Beloved Omega's Blessing Upon Sweden and Your Soul




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The Hearts Center of Sweden Presents

A Cosmic Infusion of Light from Venus
The Holy Kumaras Come to Illumine Scandinavia

May 25 - 28, 2017
Strömbäcks Folkhögskola, Umeå, Sweden

Welcome to UmeĂĄ, the ”City of the Birches”, where you will experience a momentous release of light during this conference! As the year 2017 gives us unique opportunities for both spiritual development and possibilities to influence life, the Ascended Masters are here to magnify our efforts and guide us to higher levels of being.

Through 14 inspiring messages of eternal wisdom from the Ascended Masters, delivered through their Messenger, David Christopher Lewis, as well as mantra, meditation, sharing, song and daily sessions of the sacred dance Paneurhythmy, the light is released, and you will become anchor points for the unique and new light essences that will be transferred to the Earth during this event.

This seminar promises to leave a deep imprint in the Earth of the love-wisdom energies from our sister planet Venus!
The spiritual victory of your life is yours to claim! Make it a reality by attending this seminar!

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