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Last Post 08/27/2012 9:39 PM by  lightson
Week 3 Question: Understanding and Divine Inspiration
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08/21/2012 8:41 PM
My strategy is "To Be that Lightning in Action"! This can be achieved in many ways. We can give fiats to bring Light into specific situations in our personal and planetary world. Maintain balance and harmony in our interactions with others. Being humble in our responses to others ideas and beliefs. Give unconditional love to all life. When given divine inspirations, we immediately obey the promptings. To feel God's love-wisdom energy flowing in your day-to-day interactions is such a wonderful experience. When you are turning challenges into opportunities and allowing God within you to work out the solutions that improve the quality of life for yourself, your immediate family and friends and to have the gnosis that what you are creating in your immediate environment is also expanding out into the world, and the entire cosmos and all life is sharing in the positive energies! To see Truth bring forth Freedom into the consciousness of God's children. I am filled with compassion and understanding. Thank You, Beloved Clare de Lis for your words of love-wisdom teachings!

08/27/2012 9:39 PM
My strategy of the mercurial flashes of divine action is to
strive to stay focused on the now, to be present to whatever
the flow of the moment is, that I may respond quickly and
appropriately to assist someone. silence is ingrained in me, as I have always appreciated the great value of time in the space of silence, while the world rages about in madness.

I recall reading in Chunyi Lin's autobiography Born a Healer,
of his experience in a cave where he had to deal with the
awesome silence during that time of solitude. the longer he
remained in that cave, the greater the magnitude of the effect
upon his conscious awareness. it got so intense that in the silence, he experienced a tremendously heightened sense of his

the masters encourage to develop the practice of stillness. it
could be that they know that the more we still our outer mind
, the less babble/chatter there is. the greater attunement or
at-one-ment we develop. the times we engage in a solitary
moment in the woods, or by the rippling waters, are a moment
of stillness and oneness with nature.

I love the babbling waters, sound of birds in a still forest,
the breezes caressing my skin, even the sound of silence as
I meditate upon the experience. all the times we gather these
moments in our experiential repertoire, we build a library of
frequencies which we can recall and reestablish to touch base with our divinity to help correct some misalignment
somewhere in the world. the control we maintain in harmony
holds in a space of time the eternity of cosmic equanimity.
thank God Harmony for so patiently reminding us from time to
time of the need to sustain harmony. and thank Claire De Lis for her steadfast example of the divine qualities we
should all aspire to.

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