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David's Musings on Afra and His Soulfulness and an Excerpt of Dr. Ben Carson's Sharing

David's Musings on Afra and His Soulfulness and an Excerpt of Dr. Ben Carson's Sharing
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David Christopher Lewis
Discourse (Inspired by Afra)
March 12, 2014   9:00–9:29 am MDT
Livingston Montana

Afra: A Master of Love, Freedom and Brotherhood
Saving Africa and Our Planet

               The last couple of days I’ve been working on the preparation of our first book in a series of books sponsored by the master Afra. I’ve reviewed a lot of the material and I’m very heartened to have reread much of what has already been shared. I’d like to give a little bit more information that I think could be used in an introduction to the book.
               I have meditated upon Africa, the great master Afra himself, the truths that he espouses, the virtues that he brings to the Earth, the magnanimous nature of his heart and soul. And I believe that in this hour of Earth’s history these are important for us to feel and to understand and to broadcast to the Earth so that we can literally save Africa, we can save her people, and by doing this we can actually save our planet.
               Africa itself is bigger than life. Those of us who have journeyed to Africa on three different pilgrimages—to Egypt, to South Africa and to Ghana—have seen the diverse nature of life, the teeming multitudes of people, the amazing dynamics of what occurs in the lives of Muslims, Christians and Native Peoples who follow their own path of light more in tune with nature itself and the raw majesty of the continent.
               Intuiting what Africa represents moves us to a sacred space where we reconnect with our Source. Many historians feel that Africa is at the center of the origin of life on Earth and especially human life as we know it. Getting back to our spiritual roots is imperative for us in this hour. Listening to our souls and entering into a deeper state of being where we live from the sacred space of our soul, in this state of soulfulness, is so important. Most of mankind is disconnected from their soul. They don’t speak of their soul, they don’t study their soul essence, they don’t realize the importance of their soul in the everlasting journey of their identity as individual spirit-sparks of God who have been given free will to co-create, with the Creator, light and beingness upon Earth.
               Speaking and living from the soul is powerful. In my own prayers, I feel that if I’m not coming from my soul and projecting from my inner being light and radiance through the words that I speak, my prayers really don’t have power. When I speak them from the depth of my being, I feel the fire, I feel the essence of God from within me manifest and delivered through my words into reality. And I encourage all of us to do the same.
               The master Afra’s voice is deep and resonant. I remember the first HeartStream that I received from him. At his behest, I literally had to speak from a very deep and lower range of voice than my normal speaking voice, and I sensed in this the majesty and the amazing depth of his being. That deep voice indicates to me a comprehensive feeling, on behalf of all mankind, of what we are going through, an understanding of our path, a resonance with each life form, and the harmonics of what an ascended master does to attempt to strengthen us, support us and help deliver us from our human creation so that we can fully self-realize our divinity and be who we truly are.
               As I reflected on this master, it seemed kind of a joke to me that here I am, a white guy, receiving these eternal truths from an African master. Why was I chosen? Why did he not work through someone else? Of course, I’m sure he does, yet in this hour of Earth’s history, at least as an outer voice representing him, here I am in this white body.
               Well, I realize that God is both colorblind and colorful. Afra, though he represents the African people, is so far beyond any human sense of skin tone and color. The majesty of his being emanates pure love, brotherhood and freedom. I understand this, because even as a young boy I championed people of color, people whose skin was darker than mine. I saw them as brothers, as friends, not as separate or different from me to the point where I had to challenge them or live separately or experience life in a different way.
               I’ve told the story of my stand for the truth in my sophomore year of high school when I played basketball; my coach was a racist and he made a racist comment, and I quit the team. I’ve done this throughout my life—championing often the downtrodden, those who have less. And I feel that Afra, like Jesus, did the same. It didn’t matter who he was with, he loved them—those seeming ‘less-thans’ who were still sons and daughters of God.
               Division on the Earth is great right now. We require unity, oneness, nonduality. And who better to speak the truth, to move us past this dualistic lifestyle that we in the West have often accepted as the norm than this great master who sponsors Africa and the African peoples throughout the world, especially, as well as any true patriot of light who first and foremost exhibits and exemplifies the path of oneness, of love, of harmony, fellowship, true brother/sisterhood.
               We’ve received a number of requests from individuals in Africa seeking membership in The Hearts Center or the Great White Brotherhood. We have no outer membership, dues or financial requirements, though we do recommend tithing and also giving to like-minded spiritual organizations from which we receive direct inspiration. The inner affiliation through the heart is our membership. And the outer workings of the Great White Brotherhood (white, of course, not referring to race) and our affiliation are maintained by our love, by our true brotherhood, by staying true to our spiritual roots.
               The heritage and history of the Great White Brotherhood is rich, is regal, is real. When we study in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood with any master, we come to realize the historical stream of their work behind the scenes to raise life, to invigorate society with new energies, new paradigms of perfection and beingness, self-discovery, invention and all manner of progressive and new ways—not throwing out the eternal principles and values of freedom, of liberty, of justice, yet incorporating the best and the highest of what the youth and the new souls incarnating upon Earth have to offer us past generations, older generations.
               When we went to Ghana, I was heartened to see the shining faces of the young people in that nation. I am heartened to see the inner genius of the youth of today in America and the world as they have moved beyond division and aspects of the strife that we’ve experienced through the last vestiges of slavery in America and throughout the world.
               Slavery is not completely gone. There is slavery of sorts still, unfortunately, in many spheres around the world. There is sex slavery, where young girls and young women are coerced, blackmailed or tortured into a lifestyle that is demeaning to their feminine potential and beingness. Of course, this must be eradicated from the Earth. There is still slavery in a number of quarters where people are coerced into work at wages that are unbelievably low, even in China and other nations, where some live high on the hog and others are only given the pablum fed to the hogs. There has to be a change and a shift and brotherhood, honesty, integrity, love and freedom. These qualities, which Afra demonstrates and magnanimously shares with us, simply must go forth through our teaching, through his message, through our example across the globe.
               When I have contemplated the answers that Afra provided to darshan questions, the light that I felt originally when I knew the impulses of his heart as they were flowing through me in conscious, beautiful words came back to my memory. This has re-empowered me to be more soulful today, more expressive, to get down into the trenches, so to speak, understanding the dynamics of the burdens of people everywhere and feeling what they are feeling in order to know what it will take to move us as a civilization beyond what we have unfortunately accepted as commonplace.
               We have to investigate new ways of thinking and being, of emanating and co-creating so that every individual on this Earth has the opportunity and the freewill experience to use his or her gifts and talents in the highest way through opportunities for jobs, service to life, training and education of the highest order—education at all levels, from before infancy with mothers and potential mother all the way through higher education and even into the elder years.
               Our former president of The Hearts Center, Deborah Timberlake, has been involved in education for a long time. A number of you are or have been educators, teachers, presenters or have worked conscientiously to promote freedom, opportunity and a type of divine parity within the educational framework which allows there to be equality between and among all races and peoples. It is important that we understand what people have been through in terms of being enslaved or coerced into a lesser realm of opportunity in order that we can provide a newer and better framework for education. This doesn’t mean that we do things which are antithetical to the ways of freedom and justice, or that we give where giving is not essential or opportune, or that we overstimulate and present things that will not be appreciated or utilized.
               I’ve been reading the words of Ben S. Carson lately, some of his sharings on various websites. I love this man, what he stands for, what he went through, and his faith that has carried him even through today. He is an intrepid soul, an example of one who worked his way through medical school and became a spokesperson for truth. I’d like to read just a little bit from a commentary that was posted on the Internet early this morning, March 12, by Ben. He says:

As a teenager, I began a new lifelong routine of starting and ending each day reading from the book of Proverbs, which, of course, was written by Solomon, a very wise man.
            Interestingly, my parents gave me the middle name of Solomon—not that I claim even a modicum of his wisdom.
            After Solomon became the King of Israel, he gained great renown when two women came before him claiming to be the mother of the same infant.
            Solomon decreed that the baby should be divided and half given to each woman, at which time the real mother immediately relinquished her claim.
 Of course those who have read the story in the Bible were moved by this wisdom of Solomon; but I digress here. Back to Ben’s words:

    This made the judgment quite simple. I believe God has a sense of humor, not only because of my middle name and my affinity for Solomonic Proverbs, but because I, too, gained great renown by dividing babies. In my case, it was complexly joined craniopagist twins.
In other words, twins that were joined at the cranium, at the brain, which, as a surgeon, he helped to divide. Ben continues:

            One of the verses that seems pertinent to America today is Proverbs 22:7, which says, “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”
            Most of us grew up hearing that debt is a bad thing. The advent of and wide dissemination of credit cards diminished such teachings, and those in charge of our nation’s finances over the past few decades seem to revel in debt.
            As a nation, we currently are carrying a national debt of $17.5 trillion. If we repaid it at a rate of $10 million per day, seven days a week, 365 days per year, it would take 4,700 years to repay.
            The only reason that we can sustain such a level of debt is our status as the international reserve currency for the world.
He goes on and shares his concern about the dollar and whether it will remain the reserve currency of the world, and I won’t read the rest of this except the last two paragraphs. He says:

            Fiscal responsibility, fair taxation, intelligent environmental and energy policies, strong international leadership, evidence-based educational policies, cost- effective healthcare that is readily available to everyone, and honesty can prevail, but some feathers of those who are currently comfortable may need to be ruffled.
            We need to discuss all of these things openly rather than giving ear to the constant demagoguery that now exists. We must then vote responsibly, with full knowledge of records and remain vigilant to preserve freedom and justice for all. We still have the power to craft a better future; but urgency grows.1
               Ben S. Carson—now we know his middle name is Solomon—is professor emeritus of neurosurgery at John Hopkins University. He is an example of an amazing individual, one in whom, when I simply look at him, I see dignity, character, honesty, integrity, beingness and one who stands for justice, truth and the ways of light.
               The recent transition and ascension of Nelson Mandela gives us pause to consider the greatness of those who have been imprisoned and yet come forth from that experience with mercy, compassion and forgiveness in their hearts. This is what is required across the Earth for change and transformation to occur.
               As we consider our message to America and the world through our Hearts Center movement, as we work and pray and give our all daily to the Great White Brotherhood to infuse what we are presenting through our various media representations of what the masters’ messages are, we are building community, we are building through our collective light bodies an architecture of beauty in the heavens that is now being effused throughout the airwaves through The Dr. Pat Show, through our website, through all of our beautiful creative arts team offerings, what our editors do, what our writers do, what our web personnel add on a daily basis to our website, what our Meru University team, our publishing personnel, all of our teams are consciously working on.
               Afra is a master of love, freedom and brotherhood. I simply love this master—who he is, his message, his soulfulness. I’m looking forward to his sharing on March 19 in our upcoming Meru University course, the free class, 7:00 pm MST for one hour. I believe what the master Afra will share with us is essential both for our own individual soul freedom and for our planetary soul and Solar freedom. I encourage you to mark this day on your calendar, a week from today.
               Prepare by praying to the master Afra before 7 pm that day, even if it’s just a few minutes. Prepare your questions for him and be ready to receive what he has to share and what he will answer in terms of your personal needs and requirements for your spiritual path. Let’s get the word out to many more individuals. This is a free class. Tell others about Master Afra.
               I even searched in Wikipedia for “Afra.” Did you know there’s a St. Afra who is female? Interesting. I don’t think she was African. She lived in Augsburg, in Europe, and yet, here is a female named Afra. Maybe I’ll share more on her another time.
               Thank you for listening today. Have a totally awesome day in Spirit and in a spirited and God-directed life. God bless you. 

1. “CARSON: Indebtedness is path to servitude; An America drowning in red ink is the land of the free no more,” by Ben S. Carson, March 11, 2014, The Washington Times, (accessed March 12, 2014).

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