2019 Autumn Conference Replays

To access the recorded sessions, begin playing the video then click the image on the bottom right of the video to access the playlist. Please note that it may take up to 30 seconds for the replay to start.

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Conference Audio Replays

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
9/18/19 1h 57m Mother MaryDarshan with Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary
9/20/19 1h 30m David LewisRaising the Light of the Kundalini and a Teaching on the Nine Choirs of Angels
9/20/19 33m GabrielGabriel and Hope Blaze Forth the Ascension Current Into Every Disciple
9/20/19 1h 16m MetatronMetatron on the Architecture of Our Spirit and the Sacred Design of Our Soul
9/21/19 3h 13m ZadkielArchangel Zadkiel Comes as a Buddha Angel and Encourages Us to Develop Our Buddha Wings
9/22/19 3h 28m JophielJophiel and Christine: Be Messengers of the Living Word and Share Your Truth as a Teacher for Meru University

Conference HeartStreams

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
9/18/19 11m Mother Mary A Teaching from Mother Mary on Emotional Intelligence
9/18/19 32m Mother Mary Darshan with Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary
9/20/19 31m David Lewis Raising the Light of the Kundalini and a Teaching on the Nine Choirs of Angels
9/20/19 18m Gabriel Gabriel and Hope Blaze Forth the Ascension Current Into Every Disciple
9/20/19 17m Metatron Metatron on the Architecture of Our Spirit and the Sacred Design of Our Soul
9/21/19 2m David Lewis Maintain Equanimity in Order to Emanate Violet Flame to Humanity
9/21/19 28m Zadkiel Archangel Zadkiel Comes as a Buddha Angel and Encourages Us to Develop Our Buddha Wings
9/21/19 29m Michael Sharing on Being an Instrument of Saving Grace for Archangel Michael
9/21/19 10m Uriel Uriel and Aurora Bring the Light of Peace to Sustain the Light of God Within Us
9/22/19 17m Jophiel Jophiel and Christine: Be Messengers of the Living Word and Share Your Truth as a Teacher for Meru University
9/22/19 11m Chamuel Chamuel and Charity: Love Is the Key to Victory

2019 Autumn Equinox Prayer Vigil

The Hearts Center Autumn vigil in Livingston, Montana

Autumn Equinox 2019 Prayer Vigil

Charge the Earth with Violet Light! Autumn Equinox
Prayer Vigil with the Seven Archangels

Livingston, Montana

September 18-22

With David Christopher Lewis

The Seven Archangels and Five Days of Spiritual Fellowship!

Now that’s a victorious combination! Add to the mix outdoor fun, an education in sustainable living, and hikes and hot springs, and you will absolutely re-energize your body, mind, spirit and soul at our autumn equinox prayer vigil, September 18-22. 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, our vigil is in full swing! Each morning we come together at the Sanctuary of the Heart, experiencing the presence of our magnificent archangels through their messages and infusions of light. On Saturday night our exuberant all-violet-flame service will add an extra spin to Planet Earth! So what’s happening on Wednesday and Thursday? A lot. 

Healing Light Retreat—An Oasis of Renewal

We will enjoy another opportunity to visit the Healing Light Retreat, this time to participate in the Wednesday morning broadcast service, followed by breakfast there.

Our prayers and songs, our meditations at the vaastu temple, our loving fellowship all enrich the sacredness of this property, dedicated to the healing and comfort of many. While at the retreat, beloved Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary will bathe us in the light of their restorative presence.


Aquarian Sustainable Living: Sage Mountain Center

Covering 110 acres and bordering a national forest on two sides, Sage Mountain Center in Whitehall is an example of optimum green living. Our visit there on Thursday includes a guided tour in the morning of their year-round greenhouse, straw bale/cordwood building technologies, organic gardens, and much more.  

After lunch, we take a moderate two-mile guided tour to visit ancient sites, including the Boulder Batholith and The Wall, viewing spectacular scenery all along the way.


Paneurhythmy, Bhajans and Picnicking

We are invited to David and Mona’s for Paneurhythmy Friday and Saturday afternoons. Friday evening, the sacred rhythms of bhajans at the Sanctuary of the Heart will pulsate throughout Livingston, and beloved Metatron will deliver his HeartStream.

After the vigil, a picnic at David and Mona’s on Sunday afternoon allows us a bit more time to enjoy one another’s company before traveling home.

Looking forward to being with you, dear heartfriend, as we together intensify the blessing of Earth at autumn equinox!


Field Trip to Sage Mountain Center

Join us Thursday, September 19

Field Trip to Sage Mountain Center

Photo courtesy of sagemountain.org

Find out about the principles and practices employed at Sage Mountain Center, including permaculture; xeroscaping; the use of organic, drought tolerant species; working with native and heirloom cultivars; hugelkultur; various mulching techniques; and rainwater harvesting. The goal at Sage Mountain Center is to be gardeners of Eden and foster ecosystem vitality!

In the morning, a guided tour demonstrates the center’s off-grid solar electricity setup and their lithium ion battery storage system. We will see their solar hot water and wind generation technologies, as well as visit their organic gardens, year-round greenhouse, and large labyrinth. In addition, the tour will show us the center's innovative and resourceful dry (composting) toilets and their straw bale/cordwood building applications.

In the afternoon we will enjoy a guided tour covering a moderate two-mile trail system with a 300-ft. elevation gain. This tour, following safe and well-marked paths, features a dynamic landscape and spectacular views.  It leads us to the sites of amazing rock formations: the Boulder Batholith and The Wall.

Tour price: $30

Field-Trip Shuttle

8:00 am: Meet the shuttle outside your hotel at 8:00 am. Please bring along a sack lunch. 

4:00 pm: We will leave the Center and stop for dinner on the way home after which you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Field-trip shuttle price: $40

Register for the field trip shuttle by Friday, September 6, to guarantee a place on the pick-up schedule.


Testimonials from Past Events

My greatest take away from my experience at The Heart Center was reconnecting with my long lost friends on this spiritual journey. There is so much love and oneness here. I got a sense of purpose and confidence that the masters are continuing to bless love and work with us on saving the planet as we have vowed to do when we came with Sanat Kumara.I also got a sense that the masters are even closer to us than ever before.

I felt so at home that I wanted to stay but I know that my family needs me as there is much work to be done here and with God's grace and this new found oneness of community in the light I feel that nothing is impossible because it is not me but God that is doing the work. I know now that I am not alone.

I found that this is a community of light workers who has a direct connection with the masters and all the hosts of heaven ready willing and most capable of saving our beloved earth. That this community is real and the masters are real and we as humans need their help and intersession to do the work that God can save the world with the help of his servants the masters and the angels in heaven but they need us who are on this physical plane to be their heart hand and feet to manifest in the physical that which is possible in the spiritual. We as humans cannot do this alone. We need the love wisdom and power of those who have the unlimited access and abilities to do the work.  —D.M.


Seldom during this sojourn does one find the opportunity to dip into the consciousness of Pure Divine Love. So was this opportunity, as one was willing to open to the Heart of the Masters   —D.K.


Keep meditating! This was a fantastic class with the group meditation for 30 minutes at the beginning of the day. Much was accomplished! And we were told how much we can continue to accomplish with divine beings in our times of silent meditation. Paneurhythmy is beginning to take on a more spiritual aspect now. Boris was fantastic--at teaching and at modeling the spirituality of Paneurhythmy. I pray that our community will one day have the reverence for it that he does.

It was great that other masters and cosmic beings came besides the ones on the program. Expect the unexpected. The Buddha of the Maxin Light came because he said we magnetized him during our meditation. And Alpha and Omega came because our meditation reached the Great Central Sun! Amazing! I would also add that you can't even imagine all the light, love and graces that you receive when you come. Mother Mary assisted in the retrieval of  our lost soul parts. How valuable is that?  —L.H.


We had a chance to be together with like-minded heart friends to take it. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know one other as well as serve in the light in a more powerful way than being at home listening and watching on the broadcast.   —C.H.


There are so many great experiences for me---how does one choose? Here are a few I remember at this time:  We were given a golden sheath around our aura. Teachings: Loving Kindness is the key to all healing and wholeness. Loving Kindness flows on waves.  All of us are empowered to give the wave blessings to all of life. The love and camaraderie shared between all those present. This conference was the best by far! I will listen to the replays to recall all the other teachings and blessings we were given.    —R.L.


I felt like I was a different person after the coming of the Buddha of the Maxin Light.  I knew that I was changed in some way.    —A.R.


Links and Information

Conference Program PDF

For questions or comments email Events@HeartsCenter.org

The Autumn Equinox Prayer Vigil begins on Wednesday, September 18, at 8:00 am at the Healing Light Retreat.

A field trip is scheduled for Thursday, September 19, to Sage Mountain Center.

Our prayer vigil ends Sunday, September 22, at 12:30 with a picnic following.

Register for the shuttle by September 6.


If you desire to sell consignment items at our event or donate items to be sold there, please see Hearts Center Consignment Policy


View a photo gallery of this event on Flickr here.

Location and Transportation


Autumn Class Venue in Livingston

Masonic Temple
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
130 North 2nd St.
Livingston, MT 59047




Book your flight into the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN).

  • Autumn Equinox Prayer Vigil begins on Wednesday, September 18, at 8:00 am at the Healing Light Retreat.
  • A field trip is scheduled for Thursday, September 19, to Sage Mountain Center.
  • Our prayer vigil ends Sunday, September 22, at 12:30 with a picnic following.


During business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm:

  • Two-hour parking only on the streets where businesses are located
  • Park Street, on the opposite side from the Livingston Sanctuary—the side of the Livingston Depot Center. See map. (Okay to park in the Depot’s gravel parking lot.)
  • Public parking lot. (Drive north on Park Street. Go right on B Street to the public lot on the left after Callender and before Lewis Street. See map.)

After 5:00 pm and on weekends

  • Unlimited parking on the streets
  • The American Bank parking lot, a few doors away on 2nd Street. See map.

Click Here for a PDF of Printable Parking Map



Livingston Area RestaurantsMany local restaurants listed here.



Livingston Lodging and Roomate Requests For Livingston motels list Click here



If you are looking for roommates, email lodging@heartscenter.org with your name and phone number.


We have not reserved a block of rooms at a reduced rate for the Autumn Equinox event because the hotel prices are very reasonable in September.


  • All hotels in Livingston, MT 59047

(1.2 miles from sanctuary)
111 Rogers Lane
Rooms will not fit a rollaway bed.
Free hot breakfast, indoor pool, mini-refrigerator in every room

Livingston Inn Motel
(1.2 miles from sanctuary)
5 Rogers Lane
No breakfast provided.
|Quaint, fun Western decor

Yellowstone Pioneer Lodge
(1.2 miles from sanctuary)
1515 West Park Street
Free hot breakfast, indoor pool

Comfort Inn
(1.5 miles from sanctuary) 
114 Loves Lane
1-800-4-choice or 406-222-4400
$10.00 extra per adult over 2 adults, rollaway beds for $10 per night
Free hot breakfast, indoor pool, refrigerators and microwaves in all rooms

Murray Hotel
(Across from sanctuary)
201 West Park Street
Historic hotel, rates and rooms vary.
Live bands play on main floor—request a quiet room.

Super 8 Motel
(1.6 miles from Sanctuary)
105 Centennial Drive
Continental breakfast included