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Last Post 08/31/2012 11:31 AM by  Mariah
Week 5 Question: "Our Light Cannot Be Hid Under a Bushel"
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07/16/2012 5:47 PM
In the past, I did a lot more than I do now, from teaching classes on emotional clearing and study group work. I haven’t really done anything for the past few years. I just been give thanks and praise to God for everything I see and have. If someone asks, I share my perspective, but I don’t try to make anyone believe what I believe. When their soul is ready and time is right, they will find the teacher or the teachings. God works in mysterious ways. Mostly, I just let go and let God.
Carol Daly

07/17/2012 1:53 AM
I have been working to change my psychology, I believe things are changing in me for the better, my heart is opening and I am centered more in my heart, my light is shining brighter. I have the masters to thank for this especially Mother Mary who has been clearing blocks from the past and teaching me many things, so that I may better serve the family of God in the earth. The wisdom of the mother flame is tremendous, I pray that I may live up to all that has been given me to assist those who I serve to better their lives in a more productive way. I am truly grateful to be of service, to provide a listening ear, a smile , a hug or what ever it takes. I won't know the full impact of my service to life until later, there are moments when grateful ones share their gratitude, then I know a difference in their lives has occurred. Clara Louise motto was I live to serve, I love to serve, I serve to set life free, as a representative of the Mother flame this my motto too.

08/08/2012 7:01 PM
In heartstream # 27 Clare de lis directs our attention to
our real purpose here upon earth and responsibility in bringing realignment in having earth return to its Edenic

"We have all been created in the Law of the One" she says.
This law is the Law of Love. Through this law great opportunity is afforded us for realignment of heaven and
earth. Through our expression of love, we bring great healing to earth. Our heart blossoms and the world about us as we
send love emanations to all life.

Clare de lis also brings assistance to us through mantras
we can use.

"I claim the light of my Presence now " in this or that
"I am the victory of this cause manifesting now because
God lives where I am."

Through invoking light, prayer, meditation, mantras, service,
and emanating of love into my world, I work upon fulfilling
my responsibility and not hiding my light under a bushel.

08/31/2012 11:31 AM
I further the light of divine wisdom by keeping my emotions under control. I display God's virtues in my being 24/7, I use my spiritual practices of meditation and prayers to send light into the cosmos for the healing of the collective negative energies.
I claim my divinity with our Father/Mother God and declare to the universe We are One! As I embody the Christ in me, I am able to show all I meet each day how we all can be sons and daughters of God where every need is being met even when we have earthly problems to solve that seem impossible. By my example to others with peace and harmony, I am able to show Hope.
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