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Saint Germain book Alchemy
Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy
   by David C. Lewis
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The Hearts Center is a worldwide movement of spiritual seekers committed to realizing self-transformation and sharing up-to-the-minute teachings from ascended masters through David Christopher Lewis, our co-founder and spiritual teacher.

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Beautiful Basics 1 and 2 (Audios):

  1. Thoughts on Our Buddha Nature Chart  Listen
  2. A Tour of Heaven’s Corporate Offices  Listen

Beautiful Basics 3-10 (Videos):

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More Key Teachings and Concepts:

Sun Yoga and Sun Gazing 
Wisdom Teachings
Who Are the Ascended Masters?
Violet Light and Violet Laser Light
Dictionary of Ascended Master Terms


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•   Spiritual practices to accelerate you on your path 

•   Local groups and international centers you may join to grow thriving spiritual community where you are

•   Upcoming events you will love. Join us in person at our quarterly conferences at Equinox and Solstice, prayer vigils, and pilgrimages worldwide. Feel the love of community and presence of God through live HeartStreams, group prayer and devotional singing. 

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