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Mighty Victory Quickens Us with the Winning Spirit of Joy and Love

Mighty Victory Quickens Us with the Winning Spirit of Joy and Love
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Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
March 14, 2014   9:00–9:28 am MDT
Livingston, Montana


Where Two or More Are Gathered in Mighty Victory’s Name:
A Dispensation from the Central Sun

If You Desire to Ascend into God-Consciousness and Solar Awareness,

You Must Have My Presence Burning within You Daily

I AM Victory! And my light is with you, sons and daughters of God, this day; for I am impelled by the Divine One to bring to each one of you the essence of God-good that is the flame, the immortal fire, of victory.


           Dearest ones, often you invoke me at the end of cycles and you are used to my coming at the conclusion of your conferences. Yet I say this day that it may just be that I will begin to come at the onset of each and every one of your events. For what better way to start than to invoke Victory and to have the action of the sacred fire manifest to impel you unto the God-victorious end result, the winningness of victory in all of your affairs?


            Yes, I am there on your left and your right, beneath, above and in the middle of your form, if you will accept my Presence; for there is enough of me to manifest where you are. And I have billions of angels at my command, dearest ones, who can harmonize and stream through your awareness all of the virtues of God and elements of perfection that you require. These will arise within your spirit to give you that which is required for the manifest action of the sacred fire, conclusive and victorious in all things.


            Blessed ones, I am here today to speak to each of you as a holy brother or a holy sister of light, for it is time that you determine that in this life you are victorious in everything that you set your mind, your heart, your will to! And if you accept, first and foremost, to place your attention upon the God within yourself, that which you are working on is then clothed by the light of victory that is the God-essence of its completeness and its manifest perfection, and you will have my Presence, my wings of light enfiring you to be victorious, dearest ones.


            Yes, I am smiling a new smile of hope! I am dreaming a new dream of sacred-fire light manifest as a circle of God-identity around you. And I see, even through your own eyes, if you will accept it, your own victorious state. Some of you at times lower your vibration in the “Alas, woe is me” consciousness. I say that this will not impel you to your ascension. You must accept the eternal love-fire vibrations of Victory throughout your being to manifest ultimately the ascension-light current flowing through you! Do you accept now that you have the ability, that you have the cosmic capability to manifest your ascension, dearest ones?


            If you affirm this, then I will be there. And I am there even now within your hearts, within your minds, within your wills as the balanced action of your threefold flame to incite you to victory, to dedicate you to victory, to impel you, enfire you, move you, transform you into the victorious sense of your own ascension in the light!


            Well, I am also here to tell you that that ascension fire can be manifest every day through this victorious sense. For what is the difference between the ascension and victory? Nothing, I say! They are co-equals, and if you truly desire to ascend into the highest heights of God-consciousness and Solar awareness, you must have my Presence burning, burning, burning within you daily.


            Yes, dearest ones, I am already feeling on your behalf a new light-energy field aborning within you as you, each one, feel the impressions of light that I bear and that I bring to you to carve away all the darkness that has at times beset you and manifested as the doldrum consciousness. Well, no more! No more in time and space! No more in eternity! No more in the eternal cycles of God within you, for Victory is here! Victory loves you. Victory’s angels serve you, love you and will abide with you forever if you choose to accept our presence in your midst.


            Dearest ones, this is a new day, and this day begins a new cycle of light. And each day when you arise, if you smile upon the Sun, I am there and will stream forth a ray of Victory through the Sun to each and every one of you, directly into your higher Solar centers of light within your crown chakra.


            Yes, blessed ones, there is nothing except victory for those who have the true ascended-master consciousness. Do you have the ascended-master consciousness? I ask. Well, if so, then part of that is the ascended spiral of light and the masterful elements of God-awareness that are right within you.


            I remember the day when an individual came into the Alchemy Exchange bookstore and told this messenger that he was already an ascended master. And David himself was quite startled by this declaration, and yet that one saw burning within his auric field the light and the currents of victory and of the ascension. So what else could he proclaim than that he was an ascended master incarnate? Well, I am here to tell you, each one, that you too can realize, accept and fully manifest this ascended-master and victorious awareness by your conscious choice daily to be in the fire of God, to be in that Spirit of God now and forevermore!


            Blessed ones, I laugh the laugh of Victory! I smile the smile of Victory! I am, personally and impersonally, Victory in all things on behalf of the Lord God, whom I serve with all of my heart, all of my fire, all of my being!


            Do you think that I could manifest anything except by the grace, by the power and by the love of God? No, blessed ones. It is only by God-design. It is only by the God-victorious consciousness that God has clothed me in within the eternal cycles of life that I am capable of performing miracles of light within this world that you call Earth.


            And now I desire to perform miracles through you, each one, if you would have me daily. Well, you have been singing to me at the conclusion of your morning broadcast services for quite some time now at the behest of my request. Now consider singing to me at the beginning of these services. For I will infuse within your hearts, I will infuse within your voices, I will infuse within your minds the power, wisdom and love of God in perfect balance to bring forth anything, everything that you alchemically desire to manifest by the grace of God.


            Yes, dearest ones, victory is the grace of God. Victory is the love of God, and I am pure love. There is nothing in me except the love of God, which manifests as that light eternal, which is designated as victory!


            Now I would speak to you, in a little less of a declarative manner, on the truth, the way and the life, and of how we within our movement can be victorious in all things, blessed ones. For we are daily working hand in hand, wing in wing, spirit in spirit as you begin your day with God, in love with all life, one with the universe, in truth, dedicated and consecrated to the eternal will, wisdom and love of the Divine One.


            You have imagined perfection; you have designed glory; you have co-created the magical, the beautiful. I choose, like Jesus, to be with you where two or more are gathered in my name in holy prayer,1 at the beginning of your conferences, your discussions, your morning broadcasts, your meetings with your peers, all team affairs in which you collaborate and cooperate toward a common goal. This is a dispensation from the Central Sun that I have received as a result of your singing to me recently. For I have gathered the cosmic light-fires of your devotions during these songs, congealed them and taken them to the Lords of Life and sought how I could be of better service to you as a movement and as individual initiates of the sacred fire. And the Holy Spirit was present with me.


            The conclusion to our request was that in addition to the Lord Jesus manifesting the Christ consciousness where two or more are gathered and invoke his name in the I AM name, when I am invoked as Mighty Victory, the light, the eternal light, of the victorious Solar awareness of God-beingness will also manifest fully where you are. Consider the glory, the transcendence, the magnanimity of God’s heart to offer you, blessed ones, this opportunity. Use it as a stupendous action of light daily, hour by hour and in anything that you desire heaven’s grace to manifest within. For where Victory is present, there is no possibility for failure, defeat or ignominy.


            Yes, dearest ones, the nobleness of Victory is there where I am within you, around you and moving through you when you invoke Mighty Victory in your midst. The impressions of the Divine will filter through your own Christic mind to bring you God-glorious inspirations. The authenticity of God’s holy will will empower you and enfire you to move through even the greatest darkness with alacrity and precision to investigate the finality of perfection manifest within your creative work. And the awesomeness of love, empowered by the Holy Spirit, will stream through your awareness, causing you almost, at times, to be in a state of constant nirvana as you love God within all, within your projects, within your co-creative efforts and infuse them with that fire of compassion, kindness, joy and acceptance of all.


            Dearest ones, our friends of light in the Motor City, the solar plexus of America, have been obedient on the first day of the month, calling to the Sun through your sacred prayer “I AM the Sun” and giving it in the twelve-times-twelve matrix of light. And I am here to aver before you that there is established now a permanent talisman of the Sun within and through my own Presence within Detroit to impel forward this city and her people, the businesses, the economy in days to come. And we have chosen certain select individuals to work through who are representative of a new culture of light, who will bring in numerous ways God-ideals and a cooperative community spirit to bear within their offerings, their suggestions and what will turn out to be their miraculous deeds within the environs of this city of light, made holy by the prayers of the righteous, who you are, the holy ones of God embodied in form upon the Earth.


            For you see, dearest ones, we look to the motive of the heart. We see within your beings, your souls the essence of God that you desire to outpicture on behalf of mankind, and we enfire, we radiate, we expand, we magnify this divine essence through the breath of the Holy Spirit through each of you. Yet you must maintain the sense of your own self-worth, your own cosmic value to God, to the universe and to yourselves for this essence to truly be felt and expanded in your daily work and within your sacrificial givingness to life.


            Precious hearts, if you truly knew and felt and were moved by the eternal love of God that is ever present everywhere, you would never, ever again accept less than your perfection, your beauty, your glory, your God-ideal manifest within your life, your vision and your fulfillment. Therefore accept who you are now, even with your human frailties, foibles and peccadilloes. These are as nothing before the Great I AM, who you are and who enlivens and enfires you within the spirit-spark of your threefold flame, which is your link to the Divine. Accept the essence of God fully within your heart as you arise each morn. Breathe in the power and the majesty of the Holy Spirit through each breath. Be daring, be intrepid and know that God is with you and that now I, Victory, am with you through thick and thin, through light and darkness, through every cycle, through every momentum or lack thereof.


            Yes, I AM Victory, now and evermore with you for the fulfillment—in time and space, in incarnation upon Earth—of your God-ideal, your holiness, your reality and the truth-filled you as a God-man or a God-woman. Pray daily that God’s investment of light within you will be utilized in its fullness and richness for his enjoyment of the being who you are, the essence of beauty incarnate within your being.


            Blessed ones, a number of initiates of various ascended-master activities have recently passed from the screen of life. Many of these have actually already ascended into the eternal light of the Divine One, as they have fulfilled their dharmas, their karmas, as required, to merge and yoke their essence with the Lord of All. Many of these now stand with me, supporting you and providing the impetus that you will require daily to move through the challenges that lie ahead and the opportunities that will present themselves to you daily, weekly, monthly, and so on.


            If you look to those who have been victorious, observe and note that which they have engaged in through the laws of oneness, through constancy, through deliberate action and especially through love to manifest their immortal freedom. You will find the components that you too can model for many who are looking to you for an example of God-good. And then together, as Above, so below, we will continue to move forward the plan of the Great White Brotherhood, which from the beginning was winning and remains, with El Morya, victorious in all things!


            He, with Lanello, established this movement a number of years ago. And, through the cycles of light, given birth to through his cosmic consciousness, he will see it through, through each of you, to its victory, even beyond your physical incarnations upon Earth. Yes, it will even be carried forward through the lives of  those more youthful in age. And, dearest ones, a true legacy of light will remain, through your example, for ages to come of those who conquered all within self and therefore were worthy to walk into and through the Holy City as sacred-fire initiates, saints clothed in white.


            The Holy Spirit speaks within the calm and the silence of your heart within the inner temple, deep at the core of your being, and empowers you with that eternal breath, which you may breathe even more consciously through my Presence in your midst daily. Yes, blessed ones, the Spirit of God is here. Love is all that is. God is the sum total of all equations and, as the great Geometer of Divinity within life itself, is present within you as your true essence, as grace, mercy and eternal joy.


            Be joyous in all things; laugh often; lift your spirits through the levity of light. For I am there, mirthful with Morya, with you and the Divine Mother, blessing you and charging you and recharging you daily and hourly with God’s eternal love-joy fire. I AM Victory, and I thank you for your willingness to be, to be, to be.


1. Matthew 18:20.

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