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Mother Mary Comforts Us with Archangelic Love

Mother Mary Comforts Us with Archangelic Love
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Beloved Mother Mary
David Christopher Lewis
March 11, 2014   9:16–9:31 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Love of the Mothers of Heaven Is Available to You

Stay Tuned to the Angelic Realms

            In the gentility of the morning light, I come and I infuse through my own a certain radiance of the Mother light to nourish you, to cherish you and to raise you up in heaven’s grace. Blessed ones, I have felt the burdens that you have of  late experienced in your lives. As you so carefully express who you are in loving ways within your life, often the energy patterns of this world come to roost upon your souls, your minds, your feeling bodies, your consciousness. And these can be depressive and often cause a certain strain upon your spirit and that which you are attempting to maintain of presence on a daily basis.

            The angels are here to support you in all things, to love you and to share God’s eternal presence throughout your days, your working hours and even during sleep and your times of rest. Yes, the strain of living upon this Earth often is great, and the weight is especially felt by the lightbearers who have offered their souls and their spirits to God to be of benefit to life and to, themselves, mollify that which comes as darkness across the Earth seeking to snatch away the essence of God-good within the youth, the children and the blessed beings of many nations.

            In this hour I spread my wings of light around you all and share a radiance of hope, of godliness and of protection so that you may venture forth consciously and victoriously into new realms of beingness and self-discovery, so that you can engender through your conscious lives amazing, miraculous manifestations through your service and your willingness to be intrepid, daring, following the will, wisdom and love of God even to the ends of the Earth to fulfill your sacred mission in this lifetime.

            Yes, dearest ones, as some of you may intuit, even angels at times cry when they behold the burdens that many, especially the mothers and the unborn, feel when they are literally bearing the darkness of the world within their body temples and when the modern-day Herods work their deviltry in the abortion chambers and in those areas where even angels fear to tread because death is imminent and destruction and the vile attitude manifests of a willingness to engage in those practices of tearing limb from limb the holy innocents.

            How, O mankind, will you succeed in accessing heaven if you continue to engage in this plague called abortion? During these forty-day vigils that many souls are involved in, I, Mary, am there tangibly in the midst of those who pray the rosary and who call forth the light of heaven, and we save souls; we save the precious and holy innocents and, as we are able, we save you in moments of despair, darkness and despondency.

            O gracious ones, the love of the Mothers of heaven is available to you. Breathe it in; drink it in in moments of acceptance, even offering your burdens, your pains, your sufferings to us. For in that offering, we receive them. We transmute the energy that is expressed within your pain and then return it to you as a gift of light and life for you to then weather the next storm, give the next offering of your heart and continue to serve with us, as you would, the souls of mankind. Yes, we feel your caring hearts. And we do our best, that which is allowed by cosmic law, to intercede, to mediate to soften the blows of that which we know that you know, because some of us ourselves have embodied upon Earth and felt the intense energies at play within this world.

            Stay tuned to the angelic realms, just as my beloved Joseph did, attending to the angel voices that came in dreams, visions and moments of divine intercession. If it were not for his attunement, dearest ones, would we have evaded Herod and his henchman? So you see, often we speak to you in dreams and in silent moments of compassionate loving and the giving of yourself to God in meditative prayer, contemplative silence and stillness and beingness. It is within these moments that eternity may be felt by you and the gifts of the Spirit alight within your heart, within your soul, within the eternal essence of who you are, who God is, inside.

            I, Mary, come to assuage the hurts, the travails, even the temptations that come to each of you in moments when the strain is so great that it is difficult even to breathe the next breath consciously and lovingly. Yes, blessed ones, I have asked the Holy Spirit to empower you anew this day to be bold and gracious, to be intrepid and to live within the comfort flame itself, knowing that when peace reigns supreme within you, there the power of God is also present to accomplish the miraculous, to perform the unbelievable and to access the indefinable beauty and harmony of the One.

            Legions of light now soar across the skies to save sentient beings here and there across the globe in answer to your calls this day, your fiery hearts, filled with the passion of the sons and daughters of God who know who they are, whose voices are raised with the saints robed in white in support of the Lord’s work, and who worship the One with all their beings each hour of the day.

             I AM your Mother Mary, and I bless you with a mother’s heart, a mother’s grace and with God’s eternal Presence of comfort this day.

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