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About El Morya

An Ascended Master Who Embodies the Will of God

The name “El Morya” may be unfamiliar to some. But it is more than likely that millions have heard about one or more of his past lives. Because of his tenacious love of the will of God lifetime after lifetime, El Morya has come to embody the quality of obedience to holy will. Today he serves from heavenly realms as the Chohan1 of The First Ray2, the blue ray of God's will, faith, protection and power.

Obedience Brings Blessing

Abraham. His story is told in the first book of the Old Testament. Both Jewish and Christian children alike have heard the tale of God’s call to his obedient son. “Get thee out of thy country…and from thy father’s house unto a land I will show thee.”3 God promised Abraham that his obedience would lead to blessing. He would be the progenitor of a great nation. Abraham left the house of his father. And God did bless him. Called the Father of Nations, Abraham, even in his advanced age, was sired a son, Isaac. From this lineage the Twelve Tribes of Israel emerged. El Morya was Abraham.

Camelot—a Vision of a Golden Age

In the fifth century, a ruler of mythical proportion enters life’s stage. Arthur was the creator of the Table Round, a culture of brotherhood whose rallying cry was, “All for one and one for all!” His holy knights were reputed for their bravery in battle and service to their monarch and his kingdom. No myth, this noble soul forged a glorious society where respect, justice, courage and truth prevailed—the mystical Camelot. El Morya was King Arthur.

The Price of a Principled Life—Thomas Becket and Thomas More

Twelfth century England finds the soul of El Morya incarnated as Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, defender of the church and at odds with King Henry II. Conflict regarding the influence of the church in the political affairs of the realm rise to a fever pitch. And Becket pays for his stand with his very life, brutally slain within the environs of his own cathedral by four knights performing the king’s bidding.

Three centuries later, El Morya returns as Thomas More, Chancellor of England, during the reign of Henry VIII. And once again the soul of El Morya finds himself at loggerheads with the king of England. The same conflict of church and state arises, clothed in different circumstances. Separation from his family, years of imprisonment and finally a sentence of death by decapitation bring to a dramatic end in 1535 yet another embodiment of this unflinching soul. Thomas More’s final words to all who witnessed his execution were, “I am the king’s good servant, but God’s first.”

Akbar, Mogul Emperor—An Attempt to Foster Spiritual Brotherhood

A mere seven years later, El Morya returns—this time to embody in the East. He is Akbar, the greatest of the Mogul emperors. A ruler with refined qualities and varied talents, Akbar increased his kingdom through decisive action in battle but also diplomacy. He raised its culture through art, literature and architecture. Interested in all religions and religious practices but not the conflict they aroused, he desired to unify believers into one religion which he called the “Divine Faith.”

Service from the Heavenly Realms

In the nineteenth century, El Morya, while residing in the spirit plane, collaborated with two other unascended masters4Djwal Kul5 and Kuthumi6—to work through Madame Helena Blavatsky7 and others in order to teach occult mysteries to a larger body of mankind. The founding of The Theosophical Society8 by Blavatsky in 1875 would be a major vehicle for this purpose.

Lifetime after lifetime, love for the will of God was the driving force of El Morya’s soul, even to the laying down of his physical life as Becket and More. The striving of this “Man for All Seasons” won him his ascension9 in 1898.

Today, El Morya is the chief of the Darjeeling Council, a heavenly governing body who serves in an etheric retreat over Darjeeling, India. He works with many other ascended masters—Chananda, Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Jesus, Mother Mary, to name some—for the upliftment of mankind and an instilling within their hearts of a similar love for the will of God.

El Morya Teaches Us the Way to Know Life’s Purpose

In a HeartStream10 from June 13th, 2008, El Morya said, “Many desire to know their life's purpose. Few desire to know that purpose within the context of the will of God. And fewer still are able to let go of the human will fully to be absorbed into the heart of God's will through the sacred science and art of surrender. Those who meditate on God's love, wisdom and will within, day and night. create a sacred portal for their life's purpose to be fully outpictured."
Read now the words of this beloved master as he expounds on such topics as the nature of God, the Buddha, heartstreaming, the purpose of the rosary and the meaning of darshan.
1. “Chohan” is a Sanskrit word for “chief” or “lord.” A chohan is the spiritual leader of great attainment who works with mankind from the ascended state. There are seven chohans for the earth—El Morya, Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Nada and Saint Germain.
2. The first ray is the ray of God’s will. The ascended masters teach that the seven rainbow rays are the seven qualities of God that compose the color rings or spheres which surround the Solar Presence. The attribute of each color, or ray, is vital to our wholeness. The seven rays are God-qualities that appear as color vibrations. Each person in embodiment is meant to master these qualities:
    Blue—the first ray: the will of God, faith and power
    Yellow—the second ray: wisdom and understanding
    Pink—the third ray: divine love and compassion
    White—the fourth ray: purity and holiness
    Green—the fifth ray: wholeness and abundance
    Purple/gold—the sixth ray: service to life
    Violet—the seventh ray: forgiveness, mercy and soul-freedom
3. Genesis 12:1-2
4. An unascended master is one who could ascend but has chosen to remain close to the earth in order to assist more directly its evolutions. In the East such a being is termed a bodhisattva.
5. Djwal Kul, also called “Master D.K.” or “The Tibetan,” is known in esoteric circles for his embodiment as a Tibetan master and also as an ascended being who assists planetary evolution. He was introduced to a wider audience through the writings of Madame Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society. Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, revealed that Djwal Kul had been embodied as one of the three wisemen, Caspar. Through The Summit Lighthouse and The Hearts Center, Djwal Kul has taught the importance of the holy breath and forms of breathing that promote spiritual and physical well-being and progress.  To hear the entirety of Djwal Kul’s message on union with the God within, click Djwal Kul, February 18, 2008.
6. Kuthumi, an ascended master serving on the yellow ray of illumination was embodied as Saint Francis of Assissi. Master psychologist, his assistance may be invoked as we work on subconscious as well as conscious patterns of behavior that limit our ability to outpicture our true nature of compassion for all life.  He serves now as World Teacher with Jesus.
7.  Madame Helena Petrova Blavatsky (1831-1891), born into Russian aristocracy, was an occultist possessing from early childhood psychic abililties. During one of her sojourns in Tibet, she was commissioned by certain masters to share occult knowledge with a larger body of students East and West. 
8. The Theosophical Society was established in 1875 in New York City by Madame Blavatsky with the assistance of Col. Henry Steel Olcott (1832-1907) and William Q. Judge (1851-1896) for the purpose of compiling and teaching the occult sciences. The name of the society is derived from “theosophy,” a Neoplatonic term meaning "Divine Wisdom." The Theosophical Society currently has its international headquarters at Adyar, Madras, India. The Theosophical Society of America has its headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois and its British affiliate in London.
9. The ascension is complete liberation from the rounds of karma and rebirth. In the ascension process the soul becomes merged with her Solar Presence, experiencing freedom from the gravitational, or karmic, pull of the earth and entering the bliss of beingness within God’s eternal presence of divine love.
10. HeartStreams are up-to-the-minute messages from the ascended masters through their anointed messengers in The Hearts Center movement. These messages vibrate with the masters’ love and wisdom and anchor light in the earth as they are being delivered and when they are replayed in audio or video format. They teach, exhort, bless, uplift and direct us in specific actions needed to assist not only ourselves but our planet.

Messages El Morya

El Morya      November 15, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by El Morya)
November 15, 2017   7:32–8:02 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Overcoming Fantasies through a God-Directed Life

Speaking of discernment, someone recently communicated to me about a situation in which someone claims to have originally been a dragon and that this is their origin, as a dragon. And now they are telling another heartfriend in our community that they are a dragon and that they have a destiny together to fulfill as dragons. Morya says, “Bah! Why do you dwell in the fantasies of the past and of the future when you have everything you require right within you, the teachings of the ascended masters? Why do you choose to go there and to attempt this fallacious pathway?”

The person who thinks that he/she is a dragon has recently been taking ayahuasca. Aha! Ayahua-ha-ha-sca. This is the insanity that comes when someone gives to a plant their power or allows that plant to take over their consciousness, maybe have some interesting mescaline-type experiences, astral in origin, and then they are deceived. And their deception could now jeopardize a soul of a cherished heartfriend in our community.

The person who thinks they are a dragon had come to our community and was involved for a while and then left and checked out another spiritual community. That one likes to dip into the light, but is not really committed to the path through this dispensation and is like a butterfly, flitting here and there, seeking nectar from different sources, yet really, in my opinion, not discerning the nectar inside, which is the God-fire and God-light. If this person had truly, truly become the teaching that they know, they would not be in this state that El Morya says is the chaotic senility of the lesser self through this fantasy consciousness. The chaotic senility of the lesser self—what a concept.

Many of us have fantasized, including myself, of past lives, who we were. How does this serve us in the Now? The big question is, who are we now? What have we mastered? What have we become? Who are we? What are we demonstrating day after day of our self-mastery on the path? The past is prologue; the future hasn't happened. We have the eternal Now, the present moment, to dwell within in our I AM God Presence—the I AM, meaning the present tense.

So I think it's time that we just forget about our past lives. They can be titillating if we go there, but it seems like everybody has some famous past life or a number of them. What does it matter? Or we have this bogus sense that we are so awesome because we have a twin flame who is ascended. Well, maybe it is awesome. I think it actually is. However, if we get fixated on it and we bandy it about and use it to pump up our ego, then it would have been better if we didn't know.

Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy. As I responded to the person who sent me this email, that's how El Morya ended my response. So lest any of us get tempted through potential relationships or situations that come our way to be diverted from our primary mission and what we know we came here to do, go to the source. Ask El Morya directly. “Is this relationship or situation the highest will of God for me? Or am I fantasizing? Am I thinking that things will be better just by having this other relationship rather than the one that I've had for years which is not resolved yet?”

There have been a number of situations of fantasies in our community in the last few years. And these weighed heavily upon my heart because what it shows me is that people haven't totally internalized the teaching. Now, have any of us? Maybe not. I think we're all in the process of internalizing truth, higher consciousness, God-awareness and what is imperative for us individually to become. So we're not going to judge anyone for their temporal fantasies about this or that. It's not our station and our place. It may be my place, on behalf of the masters, when situations arise to speak the truth as a representative of the Great White Brotherhood. Yet we all have to be careful as to how we do this so that we don't destroy the subtle fabric of the soul in its desire for oneness with God through the human experience.

How can I, as a representative, deal with a situation like this? I'm not allowed to give advice. But I am giving advice today in a generic way, and I say, please look within. Find out why you have these desires for affection, for whatever. Seek the Source within you and resolve the inner conflicts here and there that you're not whole yet. If each of us were truly whole, we wouldn't be seeking that wholeness outside of ourselves through any type of nonsensical relationship. And believe me, speaking of dragons is nonsensical.

I mean, I know that in Chinese astrology the year of the dragon is supposed to be fantastic. Yet everyone's birth cycle can be fantastic if they choose to make it so. Are there more wonderful astrological configurations? Maybe. Yet when you were born, you were born. God christened you, God ideated you into manifestation, created you in his/her image and likeness, and you are divine.

So whatever the timing was, don't let astrology—Chinese, Vedic, Western—in any way dissuade you from simply being who you are, mastering everything in your world and moving upward and onward. We give away too much power to all kinds of things: the force, astrology, other people, leaders, governments, blah, blah, blah. So take back the divine integral fires that are yours to claim and utilize from your I AM God Presence, call upon the Lord, be who you truly are and get with it. Get with the program, the divine program, which is Self-realization in God.

This is really our program, and it's a good program. We're not programmed from the lesser self in this movement. Any programming that we accept is realignment with our Divine Presence. It's the virtuosity of beingness that comes when we are so focused on the light and on God and loving God with our entire being that we have these cosmically natural experiences of greater and greater oneness and a sense of divine friendship with the Eternal One throughout our day. And we are mystified and christified by this beatitude spirit of blessedness and holiness and oneness, which is our right to experience as sons and daughters of God. And no one, no human guru, no other human being can take that away from us if we choose to live in that reality.

We all desire affection. We all desire to be thought well of and appreciated and loved and touched and hugged and all those human things. And it's a good thing. This is why co-creation happens, through magnetism. Yet we still have to master all of the elements of desire and emotions and the frequencies of our emotional body in order to reunite with God in the eternal tryst of perfection and beingness. And if we put God first in everything, and even within our partners or potential partners, then we go upward and inward into the light.

If we don't put God first and we seek completeness through another human being, I can assure you that all the psychological hang-ups from the past, unresolved conflicts from past lives, subconscious patterns that you haven't dealt with, resolved or mastered will be mirrored through that person in time, after the honeymoon is over. Then things will come up and you'll enter into the blame game again, or whatever. And you'll find out that, oh, that person wasn't so ideal, or this situation wasn't so fantastic. It was all in my mind, created through this phantasmagoric veil of illusion. If we truly love one another, then I believe the relationships can be either restored or healed and be victorious, including with our spouses, who may be challenging and not resonate perfectly with us at times, but they are there for us to learn from, to grow from and to pour God-affectionate love upon.

Don't give up on true love when it is there staring you in the face. And please don't interject yourself into others' relationshipswhich in their minds is sacred and hallowed and theirs to haveby dreaming something into it, by thinking that you would like to be with this person, when really it's not meant to be and it's all a fantasy.

I think we all have fantasized in our youth and not all of us have learned to overcome that astral state, and so fantasies continue. And once they begin in the mind and in the emotional body, it is difficult to transmute them, because we have created it. How do we uncreate fantasies? We go directly to the most fantastic personhood in the universe, who is God, and we ask God for help, for the light, the consciousness and the wherewithal to dissolve this veil of illusion permanently, to get rid of it so that we can live in the clear, crystal light-field of joy, harmony and peace.

Now, this message is definitely for a few people in its core seed, yet it's really for all of us. I look back at my life and I know, especially in my teenage years and my early twenties, I was always thinking about the beautiful girl that would come into my life. And it's just the way it is when you have hormones flaring up and moving through your being. It's the way it is. And I think that the law of attraction, in that sense, is something that we really have to learn about; otherwise we can make a lot of errors.

So does this mean that we suppress our feelings? No, we transmute them for the highest purpose of our self and everyone. Will I be allowed to speak to some of these people? This is my message, sponsored by El Morya, to these folks. It's his way of communicating directly so that the people don't have to have the embarrassment of speaking directly with me, and I am safeguarded in this process.

Very often through our movement, little life lessons will come up in what the masters share through their inspiration so that we can all learn. And then when the test comes to us and the initiation is staring us in the face, hopefully we have the tools and the memory of the teaching to master what is right there so that we can pass our tests and move upward and onward.

So this is not an indictment of any individual, of course. It's a teaching for all of us to consider, hopefully embrace and come up higher. I can tell you that when these things happen and I hear stories or get emails or people call me, it takes me away from my core work. Yet I care about people, and we all care about each other. We are a community of light. There are interactions and there are energies going here and there, and at some point we have to deal with them.

Yet I am not a guru, and I am not going to put myself in the position of telling someone what to do, how to live in terms of their relationships. If the masters speak, fine, but it's not my role. So please don't put me in the position of asking, asking, asking or telling me all these little trivial things, because then I get embroiled in it and I can spend hours and hours dealing with it. You are safeguarding the path for yourself and for me and our community when we can all do our highest work.

I think that some of these people have a lot of extra time on their hands. They're not really focused on their path in the highest way. When fantasies begin in the mind, you're spending a lot of your psychic energy, your soul energy, your emotional energy that you require for your ascension. And it's dissipated in this way. You are dissipating the integral fire of what should be building your eternal light body or what has been called the deathless solar body. When emotions are expressed in a divine way through love of God, love of mankind, love of life, those emotions and the energy within them ascend to the Source and to your own I AM Presence, and they co-create the beautiful skeins of light that become the merkabah and the deathless solar body.

If you keep dissipating energy through over-conversation, gossip, overeating and all these other things, you don't have the core fire within your emotional body that is meant to ascend into a higher field of divine beingness, to lift you up out of the human state into the ascended-master state of awareness. This is why the masters caution us not to speak too much, to reserve judgment about things, because that's kind of an angry energy of the emotional body coalescing in the mind and then often projected through the voice.

There are ways to retain the light in your being and in your aura so that you are constantly processing what is descending from your I AM Presence through your crystal cord so it can alchemically be transmuted into this beautiful state of beingness. Taking drugs, alcohol, marijuana, ayahuasca all destroy the sensitive fabric of the soul and the auric field that you require for your victory. And Morya says that fantasies also do this, though in a more subtle way, because you are opening up your emotional body to the astral plane, where the entities of illusion and delusion play upon it and have entrée into it and then seed it with all manner of illogical and illusional engrams. You've actually opened yourself up to entities of illusion and fantasy. And El Morya would like this community to know that there are entities of illusion and fantasy, which even some of the best servants have to deal with at times, have to repel and overcome and say, “Thus far and no farther! I AM integrated in God. I will not allow this to enter my consciousness.”

The final word is that there are some individuals who are very alluring, charming and emotionally magnetic through their personalities and even through their physical bodies. And if you use that charm that you have to try to lure others to you—emotionally, sexually, et cetera—be forewarned that you can be making a tremendous amount of karma.

Mother warned of this in the community that I was in, The Summit Lighthouse. She warned women and men to resolve their attractions within twenty-four hours. If they couldn't resolve them through prayer, fasting, cold showers, whatever, they had to write to her, and then she would help them resolve it by either giving them a discipline or telling them that it was illusion and to get a hold of themselves

Though I am not a guru, and I don't expect you to write to me about this. You have to deal with your own God Presence and resolve these things. I'm allowed to speak what I am speaking today because El Morya and I care about every disciple. I can tell you that if you're seeking work on our staff, either as a volunteer or as a paid person, and you're engaged in a relationship where your partner is taking ayahuasca or marijuana, El Morya will not approve you to serve in this community, because the energy within that relationship is compromising your entire being, your aura. Thus far and no farther—he will not allow it, because I will then have to bear the energy that you are involved in and invested in through this situation, and El Morya will not allow me to bear that.

Recently someone told me that they have an issue with drinking too much wine and they know it. I love this person with all my heart. This was a confession. What am I to do? They know the law; they know the teaching. They just have to get a hold of themselves and gradually, or maybe with a very decided fiat to themselves and their body temple, choose not to overconsume. I don't think a little wine once in a while is a problem, as long as you're not attached to it and you don't abuse it—everything in moderation, nothing in excess. For me, I can't have wine. I get a headache or I get giddy, and I would probably get drunk with hardly any, so I can't have it. Others of you can handle a little bit and it's not going to kill you, and I don't think it will take you off the path. But you know your limits and how much you should or shouldn't be drinking.

I am not going to regulate any of this. It should be a self-regulating thing, and diet is the same. We're not here to interject ourselves into everyone's life with all these disciplines. This is a self-disciplined community. We offer the teaching; it is up to you how you take it, use it and hopefully improve your life through the disciplines that we recommend.

So when I came today, I was very burdened by this situation. And in the first prayers that we gave, I tried to raise my soul up and pleaded to God to send the light to all the people involved in all these situations so that they could feel the love of God for them. Because I think that when we feel God's love burning within our heart and we really go there, that all these other little things, which can become big things, kind of fade away. When we have true love for God, we love everyone equally. We love the pauper, the sinner, the rich—it doesn't matter. We love everyone. And we don't have favorites; we just love everyone as God. And I think that's the safety net of the true teachings on love, that when it is true love, you see God in every person, you feel God in every person. You don't judge. You just relish the God-light in everything and everyone.

Thank you, El Morya.

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