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Igor Implores Us to Pray the Rosary During an Ongoing Vigil for Ukraine (video)

Igor Implores Us to Pray the Rosary During an Ongoing Vigil for Ukraine (video)
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Beloved Igor
David Christopher Lewis

March 3, 2014
9:16-9:31 am MST
Livingston, Montana


Igor Implores Us to Pray the Rosary during an Ongoing Vigil for Ukraine


 Gracious Hearts of Fire, 

            I AM Igor. And I place my Electronic Presence within and around Ukraine for the implementation of a divine plan to safeguard the light, the resources and the beings of many lightbearers who reside within this nation, for all of these are being threatened in this hour, as you have seen and read. Therefore, in answer to many prayers offered to heaven from devotees of light in numerous religions and spiritual movements, I answer. And the blessed Mother Mary, in answer to my request, also shines forth the light of her presence now within every church, upon every altar, and within the entire environs of the borders of this nation for mitigation to occur, for hostility, violence, murder and war to be alleviated as much as the Great Law will allow.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† And our request is that this day you begin a novena, praying with all of your hearts, souls, spirit and inner power, giving the Rosary to the Blessed Mother often‚ÄĒand if possible, even numerous times throughout your day, playing it in your homes and sanctuaries, nonstop if you can. For the light of Mary, the light of the Mother is sufficient to thwart the plans of the dark ones who would impel their own designs upon a people who respect the light of freedom and whose only desire is to sing the song of the free and to be nurtured by heaven in the ways that nature so graciously honors, respects and demonstrates.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Blessed ones, the light of intercession can be invoked; the light of mercy is always available. And when a people, and many peoples, offer their hearts, make obeisance unto the Divine, fast and pray‚ÄĒnot with human fervor and anxiety‚ÄĒwith divine acceptance, knowledge and inner wisdom, the hosts of the Lord respond, heaven replies in a direct and personal way. And there is the miraculous manifest through the hearts uplifted to the Divine in this holy aspect of God-alignment and oneness.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Putting your trust, faith, belief and acceptance in God is essential, knowing without fear that love conquers all. And being invested in this work, through continuous prayer‚ÄĒprayer without ceasing, as some have said‚ÄĒaffords heaven the opportunity to coalesce the light in many circumstances and in many regions, even using the weather, the elementals themselves and the many nature spirits that can push back the tides of war and darkness. You see, blessed ones, heaven is greater than all human might and the armies of the godless, and even the Nephilim and those who came to destroy and conquer the people of light throughout the Earth.

There are ways and tools and resources to use. And you have these in your spiritual toolkit, dearest ones. Use them. Give those fiats, uttered with great humility and with divine fervor; invocations from your heart, powered by your mind and Holy Spirit within, and see the answer from the hosts of the Lord, who come in garments of sacred fire and deliver the light tangibly on behalf of those who call to the Almighty and expect an instantaneous answer.

            Often times, even many of our disciples in various spiritual movements throughout the world utter prayers or give mantras without the fire of intention, without the fire of will, one with the holy will of God. Dearest ones, follow the example of the masters of invocation, Lanello and even this messenger, who has demonstrated year after year these aspects of delivering the sacred fire through a voice upturned to the Almighty.

Be conscious of the fire flowing through your chakras, through your very essence and being. And know with a certainty that God is real, that God hears your calls, that prayer works, and that the answer is already in motion before the words are said, through acceptance, through gratitude and through divine thankfulness. Yes, blessed ones, if necessary, get on your knees daily, throughout your day, at your desks, at your altars, at your bedsides, even in your living rooms or your kitchens and impel the Almighty, crying with the full fervor of your hearts to safeguard the light of freedom both in Ukraine and wherever it is accosted throughout your world.

            The light of freedom is sufficient for the liberation of souls, more than just the physical temples that house your souls, dearest ones. Therefore, be more invested in the light of your spirit than just the body itself. For this is who you are. This is what God responds to. This is your essence and the tangible aspect of your being that lives beyond your three-score and ten years upon Earth or more. Yes, dearest ones, many of you know my story and of how, through  my oneness with the heart of Mary, thousands, and even tens of thousands of souls, were saved through my intercessory prayer for the peoples of Russia and the entire region, including Ukraine.

Now it is your time, since you are in physical incarnation, to be my hands and feet and mouth and heart upon Earth. You can do it, blessed hearts. You can fulfill this one aspect of your own dharma upon Earth as torchbearers, light workers and Keepers of the Lightning. Work and speak and pray while you have the light within the Earth. For there are forces and powers of darkness that would snuff out every one who bears light if they could, for they know the power within the hearts of the true and righteous who still remain upon Earth.

Therefore, be invested in the work of the Lord this day. And if you feel so moved, during the upcoming time of Lent, which begins in two short days, fast and pray. Use the forty days for life in all ways‚ÄĒthe life of the unborn and the life of those already living upon your sphere.

            Yes, I am here. And I rarely come to speak to mankind. And yet, the handwriting is on the wall. The messenger has called me, and therefore I respond, and the Blessed Mother with me.


The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us children of the Sun
Now and ever as we shine forth the light of hope, peace, nonviolence and grace.


            Thank you, blessed ones. Be at peace in your hearts and peace shall reign throughout the world. 


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  • We have the power through our collective prayers to bring light and love to this part of the planet where people simply desire to be free. Please, let us take the time to give the rosaries.
    3/4/2014 9:15:25 PM
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