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Shining the Divine Light in Our World through Ho’oponopono Our Events Are Important for Establishing the Culture of the Divine Mother in the Earth

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David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 10, 2012   8:30-8:59 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Shining the Divine Light in Our World through Ho’oponopono Our Events Are Important for Establishing  the  Culture of the Divine Mother in the Earth


            Good morning, everyone. I love Ho’oponopono, and I hope that each and every one of you is loving it and using this beautiful spiritual art form regularly, continuously throughout your day, your week, your life. As I was working with my wife yesterday and sitting in silence and going deep within and cleaning, I believe that we had a great synthesis of our hearts in resolving an issue, not between us but on behalf of someone else, and yet the work was done internally, within us.
            This morning I’d like to share another way that we can use Ho’oponopono to benefit us in our work. Even as we are cleaning away the darkness, the past, the cobwebs, transmuting undesirable elements within ourselves and the world, the dust and that which has clouded those higher divine energies of Spirit that are vibrating all around us, we can be shining, buffing the beautiful divine elements of the heaven world that come into focus before us and manifesting a beautiful world of co-creation in higher octaves.
            When you first begin to use Ho’oponopono, you may feel that you require a lot of time to transmute, cleanse and do this deep inner spiritual work. And then later, as you gain momentum and feel a sense of uplift because of the energies that are released and that become available for you to use from that transmuted past, you may feel you can then move forward on your path and gain a greater momentum. I believe that through a shift in consciousness some of this can begin immediately, even for those of us who do not have a long momentum on doing Ho’oponopono; and we can accept the divine world, the divine estate, the state of perfection, grace, beauty and God-glory that is our true nature now.
            Yes, we continue to clean, and yet this cleaning becomes a dusting, a shining, a buffing and illumination of all that is pure, beautiful and real. And when we hold the immaculate concept for others—that beautiful image of each person as already fully divine—and we highlight and illumine that in our consciousness as we simultaneously transmute and clean within us that which has clouded our vision of that perfection, then the beauty of each one’s divinity looms directly before our awareness, our vision, our eyesight, and that awesomeness of God within each one comes to the fore and is a blessing and a boon for them and for us, for the entire universe.
            I believe that just as we breathe in different pranic essences of the seven rays and the five crystal rays—the twelve rays that we know of—we can also clean with the brilliance of the colorations and the nuances of these rays. And so you may choose to clean with a type of blue energy-light on Tuesdays or when you feel that you require that action of the first ray. You may clean with the brilliance and the beauty of the yellow ray on Sundays or whenever you feel that there is required, in the moment, the ray of illumination, wisdom, divine knowledge and gnosis. You can clean with the pink ray of love, of compassion and kindness on Mondays or whenever you desire to embellish what you are working on with those qualities of the heart.
            Likewise, you can clean with the pure white ray on Fridays or whenever you desire to add the light of the ascension currents, of wholeness and perfection of the fourth ray. And on Wednesdays you can choose the emerald ray, the healing ray of science, precipitation and divine mathematics and music, or you can choose it whenever you desire to ennoble the cosmos with that beautiful music of the spheres through your consciousness. And then there’s the purple and gold ray of service, ministration, brotherhood and peace on Thursdays or whenever you desire to add those elements of light to your world. You can choose the violet ray—the seventh ray of freedom, mercy, forgiveness, alchemy and the sacred priesthood of Melchizedek, Zadkiel and other great masters—on Saturday or when you desire to enter this divine world with Saint Germain and those great beings of light who are true magi, magicians of the Spirit. And you can go on and on with the eighth ray, the ruby ray, and the various crystal rays that we know of.
            When we begin to do this work and add this specificity of the coloration of the rays, the vibrations and the nuances of the rays, into the equation of our spiritual cleaning with Ho’oponopono, there is a newness to our spiritual work whereby we do not engage in mediocrity or sameness or some mechanized way of doing this work. It becomes fresh and new and exciting each time and we discover new things. We unfold and unwrap new gifts of the Presence right within our midst, from deep within our beings, our souls, our hearts, our subconscious as we continue to shine, clean and illumine our worlds.
            The momentum that we bring into this equation through our prayers of the violet light and the crystal light can augment the awesomeness of this simple forgiveness matrix and prayer—“I love you; I am sorry; please forgive me; thank you”—in a way that dresses it in cosmic substance and celestial fire and allows the blessing of who we are as God-realized men and women and children to manifest into the bright new world that we are co-creating in the eternal Now of our awareness of God through presence.
            So I invite all of us to demonstrate the mastery of this beautiful art form and science of the Spirit of wholeness on a continuous basis, because you will discover more about yourself. Elements of your unresolved past will pop up, not for deep focus for long periods of time in the doom-and-gloom consciousness, but as an opportunity for resolution, so that you can say: “Okay, there it is. I observe it within myself. I am transmuting it, cleaning it on behalf of myself and all life.”
            Energetically, as we work at this level of vibration, the action of clearance is manifested universally throughout the cosmos because of the law of correspondence and the higher laws of synchronicity. We attract to our worlds what we focus upon, what we believe in, what we accept through our paradigms and mind-sets.
            I believe that we can begin to accept, to know, to visualize and to become awesome new God-ideals by imagination. Let us begin to imagine more and more of the beautiful world, the celestial world that we are co-creating right here upon Earth through this science. And as we brighten the world by our joy-spirit through this sacred work of Ho’oponopono, we will be amazed to see what God is creating within our world, within the entire world through this beautiful alchemy of hearts.
            As we visualize light, perfection, grace, harmony and beauty all around us, it becomes highlighted in our consciousness and goes deeply within our cells, our Solar cells, to take hold and to take root in a beautiful way that really does create the shift within us. And we become that change that we desire to see in the world because we have accepted the responsibility for recreating that world within ourselves.
            The shift begins within us. The divine plan begins to unfold in a natural way, majestically, harmoniously through our consciousness, and miracles begin to occur and ensue all around us, which may have been there before and yet we did not observe them or were not open to them or simply ignorant of them. Now we are awakened and we begin to feel the angelic frequencies of divine muses, who are always there to inspire us and to raise us in consciousness. We begin to know the ascended master consciousness as the mind of God that is manifesting through our spirit, through the beautiful ideations of the Divine One that are continuously flowing throughout the cosmos on these great radio waves of light; which we are then able to receive because we have set up that receptor station within our consciousness to allow them a point in time and space, a nexus, through which they may vibrate within our auric field and be experienced.
            So we know that heaven is always manifesting all around us and within us. The kingdom of God is within.1 It is our choice to live in that kingdom consciousness, in that divine Spirit throughout our day by retuning and attuning ourselves to that celestial world of pure light, pure radiance, harmony, joy, blessedness, beingness, grace and spiritual integrity.
            I accept and I believe that each and every one of you is a divine being, is a God-crystallized one in your true nature. This is what you are in your reality and are destined to fully outpicture in your conscious world—not in a quasi-dream state, but in the divine reality of the higher etheric world, which is even now interpenetrating into your world and raising you into Christ consciousness, Buddhic awareness and the great Presence of the Mother light of the raised kundalini.
            When I look upon the images of Mario Duguay, Marius Michael George, Tom Miller and other inspired holy brothers and artisans, I am raised up and feel an infusion of that spiritual fire. There is also Svetlana, the beautiful artist in Russia who has graciously given us permission to use many of her images, such as the one that’s on our Astrea CD, and others that are used for our Meru University slide shows prepared by our beloved Maria Min, and for our website by the Creative Arts Team, who creates wonderful visuals with them. All of these visuals are there for us to use as tools to harmonize the world around us and within us again and again, to bring our attention to situations and yet to wrap everything in light, color, divine sound and divine aromas. In this way we blend the resource of our causal bodies, our Solar Selves with the ascended masters and the great artisans of the Spirit so that this new culture of Aquarius may unfold naturally within the world.
            I was working yesterday with Marita and Rune Hagen on the program for our event in Sweden, and I was amazed at what I saw will occur energetically when we gather in May in Umea and then when some of us travel to the British Isles after that event. I felt the power of the Presence of Sanat Kumara and of many angelic beings from Venus who are so invested in the divine culture to manifest upon Earth that they actually took incarnation through many of these European peoples, including the Scandinavians, most of whom, in their original seed, are from Venus. They love to dance and sing and be in nature, and this is what the Venusians love to do. We will experience more of the Venusian culture during this event as a mini Meru University class on one day during our time together in northern Sweden.
            Each of our courses, classes and events, including our Miami event, which is coming up next month, is very, very important for establishing upon Earth this beautiful culture of the Divine Mother. Each time a HeartStream is released, it’s as if a new street, an avenue of light is built within the etheric world where those HeartStreams are released. And a part of the Holy City is brought to bear in the Earth itself at a very deep vibrational level because those HeartStreams, as the sacred and blessed words of the ascended masters, are co-creating this river of light right where we are, through our consciousness upraised to God.
            So if you desire to be involved in the creation of heaven upon Earth, of the City of God upon Earth, tangibly, come to these events; because this is where the rubber, the divine rubber, meets the road and where the divine Spirit and grace of God is manifest through our collective consciousness. And we can co-create architecturally beautiful, divinely designed cities of light, avenues of the Spirit, parks and boardwalks and places of meditation and harmony, just as we would see in the divine world, right within our conscious world through the co-creative work during our times together.
            Each of these seminars and events is an opportunity to together invest our highest selfhood to bring the divine world into our world. Yes, much can be done through our online experience. Yet I have to tell you that when we are physically present in our seats in the aroma of the ascended master God-beings of light—especially the lady masters, who bring these divine fragrances—who anchor such a stupendous radiation that it is almost indescribable in its ineluctable beauty and power, we are truly engaged with our elder brothers and sisters. And there is a transference through our chakras, through our beings, through the crystal of our Selfhood into the world itself.
            We do our highest work, our most beautiful labor in these sessions together when we are of one mind, of one spirit, of one heart. This is why we came to Earth. Yes, we can do a lot on our own. We can master ourselves; we can work on our divine theses; we can co-create through our own sacred labor many beautiful energetic works of the Spirit. Yet when we merge with others in a greater auric field of our unity through togetherness, there is co-created such a stupendous action that we will not even know how awesome this is until we ascend to the heart of God and look upon it from higher realms with our new eyes, our spiritual eyes, and see just how involved we truly were with the angelic hierarchies of light, with our masters, whom we love, and with the great cosmic beings, the Elohim, the Solar beings who guide, guard and direct us.
            I encourage all of us to consider coming to Miami, making the effort, even the sacrifice, if required, to be present. I encourage you to consider what it will take for you to get there. And though you may be saving and planning to come to Lake Titicaca, work an alchemy with the Brotherhood again and see just how the ascended hosts, your higher mentors and your sponsoring ones, can help you—if you are willing to go the extra mile, literally and figuratively—to be there with us to create a beautiful experience that will last for eons of time in your higher awareness. And the patterns of what we will joyously create will harmonize so much for that southeastern portion of our United States, and it will allow the light of freedom to flow.
            Now, one thing that occurred during a darshan as we were considering this Miami class that I’d like to bring to your attention is that Zadkiel’s retreat has been compromised in the world of form because it is over Cuba, where there has been the Communist influence and the subjugation of those peoples by an autocracy since the late 50s and early 60s with the rule of Fidel and now Raul Castro. So the city of Miami and many of the lightbearers there have held a very important focus for freedom on behalf of Zadkiel’s retreat. And so when we go to Miami, virtually the most major southeastern city in these United States that we have, there is an opportunity to expand the light of freedom for America—for North, Central and South America. This event will be like a stepping stone for our journey to Lake Titicaca, to South America, in December and it will be very important to create wave patterns of light in the atmosphere and deep within the Earth that will reach, energetically, the shores of many of these nations and allow us to harmonize and balance much.
            This work is done by the ascended masters. We facilitate it through our presence and by speaking the Word, singing, praying, chanting and doing all that we do together—meditating, dancing and co-creating. Yet the ascended masters, because we are there, are able to amplify and accelerate this divine radiance through an aggregate of light that allows a more magnificent manifestation to occur. Because of the harmony that they wield in the etheric octaves of light and the attainment that they have, they are able to geometrically and cosmo-geometrically amplify the energy that we invoke and release it through their sacred hearts of fire and, in a stupendous way, bring cosmic balance and harmony to the Earth in many domains and realms.
            So being physically present allows you to accrue to your causal body a part of the dynamism of what we together accomplish with the ascended masters. There is an added blessing to your being—in your auric field, in your soul and especially in your causal body—because of your physical proximity, by being there in person. Not all of this can occur at the same energetic level when you’re attending on the broadcast, and yet of course we know it’s impossible for everyone throughout our activity to be at every event. So you do have to mindfully pick and choose what is best for you based on your finances, your plans and what you desire to see manifest. Yet I do believe that when you treasure map, when you accept abundance and even opulence in your world, magic can occur, miracles can ensue and you can have the abundance that you require or the situation manifest that allows you to be physically present.
            So I encourage all who can to register now for that event, make your voice heard, set your intention, visualize yourself in your seat in Miami. And I will be, on behalf of the ascended masters, most happy to welcome you there for that beautiful event. Thank you for listening and participating in our broadcast today. I will return you now to our beloved Helen to continue the service until 9:30. Have a wonderful day.


1. Luke 17:20, 21. 

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