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Nada: Be True First to Your God Self

Nada: Be True First to Your God Self
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Beloved Lady Master Nada
David Christopher Lewis
February 1, 2014   9:20–9:30 pm CST
Hopkins, Minnesota


The Science of God-Selfishness

            I serve you love. I serve you from the deepest levels of my being, the core essence of God that I have meditated upon, have allowed to wash upon my Spirit and to be manifest through the rose of my heart as God’s essence of who I am. My service continues night and day in the way in which I AM, in the flower of who I AM, in the beingness who the I AM is as my particular representation and God-individualization of beingness through the sacred heart that I bear on behalf of the One God.


            Having shared this, blessed ones, I speak this night in a somewhat Zen way on the science of God-Selfishness—in other words, the requirement for you to sometimes be expressive of your own God Self in enlightened self-interest by serving your Self, your God Self, rather than only being in the mode of service to others, whereby sometimes you lose certain essences of your True Self as you surrender time with your True Self.


            You see, dearest ones, being true first to your God Self, you then serve all through the attainment of love and its highest offering to the God within you. If you are not true to your Self first, you may not be true to any other. For having lost part of your identity by not focusing upon the real and incorporating the God-essences of your true nature in your active life, you may not give your fullest to others in ministration and service to them. When you master yourself by overcoming the last vestiges of your lesser self, or not-self, then you have more to give of the God that is your true and noble Self within every offering that you then determine to manifest to life.


            Therefore, through enlightened Self-interest, focus each morning first upon your Solar Reality. Breathe in the love fires from your Sun Source. Incorporate throughout your being and your auric field the virtues of God, fully employed within your soul and your eternal nature. And then rich, effulgent and spirited in this eternal fire of light, what you give will be more transformative to the world at large.


            Yes, dearest ones, the science of givingness is truly immense when you consider all of its aspects. And therefore this night I encourage all to procure that book Honor Yourself by a devotee and an initiate, Patricia Spadaro, and read it cover to cover and meditate upon the inner core meaning and essence of each sentence, of each paragraph, of each chapter. For you will find my essence, Jesus’ teaching and even the higher gnosis of Peace and Aloha within the framework of this beautiful tome of light. And for those of you who at times sacrifice yourself to give to those who do not appreciate you or your gifts, you will be encouraged to first find the higher fruits of the Spirit within your heart and capture these and your true co-creative efforts of God-attainment. Then when you are rich and your cup, your chalice, is full, you may give virtuously and universally to all life.


            Now I use this opportunity here in the Twin Cities to also anchor my light, through the collective of your beings, into the Middle East in this hour. And from my retreat with Jesus the Christ over Arabia, we magnify the presence of brotherly and sisterly love to cleanse the nations of war, of chaos, of confusion, of horror, of debauchery, of brother fighting against brother, culture against culture, religion against religion. Let the isms and the schisms be healed and no more, and let the true brotherhood/sisterhood of godliness and understanding begin and expand.


            Peace, be still, mankind, and know the I AM within you, who is God and who is also within all peoples, races, cultures and beings. I, Nada, proclaim it. I aver that the light of eternal love within you will continue to transform all and bring about a new Earth that we envision and that we together will realize. I thank you.

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