Who Is God?

(This HeartStream by El Morya was delivered through David C. Lewis on March 30, 2008 in Paradise Valley, Montana.)


Who is God? God is the Source, the Creator, the Originator. God is the Undifferentiated, the Unmanifest, the Unnamed, the Essence of all Suchness. As the Sun behind the Sun God is the Great Emanator. God is complete Beingness. God is Presence. God is The One.

God is the Great I AM. God is Love, Light, Energy, Radiance. All that Is is God. God is Father-Mother, Son-Daugher, Holy Spirit. God is the Great Child, pure and whole. God is the Cosmos, the Universe, the Creation itself, the Ocean. God is the Circle of Life and the Dot in the Center of that Circle.

God is Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence.

God is You. God is Me. God is Us. God is We.

God is the fun way, the simple path,

The silly within the Sublime,

The sublime within the Divine.


God is the preciousness of each person, the core and the reality of each one’s being. God is the revered and that which is adorable within the reverence expressed, the believable, the lovable, the livable within each one.

God is the completeness of all aspects of Selfhood, the jewel in the diamond within the lotus, the full flowering of all qualities and virtues of Life.

God is the Breathing of the Great Inbreath and Outbreath. God is the heart of the matter and what really matters within each heart as God’s own heart-centeredness. God is the sunniness of perfect wisdom, the joy of perfect love, the awesomeness of perfect power. God is playfulness, spontaneity, the laughter of young and old alike.


God is the creativity of every artist, the movement of every dancer, the mindfulness of every composer, the mastery of every musician.

God is the expression of every flower, the formlessness of every cloud, the song of every bird, the aliveness of every moment. God is the vibrancy of thoughtfulness and caring, the warmth of a heartfelt embrace, the expectancy of the first kiss, the smile upon an infant when that one is suckling at its mother’s breast.

God is the action of lovingkindness, the wisdom behind compassion, the vision of every life mission and the presence behind every form of worship.

The Beginning and the Ending

God is your heart, one with the Divine. God is the First and the Last and all that is between. God is the Alpha and the Omega, the entire alphabet, the Word made flesh and the Word as the AUM.

Would you be God this day, I ask? Would you be a new creature, an expression of the Allness of that One? As you express the Word, let God be within you.

I am El Morya. This is my message. I Am Real and God is where I Am. I thank you.

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