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Lady Master Nada Answers Questions about Spiritual Parenting—Part 1

Lady Master Nada Answers Questions about Spiritual Parenting—Part 1

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Beloved Nada Darshan
David Christopher Lewis
September 25, 2014 8:34–8:54 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Spiritual Parenting: Part 1

Last night after our Meru University class, I announced that beloved Nada would be coming Friday, tomorrow, to answer four questions posed by some heartfriends. What can I say? Nada is here today on her day, the sixth-ray day, so I would like to give her the opportunity to answer at least two of these questions because the answers could be quite considerable in length, and it may be better to do two per day so that we can allow her all the time that she requires in order to have the fullness of the teaching that can be presented. The questions were compiled in August by some heartfriends who feel very close to Nada and to children and teaching.

Question: What is the single most important spiritual lesson parents can teach their children?

Nada: The answer is that everyone is a child of God, a son or daughter of God; that everyone has the light of God within one’s heart; that part of our purpose in coming into this lifetime is to learn to love all life and to expand the flame of love within our hearts so that that love may do its perfect work throughout one’s life in bringing about happiness, joy, true spirituality and, of course, oneness with God.

God is within oneself. God exists as an eternal flame within, which is the very source of our life and animates our life. It gives us our breath, by which we live, and our consciousness, by which we can think, feel, sense and experience life itself. This flame provides us a perfect connection with the God-flame within every other lifestream, every other person. We are all connected, and through this eternal flame we are all one. In this sense of our oneness, we can all be true brothers and sisters and maintain peace, harmony, presence and develop an understanding that all of the relationships that will occur during our life may flow from the one source, the one fount of everlasting love.

Parents must, of course, model this teaching through more than just words. They must express it in many ways—as they interact with their children, as they feed their children and as they tend them, initially as infants and small toddlers and then as they move through all the stages of their development. A parent can, throughout the entire experience of a child’s journey in life, express over and over to the child: “I love you and God is within you. You are a child of God. You were created in God’s image. God within you is light, love.” Just saying these words will allow this teaching to take hold within their soul so that they will never forget it, whether you whisper the words, share them in intimate moments, expound on them during meals, or intersperse them in your communications when you connect with your children as you work and play together, and as you travel and do other things together. It becomes a part of their reality and they know it with a certitude. They simply know, accept and believe that God is where they are because they were created in God’s image and likeness.

Since the parents were also created in God’s image and likeness, they must model that image and likeness to their children by living godly, conscious lives; by speaking words that support, uphold and inspire the children and never words that denigrate, criticize or put a curse on the child, no matter what the child is going through or experiencing in his or her body temple, emotions, mind or spirit.

This spiritual lesson must be modeled by the parents in everything that they do, whether in the presence of the child or not, because what the parents do with each other is picked up on energetically by the child. So if parents are argumentative with each other and not modeling harmony and peace in the home, this affects the consciousness of the child. If the parents are truly following a spiritual path themselves, they will be engaged in devotions, individually and collectively, and model for the child that it’s important to work within a community of Spirit, to worship God, to love God, because community is also important. The parent can extend this lesson unto the child through the lens of that child’s experience within the greater family of community—schools, churches, spiritual organizations or movements and the extended family. Hopefully those in the extended family are spiritually supportive in the same way that the parents are.

What is even more important than the words and lessons that a parent shares with a child is the actual life of the parent, that it is a life of integrity, honesty and virtue, because one’s virtuous life, by example, will be the greatest lesson a parent can give to a child. You may speak less and model more by doing, by giving, by volunteering. You can involve children in volunteering even from a very early age, whereby they will learn the lessons of givingness and extending one’s heart on behalf of others rather than living only from a perspective of one’s own consciousness, one’s lifestream.

To expand consciousness means to expand the horizons of one’s views through different experiences. So parents can provide numerous experiences whereby children are able to see things from different angles, vantage points, in order to build a more comprehensive and spherical awareness. It’s important that children have these wide experiences and learning opportunities through travel and through the use of their hands in very functional ways. These spiritual lessons may be taught by activity rather than just told. They can be demonstrated by very functional, active work and service. For instance, gardening can be a very important ongoing spiritual lesson for children because they see the results of planting, watering, nurturing and harvesting plants and they can carry that experience of tending to other life forms and elements into their whole life. The same is true for taking care of animals.

The greatest examples of how to engage children are in areas where they gain practical experience and can assist the greater part of humanity. Those who are engaged in active service in some way are building the future of humanity as a whole through their service, ministration and givingness. As children and youth learn to give back to the family, the community and the planet as a whole, they become world servants and servitors rather than individuals who are involved only at a very local level and who have not seen the world through a number of viewpoints. Through expanded observation, communication and service, they have the opportunity to develop into initiates who can serve on a planetary-wide scale.
As adepts, we work in various spheres of activity beyond just our own needs and requirements. If we are consumed only with our own selves, then we are consumed by ourselves. If we are consumed in the process of giving love and light to the planet, then in that consummation, the fire of service brings about the most beautiful alchemy of love for the transformation of the entire Earth and her peoples. And that action of consummation, through the fires of transmutation, is what moves civilization along, carrying children of all ages forward into the New Age.

Of course, love is the key behind all of this. When parents are truly loving themselves—in other words, they love God within, they love each other, they love their spouses, they love their entire family—and they prove it by action, charity, givingness, then all the rest comes into place; because when one is in the giving mode, one searches for or observes others’ needs and then desires to fulfill those needs.

Question: In this era of ever-exploding technology, how can we best utilize technology to raise spiritual children?

Nada: There are programs, systems and games that have been developed by conscious individuals to accentuate the spiritual path and to help people learn to be co-creators and facilitators of the new consciousness of the new era. When we teach children that computers, cell phones and other media technologies are there only as a means to an end, then we do them a good service. If we allow them to just sit in front of a television or a computer or to use cell phones from too early an age, we do them a disservice. There must be conscious communication and language utilized heart to heart, mind to mind and spirit to spirit between parents and children to help children realize that while those technologies are important for living in today’s world, they are not the be-all and end-all and that there is a higher technology that God has placed within our heart and chakras.

Children must know that we have a higher mind. We have a beautiful mind that is able to cognize, think and process streams of consciousness that issue from the Divine, and it is more important to develop this inner technology in our lives than it is to master the outer technology. That doesn’t mean we can’t use the outer technology. We just have to realize that the inner technology that God has mysteriously and magically created within us, as who we are, is supernal, is supreme compared to the human technology. They will never develop a computer that is as beautiful and magnificent as a human mind that is inspired by the Divine mind. Yes, computers can very logically add and do various functions. Yet we, through an instantaneous manifestation of intuition, can tune into the most wonderful divine thoughts and ideations, and we can discover things that will benefit humanity in a much greater way than the advanced robotic prototypes and tools that have been developed on Earth.

So even as you afford children the opportunity to learn the use of these technologies, systems, machines, et cetera, it’s important to impart unto them the importance of the inner law of being, what God has placed within us as our greatest resource. Teaching children about the chakras is important to help them understand how we process energy and how we can both take in divine frequencies, process them within us and then emanate them to the planet. Solar gazing is important to reestablish the importance of the pineal gland, as well as the pituitary, and to help children develop greater mindfulness. If children are taught how to meditate from an early age—to be still, to feel and to experience the very vibrancy that is within the atmosphere, within the Earth and within themselves as pure consciousness, pure energy, pure light and love—then they will naturally utilize the inner technologies for the highest good of humanity, even as they master outer technologies to be co-creators and those who can prove the law being to humanity by great works of light.

If parents themselves don’t understand the technologies of today, how can they truly afford the opportunity for children to learn and utilize them? There must be at least a basic understanding, even if they don’t master the various technologies. Some study by the parents is important so they know what’s available. In that way, they can share information with their children at the appropriate times in their development about the tools they can utilize to explore and gain an understanding of what is out there, which can help them to tune into their place in the world and discover who they are—their purpose, their sacred labor, their mission, et cetera. The Internet, of course, is a great technology. Information is added every day. Wikipedia is a good source. Even though it’s not perfect and 100 percent accurate, there is much there for people to learn and know.

So concurrent with a greater self-discovery process through exploding technology, there should be, can be, may be the utilization of the inner technology through meditation, prayer, contemplation, silence, stillness and being in nature, because this is what really raises consciousness. It can’t be done by just the mastery of machines and tools.



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