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Hilarion Speaks on Truth as Raphael Comes to Wash Free Our Brains of Essences of Ignorance (video)

Hilarion Speaks on Truth as Raphael Comes to Wash Free Our Brains of Essences of Ignorance (video)

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Beloved Paracletus
David Christopher Lewis
September 3, 2013 7:13–7:35 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Opening of a New Retreat over Istanbul, Turkey
Be Love in Action

Gracious Hearts Whose Inner Fire Is Impelling You with the Spirit to Ascend and for the Soul to Be Cleansed and Made One with God,

I AM Paracletus. And I come this day to enfire your hearts with a new devotion to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit within you, the Presence of God deep within our heart that is there, ever abiding within the perfect space of love, which is your reality.

As you know, I am here as an advocate of, truly a proponent of, your investment in love in order to access the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These may be yours to claim, to utilize and to expand as a blessing of love to humanity when you understand the nature of these gifts, dearest ones, as God’s freewill offering to your soul and spirit. They are your birthright in love and may afford you numerous opportunities, as a co-creator with God, to expand the flame of love in myriad ways during your lifetime. Then the dove descends; the fire expands. And your will one with God's, your mind trued to the Divine, and the fire of love burning within you, one with the Holy Spirit, allow you to maintain the integrity of any and all gifts of the Spirit which you have claimed.

Many of you have sought one or more of these gifts. And yet at times they still seem elusive unto you, just beyond your reach—something for others, adepts or masters, to utilize. But, oh, not you. For you are a lowly one not yet ready to imbibe the full fire required and to keep the Spirit’s essence flowing through you. Well, dearest ones, there comes a point on the path when you choose at the Y either to be fully God-invested or to drape upon yourself other garments not yet fully emblazoned with the shining radiance of the Spirit Most Holy. It is your choice whether to don love in its fullest essences—drinking in the Spirit through each breath and pouring forth your love unto God, to the universe and to every lifestream with the totality of your being—or to compromise and therefore not receive the empowerment that we offer.

You see, dearest ones, it is ever a choice through the breath of God within you to simply accept the next empowering breath and to live within that breath of God within you. When you breathe consciously air and fire, then you have the keys to the restoration of the holiest gifts of the Spirit, assembled by the divine ones on your behalf to inculcate within you a new life, rich in God-identity, flowing with all possibilities and even miraculous in that which may be projected through the lens of your awareness, your vision, your soulfulness, into your life in all realms.

Thus, I receive you unto my heart. I breathe the breath of fire into you again this day! And the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit, is here again to impel you higher. Have you lost something of that anointing of the Spirit that you have already received in the past? Have you forgotten the message vouchsafed unto you personally by the Chohan of chohans, the Master of Divinity for this Earth, through whom life exists and is restored within the vital essences imbibed by every creature who has consciousness manifest?

Dearest ones, it is my pleasure to announce to you this day that, by God’s grace, I have been privileged to have the opening of another new retreat of the Great White Brotherhood, which has been fashioned by cosmic hands of light in recent months and years. This retreat is now open over the city of Istanbul in Turkey. For you see, dearest ones, it is essential for the Great White Brotherhood to have a focus of light within this region in order to stabilize the forces of cosmic love on behalf of many peoples. For in the past and in the present, this nation, this area has been a crossroads where many cultures and peoples have clashed. Christianity, Islam and other religions have, as you know, not always accepted the essence of each other with true brotherhood and divine love.

Also, blessed ones, because of that which is occurring throughout the Middle East, quite some time ago I presented to a council of the Great White Brotherhood my plan to establish this focus. For we saw the handwriting on the wall and all that would occur within those areas of the Middle East that could bring about a world conflagration of war and darkness. And so this day, September 3, 2013, truly a day of divine love, the gates are flung wide open. The great hallway is yours to inspect and to abide within. And those sanctuaries, lovingly prepared, are yours to meditate in and to expand love within you within. And many classes on the gifts of the Holy Spirit will be offered by both the Maha Chohan and me, as well as Paul the Venetian and other great masters of divine love.

For you see, love conquers fear—fear of war, fear of darkness, fear of the future and of the possibilities for world conflagration. Love is the key, dearest ones, to your divinity, to your overcoming and to the fulfillment of your Selfhood in God as a son or daughter of the Most High.

Light rays go forth now from this retreat of light! Burn through! Blaze forth! Burn through! Blaze forth! Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Consume all that is anti-love, all that is unconscious, all that is less than perfect love in action in the world of form and the worlds of formlessness.

Blaze through! Burn through! Blaze through! Burn through! There is now the dissolution, by God’s grace and through the prayers of the righteous, of a certain energy field of darkness that has beset the Middle East. And our angels of love are present in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and throughout that entire region for the stabilization of light, the forces of God-good. And we say to those who would incite rebellion, darkness, infamy and war, you have no power! You have no power! You have no power! Your day is done! And the forces of light here are established as a bulwark of cosmic love.

O holy ones of God, through your devotions, your daily rosaries, miracles of light come forth this day, empowering our own to act in love for the righteous cause of truth, freedom, enlightenment and victory. For those of you whose inner vision is open, you may see me in shining garments that some would call military dress. For you see, dearest ones, as a lieutenant of light, of love, I am fearless in my resolve to engender, by the power of love, a rebirth of mankind in love forevermore.

O gracious hearts, put aside your tiny squabbles, born of perceptions outside of the oneness of God’s heart and pure love. When you enter into perfect love, there is no dissimulation, division or darkness—only love.¹ From God’s perspective, each one is valued, each one is cherished, and the gifts flowing through you are truly acknowledged by many angels and divine beings; for you are one with us in your Presence and in the presence of love that you bear.

The key to maintain harmony in your relations, in your teamwork is the inscribing and expanding of the circle of love within your heart so that that sense of separateness, of the ego self, may dissolve permanently and that you may abide, cherished and reverenced as a holy one of God, within the secret brotherhood/sisterhood of light, within the greater antahkarana, the divine mandala of universal love.

Precious ones, your broadcast service today is beamed forth from my new retreat to the whole world and even beyond this planetary home throughout this solar system. Be love in action, understand your own nature of love, and engender love at every turn through every word that you speak, through every thought that you ideate, through your vision, through your actions, through your conscious life.

Paracletus I AM. At the behest of the Holy Spirit, I have come. And the Earth is charged with new God-love this day as a rebirth, as a new ennoblement of the Spirit, yea, as an empowerment of compassion to set life free in the pure cosmic fires of God-love. I thank you.

1. See Romans 12:9.


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