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Enoch in the Bible

A Prophet of God Sent to Reprove Rebel Angels

Enoch, the seventh from Adam, father of Methuselah, the great-grandfather of Noah, is scarcely referred to in the Holy Bible. I Enoch, also called the Book of Enoch, is traditionally believed to have been written by Enoch. And in studying these writings, the Christian academic, Dr. R.H. Charles, Yale University director of Dead Sea Scroll Studies states:

The influence of Enoch on the New Testament has been greater than that of all other apocryphal and pseudepigraphal books taken together…. All the writers of the New Testament were familiar with [Enoch’s book], and were more or less influenced by it in thought and diction.1

There is no doubt that the Master Jesus was familiar with the writings of Enoch.2 And upon closer examination, many of the key phrases and sayings recorded as Jesus’ red-letter quotes throughout the Gospels resemble the ideas and terms found in the Book of Enoch.

Enochian scholars today have based their research findings on the original Ethiopic Bible, which includes the Book of Enoch, first introduced to the modern world in the 1821 English translation by Oxford professor Richard Laurence. Additionally, the later 20th century discovery of several Aramaic Enoch texts, found among the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran, places the origins of those fragmented pages of Enoch’s book at least 200 years before the birth of Jesus.

Why Is the Book of Enoch Not in the Bible?

Why then is Enoch’s book not in the Bible nor generally regarded as canonical, official Holy Scripture? 3 There is ample evidence that Enoch’s lost book story and its 1500-year disappearance from Western Christianity revolves around a concerted effort made by the (Roman Catholic) Church to suppress and censure its distribution. In fact, in the 4th century, some influential Church theologians decried Enoch’s book as heresy.4

Despite the Rabbi Jesus’ recorded words citing obvious references to the Book of Enoch,5 despite evidence that the apostles and early Christians accepted the words of Enoch as authentic Scripture, the real mystery behind the story of the lost book of Enoch’s bible is only now coming to light. The reason that I Enoch is not included in the Christian Bible today may be explained in part by the subject that is his book’s predominant theme.

Fallen Angels—Topic of Controversy

The controversy for many theologians regarding Enoch’s teachings centers on Enoch’s claim of a fall from heaven of a certain segment of the angelic realm. In his book, Enoch described himself as the Messenger of the Ancient of Days, who is referred to in Scripture as the Most High, the Great and Holy One. It is he who sent Enoch to Earth as a prophet with power to reprove a rebellious segment of an angelic band, called the Watchers.

The Watchers were mighty guardian angels, charged by God to protect mankind. According to the Book of Enoch, a small number of these angels, beguiled by the loveliness of earthly women, chose to incarnate and cohabitate with them. The children born of their unions were disclaimed by Enoch as “evil spirits upon earth.”  In Enoch’s words, “The spirits of the[se] giants shall [be known] as the Nephilim which shall oppress, corrupt, fall, contend, and bruise upon earth.”


Enoch’s Book—Judgment and Warning

From the mists of antiquity, before the Flood of Noah’s time, Enoch, the seventh from Adam, was sent by God to warn his children to avoid interbreeding with the descendants of the children conceived in the illicit marriages between earthly women and these fallen angels. The major theme of the Book of Enoch then is the final judgment of those angels who fell from their heavenly estate, along with all their progeny. This final judgment of the Watchers is to occur not during Enoch’s lifetime but “in a generation which is to succeed at a distant period, on account of the elect.” (En. 1:2)

Some scholars interpret the time of this judgment to coincide with the years when Jesus walked the Earth as the Son of Man and the Elect One, terms which Enoch himself used when speaking of the coming Messiah.

Some students of the Bible, particularly of specific New Testament chapters and prophecies in Revelation and Daniel concerning the Last Judgment, believe Jesus took up the mantle of the Patriarch Enoch and that of the Old Testament Law and the Prophets. Students of the ascended masters’ teachings today, including those familliar with the Enoch material edited by the Summit University Press, conclude that the ministries of Jesus Christ and his forerunner John the Baptist were a fulfillment of the judgment prophecies preserved in I Enoch.


The Spirit of Enoch with Us Today 

Many in our community who regularly attend our online service broadcasts and keep abreast of the teachings of the ascended masters as delivered through David C. Lewis, acknowledge that ascended masters,  including Enoch, with other heavenly beings, are able to convey instruction and divine grace through a living amanuensis by the agency of the Holy Spirit, much as the Old Testament prophets were the mouthpiece of God to the children of Israel.

Enoch is very much alive and present in the realms of heaven and has something to say to the descendants of his own lineage.  How does the Ascended Master Enoch look upon what is occurring in the Middle East?  What is his response to the desecration of holy sites and sacred memorials in Syria and Iraq at the hands of terrorist groups? You can read his words or hear his messages in our HeartStreams Database. Please refer to the database module on the right column of this page.

In what we refer to as a HeartStream or inspired message, Enoch shares the following message with our community and devotees everywhere:

 O holy ones of God, though love is at the core of all that you do, understand that the law of love is also within the action of cosmic justice and judgment. God says to man, Enough is enough! There is no more place for darkness, war and division upon my Earth—that which the Elohim have created and which is your own garden paradise upon this planet to live in. If you would choose darkness, then that darkness will proceed to engulf you, O souls.
And yet if you choose a righteous walk in light, then that light will be your guiding principle, the daystar, the polestar of your being, and I will live through you. The law of love and righteousness will manifest through you, and all that you came to this Earth to fulfill may be realized through that law of love.

Sounds very much like the words of a prophet who, from the outset, claimed that the Great and Holy One sent him to reprove the Watchers and to deliver the stern judgment of God for ignoring their appointed task of inspiring and raising humankind.


Enoch’s New Walk with God Includes You

Enoch's walk with God includes you

In another HeartStream by Enoch delivered August 11, 2017, (View entire transcript by clicking on icon next to "Enoch: My New Walk with God and You" under the "Featured Heartstreams" module to the right) the Master cherishes us, invites us to include him in our walk with God. He offers his assistance and provides many keys to a victorious walk all the way to our ascension in the light of God.  He says to us, “One day you will walk into heaven, nevermore to have to live upon a lesser plane of being, in the temporal realms of human consciousness. As you walk with God upon Earth, so your walk with God in spirit will be. So enjoy this trek, this cosmic journey, and embrace love and God always.”

At the conclusion of this message, Enoch chants. Here is an audio recording of this chant:


Enoch's Melodic Formula to Dispel Darkness Audio


When you experienced this recording, perhaps you noticed the hint of the Gregorian chant in its sound. And in the tradition of Enoch who comes to warn, chastise and illumine, David shared with us that this chant “[is] a formula from Enoch to dispel darkness.” And we can “play [it] any time in order to simply meditate on the sound and see yourself fully in light, untouched, unscathed by any form of opposition, darkness of any kind.”


1, Robert Henry Charles, ed.,Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, vol. 2 (Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2004), 178
2,  Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch: The Untold Story of Men and Angels by Elizabeth Clare Prophet © 1977 Summit University Press ISBN  0-916766-60-8
3.  "Though the Book of Enoch is not considered Scripture, this does not invalidate its claims to accuracy or reliable spiritual information. It may surprise those who hold a high view of Scripture that some of the New Testament writers used the book of Enoch as source material".  Quote from: The Book of Enoch: Scripture, Heresy or What? by Brian Godawa
4. Book of Enoch from Wikipedia, Attribution; transl. P. Schaff Early Christian Fathers
5.  Both the Prophet book and the PDF exegesis by Godawa compare numerous New Testament scriptural quotations to Enochian text.  The similiarities and in some cases the near-exactitude in phrasing are un-deniable.

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And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousand of his saints.

To execute judgement upon all and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds...  Jude 1:14,15


Qumran Jars for Dead Sea Scrolls
Qumram Jars such as these held the Dead Sea
Scrolls containing fragments of Enochian text


Featured Heartstreams from Enoch

Enoch      March 24, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Enoch)
March 24, 2018   6:00 ̶ 6:30 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Embody God's Virtues in Your Life!

It's wonderful to be with all the heartfriends in Australia who are present tonight, and it's an honor and a privilege to share teachings from Enoch, whom you have chosen to come. I communed with him, and he would like to speak about the virtues.

He says, “Embody God's virtues in your life,” and he encourages us to have a lifelong study of God's virtues. And when we do this, when we seek to utilize these virtues throughout our life in a very conscious way, we actually master the energies of those virtues as we contemplate them, facilitate their flow within our consciousness, our heart, our mind and see how we can practically apply these virtues spiritually.

He says that Mother Mary gave Elizabeth Clare Prophet, back in around 1972, a wonderful teaching on the cosmic clock. And part of this teaching was meant to help us to embody God's virtues—which were also called God-qualities—in our life. Enoch says that we each have an overarching virtue to embody in a given lifetime. Typically this relates to our sun sign, the sign of the zodiac that appeared in the heavens at the time we were born, because the sun sign relates to our I AM Presence and kind of the prime directive of our life, and we will have the tests during our entire lifetime that relate to our sun sign. We consciously chose our sun sign—we chose when to embody and we knew that we would have the initiations relating to that astrological sign.

For instance, I was born January 5, and so my sun sign is Capricorn. The God-quality, or virtue, according to the teachings given by Mother Mary, is God-power. So I have to be very cognizant of how I use the energy of God as God-power in my life to ensure that I always qualify this virtue appropriately and do not misuse it. And I can assure you, I have misused it in the past, and I've learned from that experience. So it is the overarching virtue that I chose when I embodied in this life to allow there to be the initiations on my path and also to utilize as a great virtue of God.

It took a lot of thrust in God-power to begin a business, to do my creative work and to co-found The Hearts Center—it took a lot of thrust. The 12 o'clock line is the beginning of cycles. So that's one example, and I can probably name twenty or thirty more examples of the opportunities I've had in my life to master this virtue, or God-quality.

We also have a primary virtue to embody each year of our lives and then sub-virtues during each of the twelve months of that year. This is also important because things shift and change based on how we are moving through the astrological cycles in our lives, from the time we're born to the time we transcend this plane and hopefully ascend. And what Enoch says is that there is also an extra year in utero—in the nine months when we are in our mother's womb, plus the three months before that, when we are actually in a type of etheric gestation in which the patterns are set before we actually incarnate in a physical body outside of our mother's womb. And even in that cycle, it's important to realize that there is preparation and initiation. It's like the foreshadowing, the preparation.

So we can look and say, “Okay, to be victorious on the 11 o'clock line—God victory—with Lord Maitreya while we have been in that year period before we were actually born as a physical body temple through our mother, we were already beginning the foreshadowing of our life.  And in utero, in the womb, we hope to be victorious, and so it actually takes a great thrust to come physically into incarnation. It's quite a test, and some people don't make it—they're aborted or their mother has issues, health issues, or we may have chosen to have a health issue to balance karma and we may not make it into embodiment.

Now, as we desire to embody these virtues in our life consciously, we consider these virtues as our goal, our desire, as our aim so that we can master them all through the initiatic cycles of our life. And the ultimate is that we master all of them and then we ascend because we have passed those initiations and we have become those virtues. These virtues coexist in our causal body already as the fruits of Spirit; we have to simply manifest them consciously, actively, proactively in our life. When we do master them, the energy of our self-mastery accrues to our causal body and our causal body expands.

The virtue body, Enoch says, can be another name for our causal body. He says you can call it the virtue body—the body of all of our virtues, the body of all the good deeds that we have done. It's really the virtues of God that we have mastered, that we have become, that we have facilitated in our life. So we call it the causal body, the body of first cause. God created us in his/her image and likeness, and God is all-virtuous, so we are meant to be all-virtuous.

We had a class in 2012 that lasted for twelve months. Each month we went around the clock (Claire Brown facilitated this), and we studied each of the twelve lines and we attempted to have twelve times the twelve, 144 virtues. So we thought about each major virtue, or God-quality, and what other sub-virtues were part of that greater virtue. And then we attempted to name them and consider them and talked about how we could actually embody them.

Now, some of you may or may not have taken that class. It is a free class and is still available on our website when you go to “Courses,” I believe, on the home page. You can hold the cursor over Courses and then go to “Free Classes,” and that's one of the four or five free classes. It was a wonderful twelve months of considering this. Yes, we did it in 2012 and we can do it again. This teaching is not just meant to be put on the shelf—we study it once and that's it. We can continue to consider our cosmic cycles and then embody those virtues.

We have a prayer in our prayer book called “Cosmic Cycles Clearance,” 6.002. We've expanded what The Summit had as 6.04 and we've added some new things to that version of the cosmic clock prayer. We've added color; we've added the Solar Lords of these hierarchies, the term Solar Lords; we've added the parts of the body that relate to the astrology of each line; and we've added the twin flames, if we know the names, of the masters on those twelve lines of the clock.

So we've expanded that so that we can use that information to help master even our physical bodies. Because when we're going through, let's say, the one o'clock line of our cosmic clock when we are thirteen or twenty-five or thirty-seven or forty-nine or sixty-one or, hopefully, if you live long enough, seventy-three or eighty-five, the virtue is God-love. And for God-love in Aquarius, the parts of the body are the ankles and circulation. So we should be very careful when we walk the 1 o'clock line to ensure that our ankles are taken care of and that we have good circulation throughout our body. Circulation is the flow of the blood—it's very important. And what does the blood actually hold through the ruby color of that blood? The concentrated essence of God-love, which is like pink, but in this case it's like a ruby color, a dark-red ruby. Our blood is like a ruby color.

So we can go through the clock and you can consider all of these lines of the clock. For instance, I'm a Capricorn. I have had issues in my life with my knees and some joints. I played a lot of basketball in my youth, where you run down the court and you jump up and down. And what happens over time is that through all of that activity, it takes its toll on the joints, the knees especially and some of the bones.

If you are, let's say, a Taurus, you could have issues with your neck and throat. And what is the virtue? God-obedience. What do we say about people who aren't obedient? Well, the Bible talks about the stiff-necked generation, those who did not obey or listen to God, so they have a stiff neck. They haven't mastered the line of God-obedience on the four o'clock line of the cosmic clock.

If you are a Leo, God bless you; your tests will be your heart, your back and your spine. I know Leos who have had problems with their shoulders and other things, and a lot of Leos have issues with their heart. So be careful—guard the heart, protect the heart. Always express God-gratitude for everything if you are a Leo. Don't get into that cycle of being what we call an ingrate or someone who's not grateful for what they have and they cause a lot of displeasure in others' lives if they have a sour or a dour attitude. We desire an attitude of gratitude that becomes a beatitude. It's an attitude of divine beingness. So gratitude will help you overcome the initiations of Leo that are upon you. For instance, in my case I think I have two or three planets in Leo, and I have to be careful when those planets are aligned with certain other planets and the sun and the moon to make sure that I'm living in that state of God-gratitude.

Now, the science of cosmic astrology is a spiritual science that we can study our entire lives. And we're always in the process of moving through these cycles again and again and again. Why? To master ourselves, to become the master of our destiny, to master the initiations, to master even the subconscious and the unconscious part of ourselves so we can tap into the Superconscious Self, which is our God Presence, our Divine Self.

When we embody God's virtues in our life consciously, we make life for everyone around us easier. We are more pleasant to live with, we look for the best in others and we see them manifesting their virtues rather than their non-virtues, or their sins, the things that they haven't mastered in their life—their evil ways, their predilections toward darkness.

When we master all twelve lines of the clock, we have to move into that field of joy and presence where we love everyone; we don't judge. We've mastered the 12 o'clock line; we don't judge them. We enter into divine judgment rather than human judgment, because the perversion on the twelve is criticism, condemnation and judgment. So to master the 12 o'clock line—the first line on the clock—we have to choose consciously not to be critical or condemn others or be judgmental. And it's interesting that this is the very first initiation, the major initiation on the twelve o'clock line.

Have any of us completely mastered that? Maybe a few of us, here or there. Some people have no guile whatsoever; they never criticize other people—never. And you know some people who never say an evil thing or a bad thing about anybody; they never gossip. They are very pure and they live in a state of being undefiled, and this is what we all desire. This is the life of the saints.

So we have to be wary, first of all, never to criticize. Melchizedek, who is very energetically tied to Enoch, gave us a warning about that about four years ago in Livingston when he presented a whole series of teachings, which we studied with him from the spring equinox to summer solstice. I think that the first teaching that he gave us was a warning again about not being critical, not judging, condemning or blaming others, because that energy will come back to us and will come back to haunt us. And as we judge, so are we judged.1 So if you don't desire to be judged, then don't judge others. It's as simple as that.

As we embody God's virtues in our life and make life easier and more profound and beautiful for everyone around us, the virtues that we embody begin to accelerate and be magnified. As we glorify God within our physical temple, within our heart, our mind, our soul, our will, and as we attempt to glorify God through these virtues, our causal body expands, our virtue body—we now have that new term, our body of virtue or virtue body—expands. And now we have more access to spiritual energies to do the greater works that Jesus said that we would do when he went to the Father.2

If you desire greater energy to get more work done, go up into your causal body or go within into your causal body, your body of virtue and access those virtues—consider them, call them forth, use them in your alchemical works or in your daily affairs, and try, by being virtuous, to help others, raise others, serve others, bless others, caress others, seal others in light, resurrect others, heal others.

As we treat each other, we treat the Christ and we treat the Christ within ourselves. Jesus said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”2 Well, we also do it unto our Self, the Christ within us. If we crucify others, we are also crucifying the light within our Self, because everything comes back, everything returns. It's the law of the cycles, the law of karma, of cause and effect.

Now, we know all these truths, yet do we consciously use the cosmic clock in this Cosmic Cycles clearance call on a regular basis to preempt what is going to transpire in coming cycles? Right now we are in Aries for the whole planet. The whole planet is in the cycle of Aries because we are moving through the constellation of Aries as a planet Earth right now. And so the task is to overcome the Martian energies of anger and the ego and argumentation and all these things.

So during this cycle of Aries, which just began about five or six days ago, be very careful to put a check on your ego and not try to always be right, to say, “My way or the highway,” or “Well, this is the only way things are.” That's the perversion of the virtue of Aries, which is God-control. We learn God-control by being a great listener, by being patient and considering what others have to say before we snap to judgment and say, “No, you can't go that way. I disagree. Let's move on.” Consider people's motives, where they're speaking from, and attempt, in the best way that you can, to be considerate—to be loving and considerate in this way.

We anticipate the future cycles and we can proactively transmute some of the karma, which we may even be due to deal with, before it lands on our doorstep. I'm sixty-two; I'm on my two o'clock line. I know that next year I'm going to be on the three o'clock line. So I can, as I'm walking the cycles of my two o'clock line, be cognizant of the fact that I'm kind of culminating the cycles in the etheric body—the twelve, one, and two o'clock lines of the cosmic clock. And next year I'll be dealing with Aries energies, and I'm a Capricorn. So that's a square to Capricorn. Ooh, watch out! Next year should be an interesting opportunity for me. I have to be very careful to not let my ego get the best of me, because I'm human too, and David Lewis is not perfect. I have initiations and they're ongoing, just like all of us.

So I will utilize the flame and the virtue of God-control to put a check on the dweller, the ego and subconscious patterns that may arise and that I may have to deal with so that I'm pleasant to be with, pleasant to communicate with and everything can run smoothly. So when you look at your cycles and you study your astrology from the vantage point of Mother Mary's teachings on the cosmic clock, you can begin to proactively look at what you are moving through and what you will be moving through and prevent all kinds of problems in your life. You can be very conscious of what is coming due, what is coming up, and you can get on your knees, if necessary, and use the violet light and clear yourself—your records from the past, from past lives. And you can ask for these virtues to come into your life and to sing in your life, and for you to be the master of all elements of your being.

Now, it's interesting that I'm seeing now in the etheric a periodic table of the elements. We studied this in chemistry in high school. And back when I was a kid, there were probably just over a hundred—about 102. I think that during my youth it even got up to about 108. I don't even know how many they say there are now—it could be 144. I'm seeing that there could very well be eventually 144 elements of the periodic table and that even those elements could, in a sense, relate to the 144 virtues.

The hydrogen is the first element—one proton, one electron. Helium has two protons, two electrons, at least in the model that we studied back in chemistry and in physics. So how does this relate to the virtues? I think what it is, is that we have these elements even in our physical body—many of them, not all of them—yet they are in the environment. We take in these elements in our food, drawing up from the earth through that food various elements. Some of them descend from the sky. Some of them are negative and radioactive and can hurt us. Yet when we are spiritually radioactive in a good way and we have a lot of radiation through love and through our prayers and decrees and we feel the love and the light of God flowing through us, we can counterbalance all the negative elements that are being processed around the planet, throughout the planet, even transmuting old records of the misuse of the atom through nuclear fission or fusion and through nuclear bombs and radiation. We can invoke so much light and radiation that we counterbalance even physical radioactivity, which is normally harmful to mankind—to our flesh, our skin, all of our organs, everything.

How do we do this? We accelerate the light within; we accelerate the virtues flowing through us to be this counterbalance. And if enough lightbearers invoke enough light as Buddha beings, we can counterbalance any negativity anywhere in the Earth by the power of God's virtues flowing through us. And we require more virtues in our life and to be more virtuous to deal with all of the energies that are floating around the planet that we are all having to deal with now—manifesting through the media, manifesting through all the perversions that we see happening in the world, the potential for cataclysms, wars and what we call acts of God, which are not really acts of God in the sense that God desires to punish us. It's our inhumanity toward others that creates the negativity that eventually manifests as storms, earthquakes, floods, fires, you name it. It's all based on our choices. God desires a peaceable kingdom on Earth. We can co-create that with God if we choose to embody the virtues.

So the end result of leading a virtuous life, all of us leading virtuous lives, is that we do create the peaceable kingdom—heaven upon earth again. We do recreate Eden again on Earth and we can have a Golden-Crystal Age of enlightenment, freedom, understanding, brother/sisterhood and, of course, especially divine love manifesting. That is our goal. So the end result of being virtuous, being saintly, even being holy is to help bring about this Golden-Crystal Age, where every man, woman and child is free in the light, one with God—free in the light, reunited with their Presence and then immortal.

So that's what Enoch desired to share tonight.  

1. See Matthew 7:1–2.
2. See John 14:12.
3. Matthew 25:40.

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Joshua 1:1 as recorded in the Aleppo Codex
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