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Last Post 10/09/2011 6:33 PM by  Wayne
Final assignment
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10/09/2011 6:33 PM
    The movie Agora depicted the rough transition from the pagan belief in Serapis and Hermes and other deified initiates of the age of Aries to the belief in Jesus and his promise of salvation in the Piscean Age. It also illustrated the final transition from the matriarchal age of the divine feminine to the patriarchal age. We can make the transition into the New Age smooth by reinstituting the culture of the Mother.

    The pagans, Jews, and Christians all had patriarchal religions and fanaticism and hatred for each other that exploded in acts of violence. Even some of Hypatia's students got caught up in the violence and failed their initiation. There is a connection between rejection and hatred of the Mother and fanaticism. Men are like the violent Lost Boys without the Mother. The World Mother's children are crying out for her to return. We have seen the return of the Mother in the messengers and other representatives of the Mother over the past 140 years, from Helena Blavotsky to Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

    Now, as we fully enter into the New Age, the age of the divine feminine and the divine masculine, we embrace the wisdom of Theos and Sophia contained in the Alpha spiral of Lanello's 33 HeartStreams that inaugurated the initial dispensation of the Hearts Center and the Omega spiral of Clare de Lis' 33 HeartStreams that inaugurated a new cycle within the Hearts Center Community. This course is a landmark that will guide our community for years to come as we continue to study its many teachings, and that of other courses, such as MU 1108 and 901 that continue this Omega thrust. We will spread these teachings through our example and word till the world is filled with the light of wisdom, and patriarchy and fanaticism are no more.
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