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Meet Mother Mary
Mother Mary serves on the fifth ray, the ray of healing, abundance, vision and truth. The vibration of this ray appears as the color emerald-green. 
So Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is from the angelic realm. She is a being of great power and authority and the perfect choice for the role of the Mother of a World Saviour. She and her twin flame, Raphael, have their retreat over Fatima, Portugal.
When we are in need of healing, if we desire to shine the light of truth on any situation, if we are wanting financial abundance for our families and to serve others or want to enhance our ability to hold a strong, positive vision for a personal project or the future of this planet, Mary and Raphael are the names to have on our lips and in our hearts. 

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Feminine Aspect of Divinity

In the West, Mary has held a similar role for the Christian world as the feminine goddesses of Hinduism have held for devotees in India, as Kuan Yin, the merciful-hearted bodhisattva has held for the Chinese Buddhist. Mother Mary is worshiped as the Mother of God, as a Savioress among Christian Catholics. Who is this feminine icon, loved and worshiped by millions of devotees? 

Yesterday’s Choices Become Today’s Reality

Each soul has a story to tell that spans eons of time. We are what we are today because of choices made yesterday and throughout the yesteryears. Many millennia ago, we emerged, issues of our Father/ Mother in heaven, created equal in every way. Some to whom we look for guidance today, like Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint  Joseph, and other saints and initiators of religious movements have simply made more selfless choices, allowing them to now be of world service, assisting us to become like them, like our Father in heaven. We owe these beings, now ascended, immeasurable gratitude.
The soul of Jesus, through lifetimes of surrender to God’s will, prepared for his final and glorious embodiment as our Savior. And the soul of Mother Mary also prepared herself in the same way to play her role as Jesus’ Mother in her final embodiment 2000 years ago.
The ascended masters teach that there are 3 kingdoms—the sons and daughters of God, the angelic kingdom and the elemental kingdom, meaning the beings of nature such as gnomes, undines, fairies, sylphs, salamanders. Mother Mary is of the angelic kingdom. She is an archeia, a feminine archangel. Her twin flame is Archangel Raphael, and they serve together today on the green ray of healing and truth.

Preparation for the Role of the Mother of Jesus

In addition, the ascended masters have told us through their messengers that the soul of Mary had served in the early days of Atlantis as a temple virgin, a priestess even then on the same emerald ray. In her rounds of incarnations, she had become so one with the Cosmic Virgin because Mary had fine-tuned her ability to hold the immaculate concept for all souls and situations. She was able to see only perfection in each individual, each circumstance. 
Among her preparatory embodiments, she had been mother to Jesus’ soul on at least one other occasion. As the wife of Jesse, recorded in the Old Testament, she gave birth to eight sons, one of whom was David, an embodiment of Jesus. David was a shepherd boy who adored his heavenly Father through songs of praise as he tended sheep on the hillsides. Later in that lifetime, he was anointed by the prophet Samuel as the king of Israel.

This lifetime wasn’t so much a karmic repetition of their relationship as mother and son, as many of us experience within our family relationships, but more like a practice run for the time when their two magnificent souls would work together with the soul of Saint Joseph to impact the world so profoundly that a new religion would be created, a calendar would be divided in two and from that time on, Jesus, Mary and Joseph would be referred to as “the Holy Family.”.


In her final embodiment as Mary the Mother of Jesus, her parents, Anna and Joachim, initiates of the Great White Brotherhood, dedicated her to God at her birth. And as was said of John the Baptist, Mary was filled with the Holy Ghost from her mother’s womb.


A Vow to Serve God as a Temple Virgin 

At three years of age, Mary was taken to serve in the temple once again, this time in Jerusalem. It is said that when Anna and Joachim brought her there, they placed her on the first of fifteen temple steps, symbolic of certain initiations, and little Mary climbed the steps with ease, demonstrating her preparation for the mission that lay ahead as the mother of Jesus in this lifetime.
As a temple virgin from ages three through fourteen, Mary enjoyed communion with the angels and great protection from them. She spent her time in contemplation and the holding of all of the earth in her immaculate vision. Day by day she became the spirit of humility and beauty that shone like the sun from her being.
At age fourteen, when the temple virgins were to be given in marriage, Mary requested that the rest of her life be dedicated only to temple work. But God had other plans, as we know, and she was betrothed to Joseph, who was himself a rather reluctant player in this drama of the ages. Considerably older than Mary, he was taken by surprise at being chosen as her husband. And it was not until an undeniable sign from heaven—a dove descending upon Joseph’s staff—that he surrendered to the will of God, taking Mary to be his wife.
The teachings of the ascended masters emphasize the desire of both Mary and Jesus that they not be worshipped. Instead, Mary desires that those who look up to her and Jesus be themselves examples of holy living and service to mankind. For all are meant to walk and talk with God, to become a Christ, a Buddha. Divine potential lives in each child of God. 


The Importance of Devotional Singing

Mother Mary asked that we sing our decrees to create a harmonic release which will powerfully accelerate and amplify the work that we and the masters do together. She said the power released through engaging of our hearts through singing is tremendous.  Harmony accelerated through the scales of the chakras is a sacred science that Mother Mary and Raphael teach at their retreat. Read more

Below is an example of lyrics adapted from prayer 50.016 and set to a lovely melody.  And now it has been made into a video with soundtrack of that original song.



Teaching on the Via Gloriosa and the
Christ-Centered Life

Mother Mary comes to tell us that holiness is the need of each soul. If we are to return to God, we must no longer think that we are sinners but that we are joint heirs with Christ. She reminds us that Jesus did not come simply to be worshiped, but that he sought to teach mankind the way whereby they could ascend back to the heart of God.


She says every soul is made in the image and likeness of God. And therefore, each of us is pure in the eyes of God. No one is a sinner! With Jesus, she asks us not to grovel upon the ground but to stand forth as sons and daughters of God, proclaiming the glory of the Son of God within us!
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Mother Mary--Our Lady of Cosmic Abundance

Mother Mary serves on the fifth ray, the ray of healing, abundance, vision and truth. Mother Mary is a cosmic alchemist, just as Saint Germain and Jesus are, and is able to precipitate anything that is required—anywhere, for and on behalf of anyone—for the spiritual upliftment, support and joy of lightbearers. 

Key Teachings on Abundance

Abundance and the Mastery of the Emotional Body
An Emerald Vision of My Healing Retreat
Hold the Stream of Perfect Vision
Compassionate Communication
Friendship with Archangel Michael
The Flow of Abundance

Mother Mary’s Missions

Mother Mary’s Missions—Messages from the Divine Mother

On Pilgrimage to California’s 21 Spanish Missions with David C. Lewis

Mother Mary speaks to us about life’s holy purpose, our roles as co-creators with God, the importance of sacred ritual, the science of sound and the law of the I AM, secret-ray teachings, our work with the angels, what it means to hold the immaculate concept, forgiveness, the power of silence and meditation, teachings on healing, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the importance of family relationships, and teachings on prayer and fasting.

In addition to the forty HeartStreams by Mother Mary and other ascended masters, find...

  • Descriptions of the 21 missions
  • Biographies of the twelve dictating ascended masters
  • A glossary of terms
  • Prayers
  • Information on The Hearts Center and David C. Lewis

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On the Rosary

Hail, Ma-Ray

In offering the rosary, Mother Mary has taught us that we are invoking the Mother-God in all life, the Mother Ray, the “Ma-Ray.” Yes, Mother Mary is the example of the Feminine aspect of God, the Mother Principle, the Cosmic Virgin, the Woman Clothed with the Sun spoken of in Revelation. And she wants each of us to be that also.



Continuous New Age Rosaries - Play to bring light into your home and to bless the Earth!  Follow along - PDF Booklet


Anchor Light in the Earth

The rosary anchors the light of the Mother Flame within the earth and within the souls of her chelas. For as we honor the Mother Flame in Mary, we also honor that flame within ourselves. And as we revere the light within the one, the Mother of Jesus, she—reflecting back to us that same love and reverence—raises our awareness of self in that Mother Light to the crown.

Raise your Kundalini!

Those who are sensitive as they pray will feel the coursing of this Mother energy known as the kundalini from the base to the crown, nourishing their chakras. It is a washing action of the light; it is a daily cleanse, a bath of divine radiance. It is the Mother’s nurturing of us as we revere her love, her light and all that she did for Jesus but also for us.

More on the rosary

Messages from Mary

Mother Mary      October 13, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by beloved Mother Mary)
October 13, 2017   9:00–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Mother Mary Comes on the 100th Anniversary of the Fátima Miracle of the Sun

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Thank you for being here in our service today. Today is the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Mother Mary at Fátima, where what is called the Miracle of the Sun occurred. Somewhere between thirty thousand and one hundred thousand people witnessed the dance of the sun, the zig-zagging of the sun in the sky.

Mary came to the three children one hundred years ago and told them that she would do something special on that day. And so it occurred, and it was truly a miracle that breached the normal physics that we are used to on this planet. And it was made possible through the prayers of the righteous who gave the daily rosary.

“Beginning in the spring of 1917,” according to Wikipedia, “three Catholic shepherd children living near Fátima reported apparitions of an angel and, starting in May of 1917, the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, whom the children described as the Lady of Fátima. The children reported a prophecy that prayer would lead to an end of the Great War,” which was, of course, World War I, “and then on 13 October of that year the Lady would reveal her identity and perform a miracle ‘so that all may believe.'

“Newspapers reported the prophecies, and many pilgrims began visiting the area. The children's accounts were deeply controversial, drawing intense criticism from both local secular and religious authorities. The provisional administrator briefly took the children into custody, believing that the prophecies were politically motivated, in opposition to the officially secular First Portuguese Republic established in 1910.”

I mentioned that the estimates of the number of people present ranged between thirty thousand and a hundred thousand. “Various claims have been made as to what actually happened during the event. According to many witnesses, after a period of rain, the dark clouds broke and the sun appeared as an opaque, spinning disk in the sky. It was said to be significantly duller than normal, and to cast multicolored lights across the landscape, the people, and the surrounding clouds. The sun was then reported to have careened towards the earth before zig-zagging back to its normal position.

“Witnesses reported that their previously wet clothes became suddenly and completely dry, as well as the wet and muddy ground that had been previously soaked because of the rain that had been falling. Not all witnesses reported seeing the sun ‘dance.' Some people only saw the radiant colors, and others, including some believers, saw nothing at all. The only known picture of the sun taken during the event shows nothing unusual.

“The three children (Lucia dos Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto), who originally claimed to have seen Our Lady of Fátima, also reported seeing a panorama of visions, including those of Jesus, Our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and of Saint Joseph blessing the people.

“In the fourth edition of her memoirs, written in 1941, Lucia said that on the occasion of their third visit to the Cova da Iria, on 13 July 1917, she asked the Lady to tell them who she was and to perform a miracle so that everyone would believe. The Lady told her that they should continue to come to the Cova each month until October, when the requested miracle would occur.”

So of course this event is for believers, and at the time maybe it was for believers and nonbelievers. And science may not be able to explain what occurred. We the spiritually inclined, the devotional and especially those who revere the Blessed Mother and all of the saints of heaven understand the importance of this event and of Mary's ongoing request for prayers to help put an end to World War I and then to prevent the expansion of communism, which unfortunately did expand after that time and spread its errors throughout the world.

We know that through the consecration of Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary, a great restoration of light would occur in Russia. And it has been prophesied that Russia would be the savior of the world or help to safeguard our planet and to save the world. What does that mean? It means that the prayers, the devotions, the sacrifices of the saintly Russian people would help to counteract the darkness in the West, which is still infiltrating the West through the decadence transpiring in our culture, as we see in the media and all around us in recent events, in the ongoing onslaught of darkness toward the light.

So we, as devotees of the Blessed Mother who do give a rosary daily, desire to be here for her so that she can intercede. She and Jesus are both intercessors for humanity so that the great weight of karma, or karmic recompense, will not come with its intense action upon humanity. We can soften the blows of the release of mankind's karma. And as saints walking on the Earth and those who are devotional and pray each day, we feel that we are necessary to this process.

Through our prayers there can be mitigation and there can be intercession. Therefore we commune with the saints in heaven, the ascended masters East and West, who are intermediaries for God, in one sense, although we can also pray directly to God Almighty. Yet as I've shared in the past, God uses his angels, archangels and the ascended masters to step down the energies, the great powerful energies of the Great Central Sun, which would, if released in their totality, burn us to a crisp.

So we have our elder brothers and sisters to help us, to edify us, to teach us, to show us the way. And this is why we commune with the ascended masters daily and we revere their messages. We look to those who have gone before us and mastered all on Earth through the initiatic path to assist us on our path. They do not displace God; they are one with God. They do not displace the beautiful and bright Presence of Jesus, the living Christ, who is a savior of mankind and came during the Piscean dispensation to show the way, the truth and the life and to be the perfect example of a Christed being for all of humanity to follow.

So what is Mary's message for today, a hundred years after Fátima? Basically, much of it is the same. Through righteousness, sacrificial giving, prayer, fasting, humility and obedience to God, our own I AM God Presence, we can make progress and we can help the world. We can help our brothers and sisters and peoples in all nations, in all cultures to come to the decision to adore God, bend the knee, confess their past sins, if you would, and decide to move upward into the light through obedience to the inner law of being, the Christ Spirit within, the inner voice, the conscience, to follow the golden rule and to live as one on this Earth.

Mary calls us to action through prayer because prayer is where the rubber meets the road for planetary conversion back to the heart of God. Prayer is the nexus for planetary change, transmutation of all past injustices, sins, if you would, or karma, and for the establishment of the kingdom of God upon Earth. She says that Jesus gave the example of the Lord's Prayer as a sacred formula that we can use to invest the energies of our being toward the same goal or purpose of bringing the kingdom of God upon Earth. We lower the kingdom of God upon Earth bit by bit through our own oneness with God, our own attunement, or atonement, with the one eternal Creator and through our prayers, our sacrifices and our givingness.

The word sacrifice, of course, has many meanings. And for us, it doesn't mean that we sacrifice something on an altar, that we burn an animal, make burnt offerings, as we hear of in the Bible. A sacrifice now is simply a givingness of our self. It is an offering of the totality of our being, letting go or sacrificing the lesser self in order to accept and be the greater Self, the I AM God Presence.

So the sacrifice is still a type of uncreation or destruction of the veils of maya and illusion that the not-self, the lower nature, the human ego is continually trying to project into this world, which we no longer require. We no longer require the admonishments of our lesser self. We require and revere the admonishments or the recommendations, the intuition of our Divine Presence.

We choose to sacrifice the lesser self in order to accept and be the great I AM God Presence, our Solar Reality, and to walk in the light, to live as Christed beings ourselves, to follow Jesus all the way to the initiations of the transfiguration, the crucifixion, the resurrection and the ascension. It doesn't mean that we will be physically crucified or even physically resurrected or physically ascend. Yet we must go through the sacrificial giving of Self in order to embrace what God has always provided us as a divine impetus of the light of our I AM God Presence.

Now, we have the teachings, the progressive revelatory teachings of the ascended masters, which go beyond Catholicism and more orthodox or fundamental Christianity. These are the deeper mysteries that Jesus gave to his inner circle, which were not recorded in the Bible and which are coming back into prominence in this age through the mystics of today, who are akin to the inner circle of the apostles and disciples and those closest to Jesus at the time of his mission two thousand years ago. These are truly the Gnostics. These are those who desire a personal deep communion with God from within and do not just take what someone else says as gospel without the personal experience of it in their own lives.

We believe and we accept that we must go through the initiations of life that Jesus went through. We must attend to the voice of conscience day by day, be obedient to that; revere God; love God with all of our hearts, minds, strength and soul; and follow that law and the golden rule in order to then also have the mystical union of our souls with our spirits and eventually win our own ascension in the light.

Our goal is the ascension, yet our goal is also planetary liberation and the enlightenment and freedom of every man, woman and child. And many of us have taken what is called the bodhisattva vow to stay and to help until all are free in the light. Does that mean that we have to embody forever or for ages and ages and eons and eons? Well, maybe not. We can maintain our bodhisattva state even in the ascended state, as does Kuan Yin, and not have to come back and still help the Earth energetically, etherically, spiritually from the ascended state.

So Mary's message for today also involves going deeper and deeper in our communion with God from within our own hearts. If we only give deference to outer voices—to teachers, priests, rabbis, professors and ultimately even, in the Catholic tradition, bishops, cardinals and popes—and we do not have the personal experience of our own Christ nature, of the light that lighteth every man who comes into the world,1 as was said in the New Testament, the light that is in every one—we will lose the sense of our own importance in this process, that each of us is meant to be a living Christ embodied upon Earth, as was Jesus.

If we truly follow his message and follow the words of the Blessed Mother, his mother, we will come into alignment with our own I AM God Presence, the personalized divine aspect of God that is unique to us through our own experience and our own evolutionary journey. And we will make that progress daily through the sacrifice, again and again, of all the aspects of our lesser self, whereby we may then embrace the Divine Presence until there is no more lesser self left; there is no more egoic manifestation that can hide or cloud the blazing Sun Reality of our true nature. At that point we are, in effect, subsumed into God. We are one with God. We know that oneness; we maintain that state of blessedness and beingness. And then even if we make little mistakes, humanly, here and there, we have the underlying brooding presence within us that we know is our true reality, the Christ consciousness. And we move always into light; we remain in that light.

So God does not expect us to be humanly perfect, rigid, sterile in this process. We have our uniqueness, our individuality and the traits that are unique to us as a creature of God, as a creation of God. You would not desire to create a robot that just does stuff and has no unique flavor of individualization, and God did not desire that either.

We are not robots; we are not artificial. We are part of God's great creation. And our uniqueness and the flavor of our being is important to God because this is part of why we were created: to be unique and to be wonderful in God's eyes. God reveres each and every one of us, just as we revere our own children, our own grandchildren as unique creatures. And we love them for who they are, just for who they are, even with the little idiosyncrasies and issues and personality traits that may sometimes bug us or create issues.

When we understand that God is very compassionate, understanding and even forgiving, it gives us a sense that life should not be a struggle for human perfection through a type of spirituality that is very sterile, very hard and even very dark. This is no longer the path of the via dolorosa, the sorrowful way. In her book Messages from the Divine Mother, Mary says over and over how important it is for us to realize our true nature and that this is now a path of joy rather than of sorrow.

Does this mean that life will be perfect in all ways and that we will never suffer or have pain? Of course not. We have our physical bodies, with its aches and pains, and we have challenges emotionally and mentally. We will always have something to work on, which is a good thing, because if we didn't have anything to work on, why are we here? We may as well enjoy the processes of life and what we have to work through in order to make every day an adventure and an opportunity to bring something that is sacred and holy into our world.

We experience life in so many different ways through every moment. And the uniqueness of every moment is its opportunity for us to embrace God within that moment, the light and the love of God in that moment, to embrace one another through divine friendship in the hallowed community of the Holy Spirit that we have—both those near and dear to us, our families, our communities and then worldwide.

So Mary's message for today is that we have the wherewithal to make it on the path. We have the wherewithal, the inner core reality to make it on the path all the way to our victory in the light in the ascension. We simply have to fan the flames of God within us daily through devotion, sacrificial giving, work, service and love in order that that reality may unfold naturally, beautifully, magnificently.

As our reality becomes more prominent in the way that we comport ourselves, in the way that we live, move and have our being each day, we embrace the unique beingness of God within each person. We refrain from having a dualistic approach toward things, whereby we analyze and judge things, situations and people. And we remain in that unity field of beingness that brings the brightness of everyone into prominence. We embrace the beauty, the light, the love of every person, as God would embrace them. And God does embrace us all because God still lives, moves and has his/her being within every one of his/her creations—children, sons and daughters of God.

So as God continues to enfold everyone in the light of their Presence by overshining them and by living within them, within the threefold flame—in other words, the spark of God inside every person, which is tied to or inextricably linked to the light from the Great Central Sun—so we can also embrace that uniqueness and that light of God in every person. This is how we resolve conflict. This is how we come to terms with anyone that we may have karma with in a negative way and also facilitate good karma with those that we have done great works with in the past.

Mother Mary says that love is the key to our victory, to our alchemy and to our unity. So if love is the key, then we should seek ways and means of expressing that love for our victory, for our alchemy, for our unity every day in some blessed way. How we express love is how we will be, in effect, judged, if we would like to call it that, at the conclusion of our life. And it is kind of an assessment of our spiritual growth. It's not so much of a harsh judgment that is like an intense test to see if we're going to go to heaven or hell forever. No, it's a spiritual assessment to see if we truly have made the effort and have learned to live and love.

Those who have had near-death experiences experience the total love and light of heaven and of God, often through the lens of seeing an angel or Jesus or various masters or presences, some of whom tell them it's not their time, that they have to go back, that they still have work to do. Yet they all talk about this amazing alchemical light in the presence of love in heaven. This is our true state of being; this is our true home in the etheric octaves. This is what we are striving to bring unto Earth through our work, through our service, through our prayers—that beauty of the heaven world, of the Holy City.

So when we find within every day and within every moment an opportunity to express love in a new, bright and beautiful way, then I believe we are making the progress that God intended and that the ultimate result is our union with God. If we're just doing rituals to do rituals, we're not necessarily always making the progress. There has to be love and a uniqueness of that love employed in the ritual for it to have life, for it to have energy, for it to have effectiveness.

In our movement, we desire to be effective. We desire to be moving and living and having our being in an ever-new state of the glorification of God through our lives. If we become staid, encased in a ritualistic matrix and we think that by doing so many prayers in a certain way that we are going to reach heaven, we have to stop and reassess who we are and what our life is like, and what we have to do in order to bring the uniqueness, the beauty, the joy and the cosmic harmony into play so that we are truly living as God intends his/her sons and daughters to live—in the brightness of co-creativity and the unlimited effervescent joy of the Holy Spirit.

Our lives, Mother Mary says today, should be effervesced in cosmic joy and light. There should be such a reaching up and a reaching within to the God Presence within us and around us in nature and everywhere, every day that we are in God's employ in a constant state of presence, and even of bliss and of beingness in that bliss.

This is the life of the saints, those who love God so much that that love alights as light around them, brightens everyone who comes into their aura, heals people, and is a constant environment of blessing. We can co-create this light with God, through love—in our aura, our halos, our corona—to help anyone and everyone who comes to us and who interacts with us. This is our joy; this is our charge; this really is our work.

So thank you, blessed Mother Mary, for your message today, which was more of a discourse than a dictation. I feel your love; I know your love. And I think we all feel and know your love, your perfect example of a daughter of God par excellence. We revere you; we thank you. And I say to all heartfriends on Mary's behalf, God bless you and God keep you in the light of your Presence always. Thank you.

1. John 1:9.

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