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Meta Shares Keys to Overcome Anxieties on the Path and also Gives Teaching on Heartstreaming

Meta Shares Keys to Overcome Anxieties on the Path and also Gives Teaching on Heartstreaming

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Beloved Meta
David Christopher Lewis
December 16, 2013 8:00–8:32 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Heartstreaming Is the Key to All Alchemy
Become as Little Children Again


Generous Hearts Who Would Be Invested in a Greater Way in the Work of the Lord,

I express love and gratitude, light and the essence of my heart to you today to inculcate within your being a greater sense of your own innate Godhood, your own divinity manifest from within you each moment of every day. I, Meta, come to charge forth the light of the sun and of the Sun essence of your own being more fully, within the present moment, into your lives, into every situation that you find yourself in—your life work, your challenges, your relationships, your very being.


Many of you are already deeply invested in the work of the Spirit. “How,” some of you have asked, “can I do more, when it seems that my entire day is already full in the work of the Spirit, in taking care of those necessary responsibilities that I find myself attending to with care and with the attention to detail that is required? Lord, it is as if I already feel stretched beyond my limits. What more can I offer? How can I be expected to give any more of who I am to thee?”


We have heard some of you in this mode of inner conversation, straining with your entire being to somehow pour forth more of your essence to the universe. And therefore I come with the blessed Mother Mary to assuage your pain, your strain, your anguish at times, and the seeming sense of limitation that within this flesh body you experience as you involve yourself in your daily affairs, blessed ones.


The only way out of every dilemma is to go within to access spiritual fire, divine light and the holy energies of your Source. For here is your true refreshment. Here is the nurturing spiritual energy that you require at every turn to meet those challenges and even the anomalies that at times catch you off guard and from doing what you might otherwise do. The seeming inconsistencies of life upon Earth and that which the universe seems to throw at you is, of course, part of what you yourself have planned so that you may evolve and may go deeper within to know God with a greater divine love.


We the ascended masters were all challenged in some way in our final incarnations to go beyond human limitation. And we all found surcease from struggle in the heart of God, in the light of our own Sun Presence, in the virtues accessible through that state of oneness and inner peace that comes when the ego and human will are surrendered and the divine light and the higher formulations of Spirit become ever-presently available for our use, whereby we know and feel the God-light blazing in the center of being.


Yes, life is a Zen koan, a puzzle, verily a conundrum within the human condition. And yet seen from a higher and more expansive perspective, every life is an amazing alchemy whereby all of the pieces do come together in an amazing array and display of light. And when you can magnetize all of these elements of selfhood through love and through the higher form of surrender, through letting go of every aspect of your human creation, then, dearest ones, there is an interplay of light; there is the possibility of a greater oneness, a greater sanctity and blessedness that comes to you from on high, from within for your comfort, for your nurturing, for your greater understanding.


Yes, become as little children again, worry-free about that which could come. For often, dearest ones, your own anxiety about the future creates, as it were, a certain doom consciousness, like a gray cloud that overshadows you, when in reality you may always, through a sunny disposition and cosmic dispensations, allow your own God Presence to shine forth to dispel the negatives, the downers and that which you allow to assail you, which is truly nonsense and unreal.


Only God is real, here within your heart. Only God is true-blue and that which provides a cosmic impetus and what you require for your self-realization every hour. When you get this through your, at times, thick skulls, dearest ones, then a new radiance of holy Buddhic mindfulness is yours. So how can this be done? you ask again and again. Let go and let God be where you are through the refreshing breath of the Holy Spirit and through the surrender of everything to the One.


Now, dearest ones, I would speak about heartstreaming. For in his meditation yesterday, David received a beautiful understanding of the nature of this word, deeper than ever before. For he saw and we revealed that, truly, heartstreaming is the key to all alchemy and precipitation. You know that your heart is energetically more powerful than your brain. No longer be invested in brainstorming. Begin to heartstream in a more conscious and viable way with us each day. Everyone, no matter what his or her outer attainment or inner involvement with us, can heartstream by centering in the heart and then allowing this river of love, light, virtue and consciousness to flow through the heart to anyone, anything, anywhere.


You see, dearest ones, heartstreaming involves the entire, the whole, heart and the entire, the whole, brain. Just as the heart has four major chambers, so does the brain. It consists of more than just two hemispheres, you see. And there is a direct connection between the heart and the brain that is essential for you, as aspiring adepts, to maintain with alacrity and love-wisdom in order to allow cosmic mindfulness to flow through you, virtue to be present and love to sing its song of joy and harmony to all life.


You can heartstream alone and you can heartstream with others. When you heartstream with others, as you know, there is a geometric multiplication of the energy and power of your heart’s fire and light as your auras and your consciousness merge in a greater action of the Spirit. Heartstreaming is facilitated by meditation. In fact, often in the deeper states of meditation one begins a new mindfulness through heartstreaming.


There is no one right way to heartstream, blessed ones. It can be easy for you when you simply focus on and through your heart. And through your heart’s own intelligence, it will teach you how to accelerate your ability to heartstream with the universe, with ascended masters, angelic hierarchies of light, nature spirits, the world and life everywhere.


Heartstreaming brings happiness and joy to you. For as a child from its infancy naturally knows how to heartstream, when you become like that little child again, the bird of happiness returns to you, the joy of inner discovery is yours again, and life becomes dreamlike in its wonder and awe, its spiritual affection and its affinity with the Divine. A natural enjoyment of life itself allows heartstreaming to accelerate. Therefore, be ever present in the spirit of joy with the Lord, with the angels and with those who bring you joy rather than something less.


Heartstreaming is truly easier in nature itself, in the sunlight, under the stars and in those sacred spaces and favorite places that you find yourself in when you feel deeply your oneness with God. Truly, when you heartstream you hallow the space that you inhabit and leave traces of your own higher consciousness within akasha.


When you are in love, you naturally heartstream with the one cherished, whether it be an individual, a friend, an animal, a flower or the Great Central Sun itself. Miracles are facilitated when you heartstream with your Source, with your sacred teachers, guides, masters, divine beings and angels. For miracles are born of a higher law of unity in love; for where love is present, all things are possible of and in God.


The best teachers are those who consciously heartstream as they share truth rather than trying to simply convey human knowledge. What those who heartstream provide always comes from the heart, often through stories and personal experiences that are meaningful to those with whom they share. And therefore their essence flows, and through their essence, divine understanding and wisdom are extended and inculcated within the minds and hearts of their students and friends.


Yes, friendship truly involves heartstreaming as a natural giving and receiving between people. It is a cosmic interchange of the heart when friends speak and listen to one another. For often in the listening there is an even greater availability of divine nourishment that may be imbibed, resurrecting the inner soul and blessing all beings in the process.


Dearest ones, the sun is the perfect example of a light being who has mastered the art and science of heartstreaming. The sun is the great communicator of life, and through conscious attention upon all life within its auric field, it streams forth warmth, radiance, truth and virtue in a continuing stream of loving awareness toward all.


Heartstreaming is the greatest means of problem solving, for from our vantage point, heartstreaming is synonymous with co-creation. Co-creation always involves the heart, the mind and the will, which is activated through its commitment to see through to fulfillment love and wisdom through the power of divine encouragement. When you create a stream of light through your heart, your mind and will are engaged through love and there is a cosmic flow and an interchange between your heart, as a nexus of light, and the heart of God in the Great Central Sun.


Yes, truly alchemy is the science of heartstreaming for adepts and those who aspire to become masters of themselves, for in true heartstreaming all of the chakras are engaged and involved. And the greater the purity of consciousness, the more profound the heartstreaming experience. For there is little or no blockage to the natural expression of that stream of light and love from and through the heart of the one whose motive is clear and whose heart is pure. Through stillness, dearest ones, you attune through your own Higher Self to that sacred Heartstream of the universe, the Source of all life, the Creator.


Heartstreaming with the sun is key to the attainment of a new golden-crystal age of enlightenment, freedom and abundance. Nature is the perfect example for you of heartstreaming. For all life within nature follows the sacred impulses extended from the Great Central Sun, stepped down through vast solar worlds to our galaxy, solar system and planet.


Each one of you can develop your natural, latent abilities and intuitive faculties through heartstreaming. For heartstreaming assures us that we will be safe in all of our decision making, because the heart, coupled with the higher brain functions within the heart-mind connection, is always right and righteous in God. Once you develop a momentum at heartstreaming, your life will become much easier and your relationships deeper and more fulfilled.


Finally, blessed ones, I share with you that group heartstreaming, such as you engage in during your events, Meru University courses and your broadcast services, can and does solve planetary issues and problems on a mass scale.


Teach your children to heartstream, and even your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will learn through this sacred skill who they are and return to that state of beauty and inner perfection in which they, as you, were created.


My prayer this day is that you have received something of value, food for thought, a meal for your heart. I AM Meta, and I bless you with the radiance of my Presence, facilitated through my beloved and through your own eternal heart. I thank you.



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