Paul the Venetian on Co-Creativity

Love lives on through all co-creative acts in which you engage. And there is no end to the rounds of the vibration of that love which stimulates the cosmos with a frequency that is yours personally to know and to deliver.

An Opportunity for a New Artistry of the Spirit

In the presence of so great a love as that which the Elohim hold for every lifestream upon earth, I come. And I impress upon the ethers and upon the delicate fabric of your heart’s essence Venusian love and the frequencies of heart-mindfulness that are always aware of the emanations of the Eternal One resident within. I am Paul the Venetian. And this day I come with opportunity for a new artistry of the Spirit within you, each one, whereby you are called to give of your hearts on behalf of all souls upon earth, to give of the eternal stream of your Buddha nature, the loving aspect of the Father-Mother of all, to give selflessly of that which God has vouchsafed within you of the seed of light, of the fount of what you came to this planet to offer from the garden of your soul on behalf of all.

This movement of The Hearts Center is a sacred guild of light where you receive direct training from the masters of a number of guilds that you would call the rays divine of God. Each of us holds a field of perfection on that ray that we serve. And we would employ many more to understand the nuances of the path of light and of the opportunities that we present for self-transcendence through a detailed way of beingness in presence. Whether you serve on one or a number of rays and are bringing into manifestation various aspects of your self-mastery in this sacred artistry of the Spirit, you know that love is at the core of all givingness, of all expression, of all creativity that comes, not from the lower nature but from and of the Eternal One.

Co-creativity—the Inalienable Right of Every Soul

When you have an inspiration, when you have the dawning of a new concept, a new co-creation, it is truly the divine muse that is sending forth a cosmic stream of light that you may receive in order to move forward the plans of the great Brotherhood-Sisterhood of Light, those dressed in white who emanate the frequencies of perfection, the rays of holiness.

In the heavenworld, every master is truly a cosmic co-creator with the One, blending the streams of consciousness and of self-mastery with the divine Radiant One. Each one has become a focal point of this power of co-creativity that is the inalienable right of every son or daughter of God to manifest through his or her life. It is time, blessed ones, that each and every one of you consider that you must manifest your individual God-essence as that creative stream of your being in some way. For only this truly fulfills you in the Now. Only by participating as a co-creator can you reach the summit of being. For at a certain point on the path it is no longer sufficient to mimic the Divine but to truly be a sovereign being in the light, fully employing every virtue, every grace, every boon and blessing that you came to this planet to offer.

The Eternality of Our Emanations of Love

Therefore, consider as you move into this new year what possibilities lay before you of being that co-creator in the fullest sense, connecting with that within you which is true, which is real, and which through conscious activity manifests an aspect of the Eternal in your life and being. Love lives on through all co-creative acts in which you engage. And there is no end to the rounds of the vibration of that love which stimulates the cosmos with a frequency that is yours personally to know and to deliver.

Yes, blessed ones, the cosmos itself expects that you will deliver that which is only yours to give and no one else’s. And unless you emerge from the chrysalis of your Higher Being and express that sacred artistry, you have not fully embraced the allness of yourself, you have not understood fully the path of light. For God does not want toadies. God wants those who stand fully upon their own feet with a mind clear, with a heart raised, with hands that have developed spiritual skill sets by applying the wisdom that you have heard in conscious efforts and creative acts of will that bring heaven and its angelic presences to earth physically where you are.

Upgrades in Our Understanding of the Nature of Love

The crafts that we teach in our retreat take what mankind know that is taught in various schools, universities and classrooms to a higher level of personal identification with that craft in such a way that it may blossom throughout your entire being, that it may engage you in higher alchemy of the Spirit so that you yourself can see the world being born anew each moment through your conscious work, the science of the Spirit outplayed, outpictured and brought into being through your work, your service, your givingness.

Dearest ones, each of you is writing with a stylus of the stream of your consciousness twenty-four/seven upon akasha. Would you have your renderings be beautiful, clear, fragrant? If so, then understand the nature of love as that givingness of your heart in all that you offer. Let it be infused with the totality of your consciousness wed to your Solar Source. Yes, the Great Divine Director has called me to speak to you this day, for we are entering an age of love that is new, that is being blessed by the offerings of many cosmic beings who have come to witness the transformation of Earth in these hours, in these sacred moments of time and timelessness.

Creating a Golden-Crystal Age Is Each Person’s Responsibility

When each of you rises to become the full artisan, then the golden-crystal age will appear upon Earth. But you cannot relegate to another, another being or another time the opportunity to engage the cosmos in the co-creative fires of the Spirit and expect that this new era will appear out of the blue somehow. Truly the responsibility is yours to make this Earth pristine again, dearest hearts. How you do that, is your choice. How it will come to be is your responsibility, and each and every one of you is accountable to your Presence to understand the nature of love in this process. You are your own judge. And no one else can take from you your life, your spirit, fully unless you let it go through unconscious acts of self-deceit and compromise.

This activity is not about one messenger telling you what to do, to think, to believe. He is only a reminder of what you know, of what is vibrating within your heart and mind that you know will move you into your highest expression of love. Do not forget it, and give permission at times for the messenger to simply be who he is without expectations that he somehow is playing a game of one-upmanship over you. For this is not his desire or ours. When each of you is Self-fulfilled fully in God, then he and we may take our leave and allow you to be the Son (Sun) Presence, the Daughter Light of your divinity.

Now Is the Time

Therefore, stake your claim and claim your stake with God! Plant your banner of light deep within the earth. Be true to the principles of love-wisdom of the adepts and assure your Presence through loving works that you will fulfill your destiny in this life in the here and now and not put off to a future time the grace that may be yours through a life of God Self-mastery in love.

I am Paul. Hear the beating of the wings of the angels of love in this hour who have endeared themselves to you, each one, appreciating you as sons and daughters of God, even as you sing in this Christmas season to them, giving glory to God for the coming of the holy manchild. Let the wings of angels speak. Let the fluttering of the eternal heartstreams of the ascended hosts give you peace, bring you comfort and bring joy to the world this day and every Christmas Day. I thank you.   —Paul the Venetian through David C. Lewis, December 21, 2009


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