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Alchemy as the Science of Divine Love and the New Blue Wave Preparing Us for Higher Alchemy (video)

Alchemy as the Science of Divine Love and the New Blue Wave Preparing Us for Higher Alchemy (video)
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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 4, 2014   
9:00–9:26 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Alchemy as a Science of Divine Love


           Good morning everyone. God bless you. Thank you for participating with us on this fourth day of 2014; 1/4/2014, or in Europe it would be 4/01/14. I have composed what I feel is my best song and melody, called “Alchemy of Love.” And today I’d like to speak on alchemy as a science of divine love.

            We know that alchemy is the all-chemistry of God. And in order to access the eternal truths, the mystical origins of life, in order to penetrate to the deeper and core levels of anything in order to understand and cognize it and utilize it for our spiritual development, our education, our enlightenment, love must be present.

            Consider nature. When we go into the forests, the fields, the glades, the leas, the oceans, the seas, the rivers, the mountain fastnesses, elemental life invariably responds to love. When we talk to a plant or an animal and make contact with it at its core through our core, with its heart through our heart, love blossoms and there is a deeper form of communication, which is communion.

            As we move as aspiring adepts into our mastership and the point of our reality on our initiatic journey where we merge with the Divine, become one with God again, love is the preeminent virtue that gets us there, that allows this alchemy to occur, that truly provides the framework for the instrumentation of and the blessing that manifests as we go within, make contact with the Divine that already exists within ourselves, and then draw it forth in all of its glory and beauty, its eternal profundity, and the light begins to shine more brightly through us.

            Alchemy is the eternal science of divine love because without love there can be no elixir that we can drink, no philosophers’ stone that will appear, no formula that will move us to that sacred space where we are one with God. It is through love that we access all of the Mercurian and higher Venusian and Saturnian sciences where an understanding of our Solar Presence begins to dawn more brightly upon and within us.

            There are many highly evolved beings throughout our solar system, the galaxy and the universe from whom we may receive divine guidance. These are our spiritual professors—those who profess the higher form of faith that is oneness with God because they have merged with the Divine and therefore can speak forthrightly about union, yoga, oneness. If we put our trust in those who obviously have not modeled a life of divine love, then we will receive less than the perfected matrices and formulas of divine light.

            Therefore, in our Hearts Center movement we put our trust in the ascended masters, because we know that they know this science—they have lived through it and within it; they are a part of that all-composition that is the eternal divine essence. And as we commune with them day by day, as we get to know them and their teachings and make contact directly with them in our meditations and through the spiritualization of our consciousness that draws them to us naturally, then we become God-like and the all-chemistry of God becomes something that we can enjoy in our daily lives lived to the glory of God, lived in oneness in our Presence in the light.

            Love is the alchemical key. The masters have said it time and time again. And Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director and God Mercury (Hermes Trismegistus) have shared, both through the Emerald Tablet and through the ancient mystery teachings, the essences of these eternal truths which do, when we incorporate them into our lives consciously, work for us and move us into higher awareness, into a greater and more blessed reality.

            Alchemy is the science of divine love because it is more than organic, inorganic or biochemistry. It is all of these and more. It is the chemistry whereby we experiment with free will and the light vouchsafed to us within our hearts to expand the cosmos, to enter into re-creation, recreation with the universe itself, life and what God has already placed within this beautiful Cosmic Egg.

            The dawning of our Reality necessitates and mandates that we move higher in higher spirals of light, that we grow, that we develop, that we both involute and now evolute and return to the heart of God with experience, having developed our talents and not hidden them or let them lapse into inertia.¹ We are vibrant ones, spirited by the light of God within our hearts where true love resides. And if we desire to perform any alchemical works whatsoever—precipitation, manifestation, co-creation—love is the fount and the source of all of our inspiration. We access the muses of heaven by love, by the purity of our hearts, the purity of our motives. The muses, the angels, Inspira and the legions of light that are willing, capable and available for us to learn from and to be inspired by are there when we are loving, when we have proven that we can be compassionate, kind, giving, thankful, harmonious, and true brothers and sisters with each other.

            When we prove the law of love within our lives by living virtuously, we become alchemists. We may not have thought of ourselves in this mode and yet it is so, because the science of love is profound and vast. It is something that we will always be learning more about, entering into at deeper levels of beingness. It is something that we can access with a new profundity every day as we awaken in the morning, as we rise to greet the sun and the beautiful elemental spirits in nature, as we partake of God’s creation as co-creators.

            Alchemy is opportunity to both divide and unite, to penetrate to the core of what is the essence of a rose or of a plant and yet not tear it apart to understand it; to commune with it in order to understand its reality and its oneness with the creation. Alchemists are not so much those who use techniques that modern science uses—vivisection, tearing things apart. Alchemy mandates that we go deeper and deeper within ourselves, because the same essence that is in a rose is within ourselves, in our hearts. The same essence that is within a grand fir or cedar or sequoia or redwood tree exists already within our spine, our own inner Tree of Life.

            Therefore, in communion with our Higher Self, knowing ourselves truly we begin to know all life, we begin to understand with a broad spectrum of awareness that it is our right as sons and daughters of God to experience all life. We begin to touch the invisible, to merge with those higher fields of activity and awareness, like Jonathan Livingston Seagull when he was no longer so concerned, as were the other gulls, with just eating and staying on the shoreline or dropping into the ocean for the catch of the day. He desired to soar above time and space and then learn the science of divine thought, mindfulness, moving at the speed of thought into these higher realms where the Great Gull and many great gulls appeared to teach and to show him the higher way. Thank you, Richard Bach, for this inspired work which we can read again and learn from again and again, because there are so many eternal truths written within it, obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit herself.

            Alchemy is a wonderful opportunity. And just as Saint Germain has been at the core of the promulgation of this science in the last four and more centuries upon Earth, behind the scenes Portia has been there, not as an adjunct professor but as a masterful being of light who has known this science for eons and has inspired upon her beloved from the ascended master realms the great truths that he has brought to mankind—the use of the violet light, perfecting flaws within gems through the alchemy of transubstantiation and transmutation. Every aspect of the sciences that are subsciences of the greater all-chemistry that we call alchemy can be mastered through love.

            The science of love is the greatest science that must be taught to children by their parents, especially the mothers—within the womb, in early childhood and throughout their lives. When children are given the keys by loving parents and teachers, they naturally develop all of the faculties that are within in the most radiant and blessed ways. The natural impulses are respected, listened to and obeyed. And these natural impulses are those inspired words, ideations and conceptualizations of our Higher Self, our Solar Presence, our God Reality.

            Our Sun Source is constantly raying forth to us engrams and emissive patterns of perfection and divine glory. Are we listening? Are we, through meditation and silence, capturing and understanding them within our higher minds, then filtered down into our lower brain functions and cognized at the level that we can use them in this 3-D world to perform our sacred work, our alchemical feats? Love facilitates accessing eternal and divine light and truth. Love creates the form and the flowfield through which the wave patterns that bring higher consciousness to us in our world today can be garnered, interpreted and utilized.

            I was meeting with some folks, preparing for an event later this year in California near San Francisco, in San Mateo, a new-age fair that used to be called Body, Mind, Spirit; there are various ones throughout the United States. While we were meeting, the master El Morya said that he would come and that those who come to the booth and respond to the lecture that I hope to give on his behalf will receive the blessing of the blue wave, the new blue wave pattern.

            And this new blue wave is already now co-creating a new world in preparation for a greater and more glorious manifestation of the violet wave, which Saint Germain intends to release when his book through our movement is completed. And together, the Alpha and the Omega, the blue and the violet, will co-create an amazing alchemy of divinity within the lives of thousands that we will touch through this activity and movement.

            El Morya is there behind the scenes incorporating the divine will through the blue wave into our Earth now for our protection and for our edification in order that we can withstand and receive the higher wisdom teachings and the more refined energies of Spirit as Saint Germain and Portia provide amazing cosmic impetuses of light in days, months and years to come as the Age of Aquarius dawns and takes full hold of the planet through higher consciousness.

            Saint Germain’s book will not be fulfilled until this preliminary work is done—West Coast, East Coast and throughout America and the world. And those of you who have been reading and re-reading and studying the bookAdvanced Studies of the Human Aura² are actually entering into alchemy already, though you may not have thought of it that way. You are helping El Morya to facilitate and expand the new blue wave, and by your mastery of the words that El Morya has shared within this book, utilizing the solar sciences of higher consciousness, you are being prepared for the alchemy of love in a most glorious manifestation as the master Saint Germain and his beloved Portia desire to bring it forth to our planet.

            So, in honor of this term, alchemy of love, I suggest that we sing that song and then the Victory song in closing our morning broadcast service today. Feel the fire of divine love within your hearts as you, as alchemists of the Spirit, perform magic, divine magic today and every day. God bless you.

1. See the parable of the talents, Matthew 25:14–30.
2. Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance, by David Christopher Lewis, is available for purchase through The Hearts Center online bookstore. 

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