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Our Mission and Vision

Meru University

Our mission: Meru University supports the advancement of spiritual seekers on the path of adeptship, initiation, and personal enlightenment through the love-wisdom teachings of the ascended masters revealed today through courses, workshops, seminars, and publications.

Our vision: Meru University students joyfully flourish through the practical application of the ascended master teachings and serve as teachers, ambassadors and spiritual leaders of higher truth.

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From the Brotherhood ...

Dearest ones, many of you are receiving at inner planes initiations that are moving you into new domains of beingEl Morya day by day, even as your souls travel and engage in holy work in the etheric octaves at night and during certain of your higher meditations. 

Through each Meru University class, something of the essence of the higher Aquarian way dawning upon Earth is brought to your outer waking consciousness—a key here, an element of higher truth there, which, when embraced and utilized in your daily striving, in your communication one with another, in the ministry that you engage in through your sacred labor, ennobles the entire greater work of the Brotherhood.    —Master KH, February 25, 2010

Upcoming Meru University Courses 2018

October 14: Milarepa Buddha on the Alchemy of Surrender, Silence and Enlightenment

Milarepa will create a sacred space of divine stillness within and around us for us to access a deeper awareness of the Great Silence. Through teachings on Buddhic surrender, he will encourage us to make greater progress toward our joyful enlightenment so that we may serve others in a more surrendered consciousness of non-reactivity and listening grace. All will feel the power of Milarepa’s tangible presence as he helps meld us with our Buddha nature as never before!


December 2: Vajrasattva on Being Victorious Using the Thunderbolt of Buddhic Fiats

This final Meru University class of 2018 will afford us an opportunity to bask in the light of Vajrasattva’s indomitable spirit within which he manifests the adamantine-diamond nature of victory. Using his sacred thunderbolt vajra, he will clear us and the Earth with the lightning-love of Buddhic compassion and teach us how to free sentient beings to rise into their own Buddha nature. Fiery fiats may be expressed throughout this class to free us from illusion and to goad us to new heights of divine awareness!