HeartStreams for Our
International Community

A preview of some exciting changes for 2022

A new dispensation from Omega—

A change to our Wednesday morning broadcasts

Starting January 12, our Wednesday morning livestreams from Livingston, Montana will feature guest call-ins from around the world.

Please read this letter from our International Hearts Center Council President, Mariela.

Beloved Heartfriend,

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the 2022 Omega Initiative regarding HeartStreams for our international community! Mother Omega came to the most recent meeting of The Hearts Center’s Central Council with the International Hearts Center Council and expressed her desire to anchor light in as many nations as possible where an active group or even one heartfriend lives. This great dispensation is for the purpose of counteracting the Covid situation and other ongoing issues.

The masters will deliver one HeartStream for each nation on two Wednesdays every month. These HeartStreams will take place during the Livingston morning broadcast beginning in January.

David and the masters are inviting 41 nations to participate! This initiative will require all of 2022 and part of 2023 to complete.

We´re deeply grateful to Mother Omega for this dispensation, which will help raise the Earth and enlighten many nations worldwide! All for One and One for all!

We are One,


IHCC President

Schedule of International HeartStreams

HC Mexico
January 12
HC Sweden
January 26
HC CHile
February 9
HC Australia
February 26
5 HC Canada
March 9
6 HC Argentina
7 HC SOuth Africa
April 27
8 Colombia May 25
9 Norway June 1
10 England June 15
11 Spain July 10
12 Peru July 24
13 Denmark August 21

If you desire to see your country represented, please contact ihcc@heartscenter.org.

Focus of the month

At the beginning of each month, this page will be updated.

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The focus for June is on our upcoming Summer Conference, families and youth, and Father's Day. Click below to watch.

Sunday Services—Live from Livingston

Beginning February 6, David and the Livingston, Montana Hearts Center will begin doing live Sunday services. They will no longer broadcast on Friday mornings.

Watch the services live on YouTube or on our homepage.