Refresh Your Life with the Holy Spirit's Presence!
The Joy of the Lord Is Always with You!

   Santiago, Chile       December 14–16, 2023

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Children 17 and under
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Children 17 and under
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**Spanish translations will be broadcast on an alternate channel whenever possible by our volunteer translators.
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A Unique Solstice Event Bathed in the Presence of the Holy Spirit

Santiago, Chile

How delightful that our event occurs at the time of summer solstice in Chile and winter solstice in Montana! A double spin to the Earth for certain!

Broadcast from Santiago, Livingston, Mount Shasta and Chicago, a mighty action of the Holy Spirit will occur through our spiritual work taking place at these locations as well as during our 24-hour vigil that weekend. Plan to be bathed in the Holy Spirit’s Presence, renewed in her comfort, and encouraged by her empowerment to do the work required on Earth today.

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Do we really comprehend the magnificence of the blessed Holy Spirit? As an aspect of the triune Godhead we may think we understand her purpose. Yet, do we? The presence of the Holy Spirit is true Reality! The Holy Spirit is the Great Unifier of the body of God on Earth.

Through the Holy Spirit, balance between heaven and earth is maintained. The Holy Spirit is the presence of God among men. She is in the air we breathe and in the threefold flame within our hearts. The light, as the seven rays and the five crystal rays, that descends through our crystal cord, accelerating every chakra of our body, is the Holy Spirit in her varying vibrations. This Spirit beats our hearts. This Spirit is Life.

Who Is the Maha Chohan?

“Maha Chohan” means in Sanskrit “Great Lord.” So “Maha Chohan” is really a title. Various ascended beings have taken on this role of being the representative of the Holy Spirit to the Earth. It is his work to assist mankind to contact the Holy Spirit. He is also the overseer of the work of the Lords, or Chohans, of the Seven Rays. So you can see why the work of the Maha Chohan and the person of the Holy Spirit at this event blend together.

Darshans and Discourses with the Holy Spirit and the Maha Chohan

This unique conference program provides access to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences. For online participants, we encourage English-speakers and Spanish-speakers to join the first three hours on Channel 1, broadcast from Santiago, where David Christopher Lewis' teachings will be translated into English. Following that, English-speakers can connect to Channel 2 for three hours of spiritual work in English.

On Thursday, the Holy Spirit and the Maha Chohan present a discourse for Spanish-speaking participants, accompanied by English translation. Following that, our English-speaking participants in Livingston and on the broadcast will darshan with the Holy Spirit and the Maha Chohan, with Spanish translation.

On Friday, the opposite schedule will occur. Stick close to your programs! Attendees will prepare their questions in advance for either the English or Spanish darshans.

Saturday’s program includes separate dictations by the Holy Spirit and the Maha Chohan for each community, culminating in a Group Soul-Raising Session for everyone.

Join Us!

Are you ready to be refreshed, renewed, empowered? Then make your plans to be in the Holy Spirit’s presence at solstice! Remember, the Holy Spirit is our sure defense. The Holy Spirit is our magnanimous offense! We can do all things by the power of the Holy Spirit!


Afternoon Field Trip on Friday, December 15, 5:30 pm Chile time @ Santuario Immaculada ConcepciĂłn del Cerro San CristĂłbal (Sanctuary on San CristĂłbal Hill)

Address: Cerro San CristĂłbal San CristĂłbal 123, 8580000 Pudahuel, Providencia, RegiĂłn Metropolitana

In 1908 one of its most emblematic monuments was blessed in Santiago: the image of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin placed at the top of Cerro San CristĂłbal.

The Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception on San CristĂłbal Hill is one of the principal places of worship for the Catholic Church of Chile, as well as being an icon of Santiago, Chile. It is notable in particular for a large statue of the Immaculate Conception, which is located at the summit of San CristĂłbal Hill, some 863 meters above sea level.

The statue of the Immaculate Conception measures 14 meters tall, and the pedestal on which it rests, 8.3 meters. It weighs 36,610 kilograms. On the pedestal there is a small chapel in which John Paul II prayed and blessed the city of Santiago on April 1, 1987. The statue is lit up at night by lights placed on its sides, allowing it to be viewed from all over Santiago both day and night.

At the foot of the statue there is an amphitheater for holding masses or other religious ceremonies. Near the statue, there is also a small chapel for praying. The statue can be reached via the road joining the Santiago Metropolitan Park , via the Funicular de Santiago or the Santiago Cable Car, which has its final station next to the sanctuary.

Source: Wikipedia

Soul-Raising Sessions
with David Christopher Lewis in Chile

No Soul Raising Sessions planned for On-Site participants in Livingston.

In Chile, in-person Soul-Raising Sessions will be offered on Thursday, December 14, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (Chile time) and on Friday, December 15, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm (Chile time). If you would like a Soul-Raising Session, be sure to plan your travel accordingly. Schedule and pay for the session at the conference venue when you arrive.

Choose from the five different Soul-Raising Sessions described below.

Holy Spirit Soul-Raising Session

Wave patterns and initiatic cycles of light will be released through the agency of the Holy Spirit to perform an alchemy with your soul. The session includes a soul reading, aura clearance, chakra balancing, and question(s)* addressed. Receive a direct teaching from the Holy Spirit uniquely personal for you. Expect positive change, transformation and elevation!

Radical Forgiveness for Self and Others with Kuan Yin

The focus is on helping us to enter into radical forgiveness of ourselves and others and to commune with Kuan Yin’s great Bodhisattva heart, providing the impetus of light we require to have our victory. Through Kuan Yin’s presence, we may find the courage to ask God’s forgiveness for anything we perceive we’ve done in error. Or if we are not feeling the compassion required to forgive another, this session may be the catalyst for entering into that state of liberating grace.

Healing Family Issues in This and Past Lives with Mother Mary

These sessions help us to heal family relationships. This healing will go to a very deep level, including past lifetimes, the karmic cause of conflict with loved ones. Many of our physical ailments involve working out family karma. Mother Mary comes to help us resolve our troubled relationships so we may move on, so we can be in a place of divine dispassion. She blesses us with her comfort flame assisting us to love more deeply, appreciate more consistently everyone in our family.

Resolving Personal Psychology with Kuthumi

The focus is on the psychology of wholeness within ourselves. It is a time in Kuthumi’s presence to come to terms with those little peccadilloes in our human personality that grate upon our soul’s ascent and can definitely grate upon others. And unless we resolve them, they can be stumbling blocks. One of the qualifications for the ascension is to resolve our psychology, moving beyond blame, shame, human drama, and past hurts that rob us of our progress and joy.

Accelerating Your Ascension with Serapis Bey

These sessions help us to accelerate our pathway to the ascension. Serapis teaches us how to be true to our Higher Self, to be directed in our approach toward oneness with God. We learn to recognize the dweller on the threshold, baiting and switching us again and again. We are encouraged to know the victory over habit patterns that have defiled our souls and our spirit, that have besmirched who we truly are as sons and daughters of God. Serapis, as a master tactician of light, uses the aspects of the ascension current and the fourth ray to pervade through our being such intense energy that it can literally dissolve ancient karmic traits and hang-ups.

*You may ask one question during a 10-minute session and more than one question if the session is 20 or 30 minutes long. It’s best to prepare your questions in advance. Avoid questions about twin flames/soul mates, one’s divine plan, or the percentage of karma balanced.

Note: You may only have two sessions each (total) from Kuan Yin, Serapis Bey, Mother Mary and Kuthumi during your life. Holy Spirit Soul-Raising sessions are unlimited, though no more than one per month can be scheduled.

Prices: 10-min.: $36; 20-min.: $72; 30-min.: $100; 60-min.: $166.50

After your session you will be emailed a link to an audio file enabling you to listen to and save your message.

These sessions are alchemical spiritual experiences and are not intended or designed to be psychological counseling sessions. When purchasing a session, you consent to this disclaimer.