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Saint Germain Blazes Forth the Light of God-Freedom for Our Victory and Speaks of the Import of Our Autumn Equinox Pilgrimage to Southeastern Canada

Saint Germain Blazes Forth the Light of God-Freedom for Our Victory and Speaks of the Import of Our Autumn Equinox Pilgrimage to Southeastern Canada

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Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
January 24, 2014 9:00–9:21 am MST
Livingston, Montana



Saint Germain Blazes Forth the Light of God-Freedom for Our Victory
and Speaks of the Import of Our Autumn Equinox Pilgrimage to Southeastern Canada


In the light of eternal freedom I come, manifesting God-consciousness through the Sun Reality of my being and raying it forth throughout America and the world for the victory of the light within you and within every sentient being evolving upon our blessed Earth. Dearest ones, as your Saint Germain, I am invested in your liberation. From what, you say? From all that is less than your True Self, your God Reality and the inviolate state of your divinity that God has always within the All-Seeing Eye envisioned for you and held as a perfected crystalline matrix of your identity.

Yes, dearest ones, I am continuing to accelerate in cosmic consciousness. I have entered the Sun Presence of the Almighty to the level which I am capable of experiencing as an ascended being. And therefore, this day I come with this investment of spiritual fire for you, each one, for you to self-realize your godhood and to enter into a new domain of beingness this day and every day as you choose to live in your Presence within the eternal Now.

Gracious ones of God, you have been called and you have answered. Heaven has called and heaven, too, has answered your prayers, your invocations. And through your own heart resonance with the Divine One, there is a filtering into the atmosphere of Earth of greater divine graces, of Spirit. And these quintessences will continue to flow into the Earth through those whose hearts are trued to the One, whose minds are open to new revelation, and whose wills are invested in the work of the Spirit in this hour for planetary freedom.

Portia and I daily consider the vibration of every disciple who calls him or herself a Keeper of the Flame, a Keeper of the Lightning, a servitor of fire, an initiate. We assess where you are upon the ladder of initiation and we send forth our rays of God-consciousness unto your Higher Self so that there may be this daily investment of Spirit in your midst for your liberation and victory.

You see, dearest ones, as proponents of the Seventh Age of Freedom upon Earth, a golden-crystal age of enlightenment and divine gnosis, we are invested in the God-awareness of every lifestream who works with the Great White Brotherhood and the ascended masters. Many think that somehow, through quasi-sorcery, they may magically enter the divine domains by their own thought processes. Yet, beloved ones, I tell you this day that it takes much more focus, awareness, presence and divine love manifesting through you to access the highest realms of God-consciousness. And therefore you must soar in your spirit. You must learn the higher truths that we proffer to humanity if you would touch the hem of the garments of the Eternal One as we have and literally ingest fire, light and holy ether.

Blessed ones, many are awaiting my advanced studies in alchemy. Be patient and also be invested yourself in the various equations and formulas of light that you have already received from the ascended hosts and me in our previous deliveries. For when you review them and when you literally attempt to ingest the Word itself as an energy field of beingness through our deliveries, then you are causative of an acceleration of the mass consciousness whereby it is easier for us to deliver our message in book form and through various media to the Earth. You see, when daily you participate in the higher alchemical works of the Great White Brotherhood, then, as alchemists yourselves, you precipitate in 3-D within your world a portion of our greater plan.

Blessed ones, how may we raise consciousness today? Well, first it must occur within ourselves. And therefore, even I am always in meditation upon the Great Central Sun, learning and coalescing light through my God-consciousness into specific areas in which I am allowed to act forthrightly on behalf of mankind. If you could see the specificity within the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood by which we plan and coordinate our activities through the various councils and the great ascended beings whose inspiration, guidance and power we always seek in order to accomplish the miraculous and to sustain divine progress, you would be amazed, blessed ones.

And therefore, when you plan with great awareness, seeing into the future that which you draw forth into the reality of the present moment by your own attunement with your Source, then alchemy ensues of the highest order and the divine design manifests right within your heart and world. Some of you are a little bit shaky at times in your ability to maintain presence. And therefore I remind you of many of the initial teachings that I dispensed and provided through my messenger Godfre Ray King. Review these at times in order to know what it takes to be a boon to the Earth, a resource of light through your heart fires offered on the altar of the One on behalf of humanity. When there is great self-sacrifice, when there is great givingness and a sufficiency of thankfulness manifest through your daily offering of selfhood to the Divine One, then we step through the veil and deliver the sacred fire directly into every domain that we are allowed to enter through the hearts of the conscious ones upon Earth.

Yes, dearest ones, it is so that when you are in holy prayer, when you are in holy meditation, when you are in holy presence, then all possibilities for God-attainment and the delivery of the sacred fire manifest through the open portal of your heart. O, blessed ones, it is a new day of Spirit today! And on this day of purity our investment of cosmic light-energies is tangible for many of you to experience, to feel, to know with certitude.

Yes, I AM Real! I am invested in America, in the I AM Race everywhere upon Earth. And this year could be and will be, I say, a turning point in the exposure of eternal truths as well as that which is no longer required upon Earth to manifest through the unconscious ones that you must do something about through your own God-conceptualization of Earth as Freedom’s Star now manifest.

Yes, blessed ones, I am coming to Canada, and Portia with me. And there will be a suffusion, a true God-infusion, of light though our teachings on meditation. And many of you in Canada I call personally to assist in the preparation of the flowfield within those four sacred cities as I see them now in the land of the north, of Bonnie Blue and Archangel Michael and beloved Heros and Amora with holy Faith supportive of all that you do. And in Toronto, in Ottawa, in Quebec City and in Montreal, we will light anchor light, light, light! We will anchor spiritual fire such as you have not seen it manifest within Canada in quite some time, dearest ones.

Yes, you have called forth the light for your nation. And therefore we answer. And El Morya’s investment, likewise, will be for many of you an opportunity for self-transformation such as you have not had in a number of lifetimes. For the master himself will clear the way for us and there will be legion upon legion upon legion of dynamic angelic presences in our midst to provide the impetus and the flowfield for God’s investment of solar light for the nation that stands true as a dominion of God. Those words are in your national anthem. Sing it daily, if you would, in preparation for our coming in September. For each time you stand with Bonnie Blue—and when your heart, true blue to the One, affirms God within you and within your nation—there the light manifests, there the fireworks expand, and there a new golden-crystal day appears on behalf of all.

You see, precious ones, there is always opportunity for greater light to manifest and for a beautiful Earth to be experienced daily by you if you choose to so live in the eternal light of God no matter what is occurring within your government, within various institutions, within the educational field and within the media. You become the nexus of light for the re-creation of all of these in the divine design that we have envisioned long ago and are assiduously invested in precipitating into reality in 3-D now. I am enfired this day, and I empower many of you to be more involved in the work of The Hearts Center movement in some way, even if it is two hours a week, one day a month, or a week in an annual cycle of the Earth around your solar orb.

Yes, dearest ones, what can you give to the universe of your Higher Selfhood today, I ask. Are you willing to make the effort, the sacrifice, the investment so that our greater plan and that which the Great Divine Director has inspired upon us can truly become physical in this hour? It is up to each and every one of you to be involved in some way in a greater measure and not just when the fire descends through our messages. Why, that fire burning within your own heart should speak to you daily of that which is required for our greater work to be sustained and for this action of light to be maintained in constancy and in the glory and beauty of God.

So, dearest ones, if you would be alchemists of the highest order, seek how to serve. Seek how you may love with a greater love daily. Speak of love to the plants. Speak of love to the stars. Speak of love to your pets, to your home, to the atmosphere, to one another. When love is present within every breath and heartbeat, there I AM within you as your Knight Commander, as the advocate of freedom eternal for the Earth in this age dawning.

Yes, dearest ones, I am overshining you with a new radiance if you choose to have me in your world, in your life, in your work and service. It is always the choice to be or not to be invested in God and the light. Therefore, choose light, choose love, choose beingness and presence. And you shall win! And we together will always be victorious in the light. Blessings, salutations, as God loves all. I thank you.

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