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2018 Winter Prayer Vigil: with The Seven Holy Kumaras

Hearts Center San Diego winter Solstice Event

A Prayer Vigil for Planetary Providence, Progress
and Peace—The Seven Holy Kumaras
Charge the Earth with Aquarian Love-Light

Vista, California
December 13-16, 2018

With David Christopher Lewis


Southern California—the Place to Be!

Gather with heartfriends worldwide and your friends in the heavenly realms in sunny, balmy Vista at the Temple of Clarity this December! What would be better than a weekend of warm weather and warm hearts filled with light as the winter months approach?
Come to Vista to pray that peace grows in the hearts of men, women and children everywhere. With the Seven Holy Kumaras, Lady Venus, the Holy Family, the Divine Director, and Lady Clarity, let’s charge our planet with the love and light of Aquarius!

Defining and Expanding Aquarian Love

Through David Christopher Lewis the ascended masters will give more understanding on the meaning of Aquarian love and ways to multiply it, expand it, intensify it:

  • Lady Clarity:  “Welcome to the Temple of Clarity Where Aquarian Love Reigns Supreme!”
  • The Seven Kumaras:  “The Seven Holy Kumaras Charge the Earth with Aquarian Love-Light!”
  • Mother Mary:  “Darshan on Expanding Aquarian Love Person-to-Person”
  • Saint Germain:  “Envisioning a New Earth Victorious in Love, Freedom and Righteousness”
  • The Divine Director:  “Anchoring Planetary Providence, Progress and Peace”
  • Jesus:  “Darshan on Aquarian Love” (Jesus will ask questions of attendees!)
  • Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus:  “The Sealing of Your Hearts with Venusian Love and Aquarian Joy!” (with special blessing for those present and on the broadcast)

Healing the Earth; Healing Ourselves

Health and vitality are necessary in anchoring and holding the light of heaven within our bodies. Dr. Nancy Lach will help get us excited about transitioning to a better diet and share with us the top ten things to improve our health. Jackie Fleder, having achieved years of study and practical application of vastu, an ancient spiritual architecture, will talk to us about the healing and transformative energies of vaastu temples.

During intermissions, lunch and early evenings, look forward to free wellness sessions, which will include massage treatments and essential oil therapies.

There's More!

Sign up for a face-to-face Soul-Raising Session with David and the Holy Spirit during your Vista weekend—an amazing opportunity. And enjoy Paneurhythmy at the beautiful Questhaven community.

How about a sunset walk on the beach? You’re there! Meditate with the waves and the sun, walk along the shoreline, and pray for the protection of the Pacific Ocean and all life within and around it.  

On Saturday evening, come to our community Christmas party! Sing carols, drink apple cider, munch on healthy snacks, and enjoy the company of kindred souls and Christmas angels.

Your Aquarian Love-Light Gift

So, make plans to add your heart of Aquarian love to those of your brothers and sisters. What a gift you will be giving with your presence in Vista in December!


Soul-Raising Sessions with David Christopher Lewis

In-Person Soul-Raising Sessions

The 10-minute to 1-hour in-person Soul-Raising Sessions include a soul reading, aura clearance, and chakra balancing. In addition, you may ask one question. Receive a direct teaching from the Holy Spirit, uniquely personal for you.


After the session you will be emailed an audio file link, enabling you to save and listen to your message at your convenience.

Special in-person prices:

10 minutes: $72

20 minutes: $144

30 minutes: $200

1 hour: $333

A 5-minute Holy Spirit blessing with gemstone talisman, also offered, releases a personal talismanic charge of light from the Holy Spirit: $33

Schedule an appointment during the event at the onsite Hearts Center bookstore.


The Holy Spirit Overshines David to Bless You

David is conducting Soul-Raising Sessions sponsored by the Holy Spirit. The tremendous power of the release of light through the agency of the Holy Spirit will afford you relief from ancient patterns and records lodged in the subtle fields and folds of your subconscious and unconscious mind and being. You will experience change, transformation and elevation.


The divine spiritual grace flowing to you will be personal for you. The Holy Spirit will do what she desires in each session. Personal healings are not guaranteed, yet possibilities for healing may come through the Holy Spirit’s divine grace and comfort.

David's Comments on Soul-Raising Sessions from July 20, 2016

"Sometimes the anointing, the blessing, the encouragement, the soul raising is facilitated in such a way that you can expand it and help others. That’s what I saw over and over again. It is not just about your own soul raising. You are raised up so that you can raise others up. And that is the magnanimous nature of each one of these blessings.

"You are consecrated, accelerated, and invested with greater light and fields of divine joy and beingness. I see each person who goes through this as now being even more expressive of their true Self. You have a greater sense of your purpose and mission beyond what you may have humanly conceived you were capable of because God is great, and God is great in you.

"That’s the beauty of these sessions. It reconnects us to the sense of who we truly are as spiritual beings—yes, living in these veils of flesh—and yet still totally connected to God and one with God in our essence, and having all these sacred abilities, resources that we can draw upon and dynamics of alchemy that we can utilize in our work. It’s so important that you have these sessions."



"This was a cosmic experience, something I’ve never had in my life! I was taken right up to the throne of God and shown my divine purpose as a being. I tell you, this changes how you think about yourself! I still get chills when I think about everything I learned about my soul. I can’t tell you how life-changing it is and I encourage everyone to have a session." —C.B.

"Once you get the blessing, you will know that it’s not some random blessing that comes out of a hat. It’s really for you. It gives you such a feeling that the Holy Spirit really knows you. You know that everything about you, what you’ve been doing and what your real Self is, God knows, and this communion that you have is undeniably sincere and the truth." —N.B.

"Among other things, I was granted a talisman and an ability to bless and raise locations in the Earth and people, and groups of people. I feel that it is something that I will use. And I will continue to develop the ability to use it more efficaciously all the rest of my life. It’s like a life assignment and a grant in a more than ordinary way." —B.B.


Information and Links

Program - PDF

Thursday, December 13
1:00 to 5:00 pm: In-person Soul-Raising Sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration and the store will be open.
6:50 pm: The prayer vigil begins

Sunday, December 16
1:00 pm: The vigil ends with a special blessing from Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, and a community lunch.

If possible, plan your flights/travel to arrive early on Thursday for an in-person Soul-Raising Session and to stay for the community lunch on Sunday.  

In San Diego in December the daytime temperatures are between 70-61 degrees during the day and 53-45 degrees at night. It will probably be sunny; however there may be some rain.

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Onsite Attendance Registration Rates

Tither fee: $135
(Those who regularly tithe to The Hearts Center)
Register for onsite attendance


Internet Broadcast - San Diego Valentine's Weekend Prayer Vigil 2016Internet Broadcast Registration Rates
Flexible fee: $100 suggested, $75 minimum (per household)

See registration store page for international and senior prices.

Spanish translations will be broadcast on an alternate channel whenever possible by our volunteer translators; however, it is not guaranteed. 
Register for internet broadcast

Take our Meru University course on the Seven Holy Kumaras!

To learn more about the Seven Holy Kumaras before attending the vigil, take the course ($30 for seven 2-hour video replays)  or enjoy it once more if you have already taken it. 

How can we truly understand divine love? Commune with the apex of divine love on Venus—the Seven Holy Kumaras, and receive a new perspective! Simply click on the link below. 

The Seven Holy Kumaras on Divine Love and Twin Flames

Meru University course on Seven Holy Kumaras

List of the Seven Holy Kumaras and their twin flames View/Print PDF



Air travel to San Diego AirportAirport: Book your flight into the San Diego International Airport (SAN).

We are not providing shuttle service to and from the airport. You may wish to compare prices with Uber, Lyft or online airport car rentals.

Carpools will be arranged for transportation to meals, hotels, and outings. 



The Temple of Clarity (private residence)
1541 Roma Drive, Vista, California  92081


Food and Lodging

Vista Hotel OptionsBelow are three hotel options in the Vista area. Book through the hotel websites or go to discount hotel sites on the internet like to compare prices , read the reviews, or find other hotel choices. 

Reserve your hotel room as soon as possible for best rates.


Vista Area Hotels

La Quinta Inn  San Diego/Vista (closest to prayer vigil location)
630 Sycamore Ave.
Vista, CA 92083
(760) 727-8180

Hyatt Place  San Diego/Vista/Carlsbad
2645 S. Melrose Dr.
Vista, CA 92081
(760) 814-8879
Hyatt Place/

TownePlace Suites  San Diego/Vista/Carlsbad
2201 S. Melrose Dr.
Vista, CA 92081
(760) 216-6010

Also find reasonably priced lodging on Airbnb.


Restaurant guide for Vista

View/print Vista-area restaurant list PDF Click Here.



Paneurhythmy Instruction Video

Master Peter Deunov: The Paneurhythmy demonstrated by the I.D.E.A.L. Society
(Click  to view player controls. Click on "YouTube" to watch on for full screen  viewing)