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Kuan Yin- Mother of Mercy

Known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, Kuan Yin has been worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is the greatest of bodhisattvas and embodies the totality of compassion for humanity.

Kuan Yin Rosary of Mercy and Ho'oponopono 

 with Meditation, Prayers, and Songs

Rosary Devotion to the Mother of the East

This 33 minute rosary meditation is a devotion to the Mother of the East and as a way to bring East and West together. 

Follow in the footsteps of Kuan Yin as you join in this rosary of love and forgiveness and let this light flow through you to emanate blessings and compassion to all. This rosary of contemplative prayer was designed to help devotees of Kuan Yin to become one with her compassionate and merciful heart. 

Kuan Yin Shares Teachings on Maintaining a Merciful Heart amidst Duality.

Avalokitesvara's release of Light was delivered through David Christopher Lewis messenger for the Ascended Masters.

Kuan Yin known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, has been worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is the greatest of Bodhisattvas and embodies the totality of compassion for humanity. She removes obstacles, erases past offenses, dispenses mercy, healing and spiritual graces, while always meeting the true inner needs of the soul.

Kuan Yin by fountain

"Hearer of Sounds"

Her shortened Chinese name,  Kuan Yin, means “Hearer of Sounds.” Her full name, Kuan Shih Yin,  means “Hearer of the World’s Sounds.” According to Eastern tradition, when Kuan Yin was about to enter heaven, as she stood on the very threshold, she could hear the cries of humanity. She did not enter but returned to help all who suffer in the earth plane. The term “Hearer of Sounds" can also be translated as “perceiver” or “regarder” of the world’s sounds. She is known in much of Asia as a divine emanation that answers the prayers of those who faithfully call upon her name.

Kuan Yin removes obstacles, erases past offenses, dispenses mercy, healing and spiritual graces, while always meeting the true inner needs of the soul.
Kuan yin on ice water

Bodhisattva of Compassion

One of her many titles is Bodhisattva of Compassion. Bodhisattva is a Sanskrit word—bodhi meaning "enlightenment"  and sattva translated as "reality" or "existence." A bodhisattva is an enlightened being who has vowed to forgo higher realms and full liberation in order to assist those still struggling in the physical world. A bodhisattva cultivates virtue and pursues his/her spiritual career while on a path of self-sacrifice for the welfare of others and gives compassionate, loving service to humanity and to all sentient life. A bodhisattva (P’u Sa in Chinese) can be a person still in embodiment or a celestial being like Kuan Yin. At this highest transcendent level, the title is mahasattva.

Kuan Yin Mercy Prayer

Kuan Yin is a cross-cultural, nondenominational figure revered by many spiritual and religious traditions around the world. She serves the aspirants of all spiritual heritages and paths.Those who espouse a concept of an impersonal, formless divinity see her as an expression of the essence of compassion, or as a symbol of it. Others who acknowledge a personal Godhead view her as a divine embodiment of this virtue. Some view her as both the impersonal and personal manifestations of divine compassion, with no contradiction. She nurtures the growth of this quality in us through our devotions and our interpersonal relationships with others.

—Excerpted from Kuan Yin's Miracle Mantras by Josephine Stark.

kuan yin flying on geese

HeartStreams from Kuan Yin
Kuan Yin's Missives of Mercy
On January 13, 2008 Kuan Yin began delivering a series called Missives of Mercy for those who would be bodhisattvas of love. In these releases of light, she desired to direct the currents of mercy into the deepest recesses of our consciousness. By our reverent and respectful attentiveness to this flame of compassion and forgiveness, she will weave a garland of light around the Earth. View list

What Is a HeartStream?
HeartStreams are communications from the ascended masters to their students through a messenger of the Universal White Brotherhood. They contain teachings that help us to understand our true nature and our purpose in life. More


Kuan yins rosary of mercy

Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy Booklet
(folleto en español)

Follow in the footsteps of Kuan Yin as you join in this rosary of love and forgiveness and let this light flow through you to emanate blessings and benevolence to all.


Kuan yin rosary CD

Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy CD


Kuan Yin rosary DVD

Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy (DVD)


kuan yin miracle mantra ebook

Kuan Yin's Miracle Mantras
by Josefine Stark with Christine Meiner

A fascinating explanation of Kuan Yin including famous embodiments, legends, sutra promises, descriptions of her retreat, the secrets of sound and the violet light. Over 70 pages of mantras with pronunciations and illustrations for hand mudras with additional visualizations and meditations!

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Messages from Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin      January 25, 2008

Beloved Kuan Yin
David Christopher Lewis
January 25, 2008   8:01–8:19 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Missives of Mercy from My Heart

1.     Violate every law of harshness, every tenet of violence by the code of mercy.

2.     Mercy's victory is inherent in the healing presence within her gifts.

3.     Dote on Mercy so that she never leaves you.

4.     In a world of suffering, Mercy's only respite is for her strengthening so she may again enter the scene of affliction to serve again.

5.     Mercy's rituals are simple yet profound and speak of one word—kindness.

6.     Every flower is a tiny expression of mercy.

7.     When Mercy's work is finished, Sophia comes to initiate the soul.

8.     The glory of Mercy is that her work transforms you from within [to with]out so that you no longer live from without.

9.     Mercy's mindfulness is the key to her success.

10.  Biding your time with Mercy during the harsh winter, you will appreciate each spring with greater joy and clarity of purpose.

11.  Mercy says, “Patent your own keen kindness.”

12.  Mercy's heart, like the sun, warms all alike.

13.  True greatness is known only by those who have been chastised by love, pummeled by compassion, stripped by kindness and remolded by mercy.


The Inner Work of Cleansing Your Consciousness

Self-Observation Will Lead You to the Realms of Mercy

            Those who would understand mercy must come to terms with their own heart. For if the heart lives outside of the One, you cannot fully know the aura of Mercy. Mercy's intent is for you to become real through understanding the nature of God as love. When you live and move and have your being in light, Mercy is there every step of the way.
            The [ascended] merciful ones observe all that transpires within your consciousness, and they attend to the inner resonance of light within all of the evolutions who strive toward the One. Providing avenues of the simple joy of presence, they lead the soul home.
            In the basement of being, many of you have many creatures. These outpicture their desires through all of the creature comforts that you have accumulated around you and within you. If you desire the true comfort of the
Divine Comforter have mercy upon your own soul by cleaning out these dark inhabitants. It is simply a matter of observing and then washing your own consciousness day by day. Taking time each morning as you awaken and each evening before you retire to be still and observe your soul, you can see what is still languishing, what is still vibrating as the lesser self. Then, by the grace of Mercy, make your plea for your own God Presence to clean you out so that the ascent of your soul, as it aspires unto the heaven world, may be true and swift.
            Self-observation in the context of the greater beingness who you already are—and yet who you have not fully understood quite yet—will lead you to the realms of Mercy if you take time to do this inner work with great concentration and focus. Those who do and who, through the sacrifice of all patterns of the not-self, seek only God, only love, will receive the ministrations of the merciful ones who come both as spiritual guardians and guides—truly as heaven's light social workers. These will listen intently to the inner conversation of your heart and soul and then gently and graciously speak the exact words and missives through your heart-mind connection that will key you into the next level of surrender. This is a sacred process and one in which true disciples of the Spirit undergoing the great instuaration of light with the Master of Aquarius will receive those very incisive incisions that will carve out from them those ancient pus pockets of darkness and have them replaced with all light, all mercy, all hope.
            When this spiritual surgery is complete, you will be sent home, launched high into the octaves of light, and you will sing the song of mercy. In our spiritual communion day by day, the light essence that I bring and bestow as an offering from my heart is there for you to partake of in deep reverence and yet with a sense that the great God of all life is gently watching over you and leading you ever upward, ever inward toward your soul's perfectionment through the issue of your heart.
            Mercy is the peaceful offering of God's very being to his own who travail in time and space and yet would know his Presence within the everlasting presence of the Now. Let mercy be your byword ever, no longer only seeking to assuage the hurts of mankind but simply seeking to understand the very nature of life, of the Creator and of perfect stillness in presence, perfect peace and joy.
            I am the Maiden of Mercy, bearing my missives of love for you, O holy ones.

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