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Beloved Mother Mary: We Wish to Establish Many Focal Points of Light Across the Earth, Consider Forming Hearts Centers in Your Areas or Moving to Already Established Centers

Beloved Mother Mary: We Wish to Establish Many Focal Points of Light Across the Earth, Consider Forming Hearts Centers in Your Areas or Moving to Already Established Centers

Beloved Mother Mary

David Christopher Lewis
September 29, 2005    7:20-7:35 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana



We Wish to Establish Many Focal Points of Light Across the Earth
Consider Forming Hearts Centers in Your Areas or Moving to Already Established Centers

My Beloved Children,
            I have come into your midst this morning on the feast day of the glorious Archangel Michael, commander of the hosts of the Lord, to spread my wings across the entire Earth for the salvation of all who can be saved. I am your Mother Mary and I have waited for you to gather so that I may again address you, beloved hearts.
            The coming of the angels to Earth is no longer a miraculous event, for we have now graced your planet with our radiance day by day through the invocation of the sacred fire that you and many others continue to perform. The Earth must be washed clean each twenty-four hours, for the karma that does come due to mankind must be cleared away by the action of the light. And therefore we are grateful for those among mankind who do not forget to kneel in prayer and to give of their hearts daily so that we may come to impress upon the souls of every lightbearer and upon all who require the grace of God the fullness of the light of our angelic hosts.
            You have been reading from the sacred texts released nearly fifty years ago. And we do honor all that our brethren ascended have released as instruction on how each of you may be vessels and electrodes of light. You are learning what we have been doing for eons, beloved ones. For the archangels and their archaiei have directed the course of mankind, have interceded in the individual lives of many of mankind and have come when we have been called, often unbeknownst to men. Yet we do appear here and there physically. And when not able to do so in this tangible manner we often appear to the souls at inner levels for their comforting and for the upliftment of that feminine potential which must one day unite with the great God Presence.
            Beloved hearts of fire, the radiance of our love issues forth from the very altars of the Godhead. And we, when releasing the sacred fire unto you, are literally dripping with the very essence of God’s consciousness. And we hope that you will not allow even one erg of this sacred energy to go unused or wasted, but to be fully utilized and incorporated into your daily affairs and in your sacred labor to life.
            Beloved hearts, if you could see us with your physical eyes when we come each day, you would make a greater effort to be here. For in the very nearness of our presence we extend the tangible reality of our love—as you now feel my heart burning so near and close to you, each one.
            Why is it that mankind forget God and the godly intent to raise the soul each day a little higher? Why, it is so easy in your dimension to allow your energies to settle, as it were, to the lowest common denominator of what you have experienced in past lives. And through the very depression that sets in upon you through the weight of world karma you do not always understand the needs of the hour of your soul and of the desire of the ascended masters for you to step up the light and to be those pure and holy instruments for us.
            Therefore we teach in our retreat the constancy that is necessary for the soul to be one with God, to maintain that attunement and that sense of listening grace that does always honor the voice of God that speaks within the heart—your heart and the hearts of your brothers and sisters through whose eyes shine the very light of the Beloved. O, my friends. O, my hearts, would you be my handmaidens daily, waiting upon the Lord and serving in this place as a temple of fire? And when you are not able to come here physically, will you serve within the temple of your own inner sanctum, washing your own soul first and then lending a hand to us to use for the healing of many?
            We wish to establish many focal points of light across the Earth—communities of those who gather in that flame of the Holy Spirit where lightbearers are coming always in humility and reverence to give of their sacred energies daily for the sustaining of life in various regions across the Earth. These are becoming sun centers for us. And therefore we desire that many of you consider forming Hearts Centers in your areas and also potentially moving to various already established centers, where the combined efforts of your prayers and decrees and meditations may be a witness to us that there are some among mankind who will stand and still stand for the salvation of those who have lost the way.
            Beloved ones, we are moving quickly and so we have now brought to your outer awareness others among the Great White Brotherhood who serve in communities in Canada and Europe. And we would see the completion of certain key focal points of the great antahkarana that we are building. And so when you visit other centers and lend your support, building that camaraderie that is truly the essence of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, we do honor all. And through this honoring process, we do recommit you as you so desire to the holy cause of which we are about.
            On this Michaelmas day many legions are on the march across the face of the Earth. And those who understand the very physical reality of the angels and their intercession in the lives of mankind may receive the blessing of this magnificent archangel—his protection, his very real delivery of the sacred fire through the action of the blue sword to cut you loose each day. Therefore we recommend that you do not fail to utilize that blue sword, both for yourself and for your families; even within each seven day period doing as it were a full clearance on your households and the property on which you live, for the dust does settle. You must utilize all the tools available to you to win the battle that is ongoing, beloved hearts.
            Therefore, I ask you to stand now and draw forth the sword of Archangel Michael from your hearts and to cut yourself loose and set yourself free by the power of the archangel who does now stand in the midst of this place and would speak to you in this hour.¹

1.  Immediately after this HeartStream Archangel Michael delivered his annual Michaelmas Day address.

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