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The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director, Ascended Master R, Master R, Ganesha

The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being on the blue ray, or first ray, of power, protection and the will of God. He is the Guru of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain and is available to guide us, as his name attests, in walking in the highest will of God. 

The Great Divine Director is one of his many titles. He is also known as “The Initiator of Cycles,” holding the office of Solar Hierarch of Capricorn. Focusing the ray of God-power on the twelve o’clock line of cosmic cycles, he is the one to ask for help when starting a new venture or course of action. He is a master planner with the discipline necessary to create the structures that compose our cosmos—even at molecular levels. The Great Divine Director focuses within his causal body the formula of the ascension for the children of God evolving in this universe. What a magnificent master of creation and guidance!

One of the Great Divine Director’s commissions from Alpha and Omega, our Father/Mother God, is to interpret for initiates the meaning and the purpose of the flame of the Holy Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Guru of our El Morya and Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director is the founder of the House of Rakoczy, and so has often been referred to as the Master “R” in esoteric writings. The Great Divine Director, known to the Hindus as the god Ganesha, is the Lord of Success and destroyer of all obstacles. He is also known as the god of education, knowledge and wealth. The elephant head represents wisdom, and his trunk represents the sound of cosmic reality and oneness—the sacred OM.

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Messages from the Divine Director

Divine Director      December 19, 2017

Beloved Divine Director with Melchizedek
David Christopher Lewis
December 19, 2017   2:05–2:22 pm CST
2017 Mexico Winter Solstice Event
The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice: Saint Germain and Portia Come to Illumine Families Everywhere
Teotihuacan, Mexico

 We're going to meditate on the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl. [We'll wait for the helicopter to pass.] Remember the smiling meditation.

I Initiate a Spiral of God-consciousness Now! 

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Light,

I initiate a spiral of God-consciousness now upon the Earth. It descends from the Great Central Sun into this place through the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, near where you are. And this spiral is a spiral of divine beingness; it is a spiral of intuition and understanding. It is a spiral that will manifest in magical ways within your world.

Did you know that all of you are truly spiritual magicians? For the science of the spoken word truly is white magic. Calling upon the Lord through spoken prayer is the alchemy of the sacred Word, and many of you have engaged in this science for many years and decades. And because of your dedication, I am allowed to come this day. Because you have put God first in your life, I am allowed to focus this great light. And this spiral now descends deep within the earth, to its core and simultaneously expands out horizontally throughout the entire planet, circling the planet with great Solar joy and radiance.

Many of you are aware of the spiritual architecture of the Earth, the electronic grid that is embedded within the Earth and around the Earth—the ley lines, as some have called them. Of course, dearest ones, one of the crosscurrents of these ley lines is here in Teotihuacan. And so great Solar Lords are engaged in the alchemy of this initiatic cycle today, and they are assisting me in the alchemy of this initiatic spiral.

And there is radiating forth now in all dimensions of the Earth this light from the Great Central Sun, stepped down into your domain. For each of you is also an electronic light being. Because you are made in God's image and likeness, you too have this same matrix of light within and around you. It is your spiritual circulatory system. In fact, your chakras themselves are crossing points of where these internal ley lines exist. And you have many other sub-chakras, which also hallow the space in which you live.

Imagine yourself now, dearest ones, as all light. This great Solar light is embedded within the grid of light who you are. You can utilize this light for your alchemical and magical works. It is simply a matter of acceptance, understanding and then using it. In fact, as lightbearers, it is your responsibility to emanate light. No matter what your practices may be as lightbearers, you focus this light. And as you accelerate this light within and through your chakras, there is also the rebalancing of the Earth itself.

Now feel that rebalancing within you as it is also sustained around the planet. Feel that which God is allowing to manifest within your being this day. As you accept these initiatic light emanations, many divine engrams of conscious beingness are also spread throughout the Earth. And each of these engrams may be a blessing to thousands and even millions of souls. Now the great Solar Lords ignite these engrams in the atmosphere around the Earth, and there is a great profusion of this light throughout Earth's atmosphere. And angels of the sacred fire and cosmic beings are here to assist in this dynamic.

You see, we could only perform this alchemy through the love of many of you physically present. Therefore we thank you for your coming and being willing to go on this long, long trek to be in this space. It is as if you had surrendered more and more elements of your human nature and walked up many, many steps of initiation today to prepare yourself—body, soul and mind—for this initiation.

Therefore, O great Lords of fire, rain forth this light throughout the Earth now. Accelerate the light within these devotees of your heart. Bless Mexico and all of her people with this radiance. Charge this light into all of the Americas—North, Central and South—and rebalance the Earth in sacred fire now. I, the Divine Director, with Melchizedek, command it in the name of the mighty I AM God Presence. And it is manifest according to my word, in alignment with the great Word—the Logos. And so this light does emerge in a new dimension of cosmic possibilities. And through some of you, miracles may begin to occur, if you accept, believe and have faith in this action. With God, all things are possible.1 In God, all things are probable.

Now Alpha comes, descending from the Great Central Sun to also bless you, each one, with his cosmic radiance. Feel his love for each of you. Bask in the light of the great Solar being in the Great Central Sun who, through his ultimate humility, does enfold all life throughout the cosmos in his love.

You are changed in the twinkling of an eye into shining beings of divine light. Now live in that light, bask in the radiance of your Presence and be that new dispensation of grace through this God-consciousness, through this initiation, now and forevermore. It is fulfilled in the I AM name. It is God-manifest now in this reality. It is done, it is finished, it is sealed. Amen.

1. Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27.

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