2016 Mount Shasta

2016 Mount Shasta Meru University Event:

Saint Germain and the Rakoczy Connection—
The Divine Director Initiates a New Era of Freedom with the Aquarian Master

With David Christopher Lewis

(August 11-14)


Mount Shasta calls you!

Enjoy the beauty of Mount Shasta this summer and immerse yourself in the Divine Director’s revelation about the Rakoczy connection with Saint Germain. Personally participate in the initiation of a New Era of Freedom with the Aquarian Master. Enjoy Aquarian community in this spectacular setting.

The Divine Director’s new era of freedom

What will the Divine Director’s new era of freedom mean for our planet, our solar system and our galaxy? Find out how the Divine Director assists you on the path of initiation, helps you to know your divine plan and realize who you are within that plan. Also with us will be Saint Germain and Portia, Godfre and Lotus, Patheos, and a new yet unknown cosmic master, heartstreaming their messages and blessings through David C. Lewis.

Enjoy our unique program

  • Sing and dance to Kirtans on Thursday evening.
  • Hike Mount Shasta on Friday with an experienced tour guide and receive a special personal blessing from Patheos.
  • Attend the I AM Pageant of the Angels and the choral concert at G. W. Ballard Amphitheatre on Saturday evening.
  • Darshan with the Divine Director.
  • Receive a quickening of the memory of your divine purpose and who you are in God.
  • Experience a special HeartStream and receive a blessing from a cosmic master.
  • Dance the Paneurhythmy at Shastice Park.
  • Enjoy time in nature.

Get better acquainted with the Divine Director

Discover more about the Divine Director, his ties to the House of Rakoczy and its contribution to freedom in this age. He is also known by these titles and qualities, and more:

  • The Master R
  • Saint Germain’s guru
  • Manu of the coming seventh root race
  • A representative of the blue ray on the Karmic Board
  • An initiator of vast spirals
  • A collaborator with cosmic beings beyond our solar system
  • One of the most intelligent masters... and one of the greatest learners in our galaxy

A Cosmic Mind beyond our imagining

The Divine Director has secured from the Great Central Sun the seed ideation of light for an entire root race. He has merged his super cosmic consciousness with cycles of the divine plan for vast universes.

Within his causal body and cosmic mind are the intricacies of fields of energy so powerful and dynamic that he can sense and hold all of these conceptualizations, and the divine blueprint and the divine plan of all lifestreams on Earth and into the cosmos, spanning for tens of thousands of years into the future.

He is awesome. His coming to open a new era of freedom is epic. We invite you to be there in person or participate via our Hearts Center online broadcast for this monumental encounter.

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Free Concert for 2016 Mount Shasta Event

Two groups of talented and inspired musicians:

  • The transformational sacred music of Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill
  • Inspirational Kirtans with Sahadev and friends


Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill http://shastasong.com

Anton Mizerak and tour partner Laura Berryhill will offer a mini-concert of sacred, transformational healing music. Anton Mizerak is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who plays tabla, harmonica, synthesizers and piano. Laura is a talented flautist and masterful singer with an angelic singing voice. Anton and Laura regularly host community music concerts at their Shastasong Events Studio on the side of majestic Mount Shasta. Check out their group photo gallery and testimonial pages.

Anton lives and records in Mount Shasta, in a house and studio that he built himself. Anton's many recordings reflect his extensive travels, his love of the natural world, and his desire to impact the world in a positive way through music. Anton is literate in Sanskrit, with an M.A. in the History of Religions.

He has an intimate understanding of Asian spiritual and musical traditions which he utilizes to create music that enriches and enlivens the listener. Anton has been performing on piano and harmonica since 1968. In 1988 he began studying tabla (classical Indian drums) in Kathmandu, Nepal, with Homnath Upadhyaya. Much of Anton's music reflects his cross-cultural musical experimentation, combining harmonica and synthesizers with traditional Asian melodic and percussive instruments.

Laura Berryhill earned her master’s degree in music history from the University of Oregon, where she focused on early 17th - century Italian sacred music. As a vocalist she works in a variety of musical styles-from early European music , to folk music of the Celtic cultures to new age. She performs and records with Trilogy Celtic Trio and is a member of Kitchen Céilidh, an Oregon-based group dedicated to supporting the living tradition of Scottish Gaelic song.

She was a staff soloist at Unity of the Valley in Eugene, Oregon, has appeared as a soloist with the Jefferson Baroque Orchestra, and performs extensively with new age recording artist Anton Mizerak. She has appeared at Faerieworlds, the Willamette Valley Folk Festival, the Yachats Celtic Music Festival, and the Festival of Harps in Oakland. Recordings include Trilogy’s Far Morning, a CD of traditional and modern Scottish and Irish music for voice, harp, and fiddle. She is also the featured vocalist on harpist Laura Zaerr’s Dreamland, a collection of lullabies for children of all ages. Laura also sings background on Anton's CD When Angels Dream 2


Inspirational Kirtans of Sahadev and Friends


Kirtan Chanting

“People sit together and sing the names of God with harmony and concord and with divine feeling. (Make this one paragraph. Not able to change the placement with tracking.)This is kirtan. It elevates the mind quickly. God is a mystery. Mind is a mystery. The world is a mystery. How kirtan transmutes human nature into divine nature, how it overhauls the old vicious mental habits, how it changes the mental substance, and how it brings the devotee face to face with God is also a mystery. Science and reason can hardly explain the modus operandi of kirtan.” --Swami Sivananda

These kirtan sessions are call-and-response style using Sanskrit names of God, accompanied by harmonium and percussion. All chants are led by Sahadev. Words to the chants will be provided.

Information and Links

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Flexible fee: $144 suggested, with a minimum of $75

Spanish translations are also available.

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Soul Connections

A big THANK YOU to the Soul Connections Store in Mount Shasta for their generous support of our 2016 MU Event. They have graciously opened their doors for book signings and Soul-Raising Sessions. 
Visit Soul Connections online here.
And when you are in Mount Shasta be sure to stop by and visit this beautiful store! Here is a map.