across the Earth through the use of these technological advancements. Blessed ones, you, as initiates of the sacred fire, are here to advance spiritual technologies of light and divine grace as a counterbalance to that which the unconscious ones and those who move in darkness would beset the Earth with. Therefore it is imperative that we together move as one body in these co-creative efforts to instill within the superstructure of civilization as a whole these new divine thoughtforms and ideations of beauty, harmony and peace through the imagery that you find both already honorably created by other artisans and that which you, through your own conscious efforts, instill with your love and enfire with your own Holy Spirit-empowered creativity.

            It is a new day for the Earth through you when you co-create with God by the power of love, with kindness, holiness and the sanctity of the Spirit flowing through your bloodstream and emanating from within every cell of your being as you judiciously and consciously work to fulfill the highest aspects of the creative touch of angels through your artistry.

            O blessed ones, my palette is replete with many colors that I am willing and ready to paint across the sky to inspire devotees to find this source of holy wisdom in the teachings of enlightenment and freedom for this time. We inspire each of you as you are willing to be inspired. We reach into the heights, the depths and the breadths of your Higher Mind to draw from within you your inner genius so that what you bring forth may be conducive to the highest outpouring of heaven’s blessings.

            Now, precious hearts, I would share a love poem-prayer that David has offered to me, which you may choose to use as often as you desire to invoke my Presence in your midst and in your work—in the co-creative processes in which you are engaged, in your teamwork, and simply in your beingness daily as you commune with the muses of heaven and as, through thoughtful reflection, you perceive with your Higher Mind and your spiritual vision center the most immaculate and desirous imagery with which to bless life.

To Paul the Venetian 

O lovely Paul, Venetian bright
We come at beauty’s call.
Intensify compassion’s light,
All hearts in love enthrall. 

Refrain:     In beauty fine,
      O Lord, we’re thine!
      We now opine
       In love divine!

           2.   O artisan of sacred fire,
Now paint the skies above
With oils of grace and blessedness,
In pastel hues of love.
Reveal to all that love’s the key,
That deep within each heart
The flame abides in sanctity,
Compassion to impart.
In solar joy we radiate
To all, with love inspire—
Your rays of youthfulness and fun
In streams of sacred fire.
O Ruth, you serve with blessed Paul
And angels from above.
Expand our hearts and bless all life

With our dear Lord of Love.


As you share love from your hearts this day through your prayers and songs and through your own witness to the light that burns within your eternal heart, I am there loving you with my beloved Goddess of Beauty in order to assist you in arriving at that perfect point and inner space of God-beingness through joy, whereby the Holy Spirit refreshes you in eternal love. Thank you, precious hearts, mine.

1. Before the HeartStream a recording was played of the aria, Un Bel Di (One Fine Day) from the Opera Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini.
2. Paul the Venetian’s twin flame is the Goddess of Beauty, whose name was Ruth Hawkins in her last embodiment on Earth. She ascended in 1995.

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