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Last Post 02/21/2012 8:29 PM by  johnt
Weekly Question #1: Intuition and the Spiritual Path
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Ronald and Dwinn

12/08/2011 5:42 PM
For the past few years I have noticed that my intuition has improved in my daily life with my wife, Dwinn, in the sense that I am often prompted to speak something that later turns out to be important in a way that at the time I was unaware, but only fully realized later. I attribute this quality to developing a continual sense of love and gratitude to life and to stay in the flow of life in the moment. In addition to that, I believe that my meditations energize my mind, giving me a sense of expansiveness.
Ronald Dubrawsky

02/21/2012 8:29 PM
First, I noticed how few men have responded to the question of developing
intuition. This is a fairly new idea, as men go "mental" in responding
to others, hence many problems result, because the human mind is a poor
vessel for "seeing" the layers beneath a situation. I never liked this
aspect of responding through mentally discerning a situation, precisely
because there is so much inaccuracy,and problems are exacerbated,
leading to more arguments, ill feelings, mistrust, etc.

I very early on didn't like getting involved with situations because
to me others, fellow kids for instance, were so quick to judge and caused
needless pain. When I noticed others were cruelly taunted, teased, with
all manner of vocal demeaning, I was appalled at the density of such
poor behavior and felt intense sorrow for the victim. My own severe
shyness hindered saying anything, and not until very late in life did I
realize how that interfered with my socializations.

Presently, it seems on hindsight that I developed an empathic intuition
through a keen sense feeling what a situation entailed, and often my
feminine side is/was overly sensitive to others pains. I don't feel
others pain physically, but painful situations where others are emotionally downcast erupt in me very rapid emotional responses, and
I have to work at controlling that so I don't get caught up in downward
spiral, which is hard to extricate from.

The best way I can see myself in a meaningful action, is through prayer
work as I see the need arise, or making quick calls for a situation to
be resolved according to highest outcome for all concerned. Awakening
at around 4 am usually indicates someone needs help, I often make quick
calls for someone to be removed from some danger, or for the situation
to be neutralized, whatever is the most practical.

For some months, I have had very vivid dreams, some humorous, some
a bit puzzling, but no less involving, and I seem to recall more and
more of them later to ponder on. They are plenty entertaining, and I
am very respectful of the huge amount of detail that these dream/
scenarios entail, far more than I could ever imagine in my daytime
awareness. Must be an evolving process of becoming more intuitive.

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