2021 Spring Equinox: Spring Forth into the New Era

The Hearts Center Presents

Spring Forth into the New Era with Saint Germain
March 20-22, 2021
Livestream from Livingston, Montana


A Global Experience with Saint Germain
Get ready to travel! Our spring equinox prayer vigil zooms you around the planet! Hosted by the Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart, our centers from New York to Mexico, Mount Shasta to Washington, D.C, Chicago to Chile, and Mexico to Argentina and Spain are highlighted throughout our three-day vigil. Like no other event we have ever had, our local groups take the lead and set the stage for the descent of light through special HeartStreams planned for each center participating.


Freedom, Self-Realization, Healing, Sharing the Word—Vigil Sharings
During our vigil, each center will focus on a special theme for their session and will receive a release of light through a message from an ascended master of their choice. New York’s theme is “Enlightenment, Self-Realization, Freedom, and the Victory of the Ascension for All.” In their section the Goddess of Liberty will heartstream. Mount Shasta’s theme is “Unity of Beingness and Vision of Oneness,” Lady Portia is their chosen ascended master, and other English-speaking heartfriends around the world are invited to join their session via Zoom. Chicago’s focus is “Divine Love and Transmutation.”  And Washington, D.C. and Texas offer prayers and songs for the blessing of elemental life.

On Sunday, our Spanish-speaking heartfriends will be invoking and anchoring the light in four countries, supplemented by English-speaking prayer leaders. Beloved Metatron comes on Monday, when David and our heartfriends from Livingston will lead us in prayers for their chosen theme: “Planting Seeds of Light within the Soil of All Souls for Aquarian Love-Wisdom to Grow.”

Other masters who are scheduled to deliver HeartStreams during our vigil are Saint Germain, Kuan Yin, Arcturian, Sanat Kumara, Lady Master Venus, Warren Wallring and Lanello.

Our Local Centers—Busy Ushering in the New Day
What a joy to highlight our local centers! Many are broadcast points for our daily prayer services, and all of them are involved in sharing the teachings of the ascended masters.

Our Washington, D.C. area group holds weekly teleconference book studies and regular teaching presentations. Our centers in Mexico, and Central and South America do tremendous work translating our books and translating and teaching Meru University classes for Spanish-speaking inquirers and heartfriends.

The Mount Shasta center continues to draw ascended master students to their community and a city overflowing with such a rich spiritual heritage. The group there, in addition to a weekly violet flame prayer service, practices Paneurhythmy. They have built a vaastu temple, a type of holy architecture that anchors great light into the earth. And they are working on plans to construct a community center.

Take a detailed look at where our centers are located and what they are up to...

We look forward to being with you in person, via Zoom, or over our broadcast for our spring equinox prayer vigil. Accelerate the evolution of our planet into a New Era of enlightenment with the ascended masters and heartfriends around the world!


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