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Last Post 10/15/2012 9:34 AM by  Ronald and Dwinn
Final Assignment: Observations on the Movie AGORA
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Ronald and Dwinn

10/14/2012 6:49 PM
MU Class 1107
By Ronald Dubrawsky
Yes, the sun is at the center of our solar system, and the earth is not flat.
The earth is one of the wanderers, a child of the sun.
When two things are equal to a third, they are equal to each other.
When men reject the Mother, they become fanatical.
There is a higher love that is above the physical.
Falsehoods and the wrong use of the spoken word can incite riot and violence.

Today it is common knowledge that the earth revolves around the sun of our solar system. That may be in word only, for some, and for others a way of life. And for those who see it as a way of life, the door eventually opens with the realization that one is to become that sun. This is the path of the initiate.
How fortunate were those who were able to study with such a one as Hypatia at her mystery school in Alexandria. How doubly fortunate it was that the teacher was a woman, which speaks volumes for Alexandrian culture up until that tipping point time.
We must ask ourselves, who gains by the destruction of the Alexandrian Library and the murder of Hypatia in this dualistic culture? Surely it was not the enlightened ones. And we do remember the dark ages that resulted. We do remember the inquisitions, the crusades, and the extermination of the Cathars.
And yet, Hypatia taught that we are all brothers, that we are more the same than we are different. So simple, yet even the students had to be reminded, slipping so easily into the lower consciousness of divisions and differences. Knowing the divide and conquer tactics, how does it happen that we continually fall? In our own meditations, we are reminded that momentums rise or fall depending on our indulgence, repetition and where we put our attention.
Who gains in this expansive episode? Who created the greatest momentum, who created the greatest karma?
Today, it is commonly stated that as people awaken, one by one, the world will change. And as the Light increases, the darkness does likewise, and the tests become more subtle.
Hypatia’s three outstanding students depicted in the movie played archetypal roles. Davus, who was Hypatia’s slave and was finally freed by Hypatia, was trying to come to terms with what he was taught in Hypatia’s school - Greek masters, logic, astronomy, geometry - and his strong belief in Christianity. I would say that his basic modus operandi was his Christian faith, his driving will, his secret love for Hypatia, and later in the movie, his profound questioning of everything that was going on around him and in him, resulting in rapid development of his heart chakra.
Synesius was very intelligent, logical and practical. He eventually became a bishop. Something of his character is depicted in the scene where he tries to convince Orestes that when he, Orestes, failed to kneel in front of Cyril, who was holding the sacred text over him in the cathedral, he virtually ended his career and maybe his life.
And in another scene as he was comforting Hypatia, trying to convince her that we are all good people, and therefore she is as Christian as the rest of us, Hypatia’s reply to Synesius was: “You do not question your beliefs, you cannot, I must.”
This reply was a new paradigm for the ears of Synesius, which I personally think required time for reflection on Synesius’ part. Synesius replies that it is a great pity, “Our revered teacher…taken away from what she herself taught us.”
Orestes demonstrates his devotion to Hypatia when he was caught in Cyril’s snare. He refuses to kneel to the sacred words of the bible in order to make a stand and show his loyalty to his beloved teacher, Hypatia. I think this act of placing Hypatia above his own career and life, shows much love and courage even though he was caught off guard by Cyril.
The scenes of drama and violence leading up to the murder of Hypatia and her stand on principal are very reminiscent of the scenes leading to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
In closing I have to say that I am especially happy for all Europeans, and their world-extended culture, who get the opportunity to watch this movie, for they are the ones who suffered so very much under their imposed religion, and drove many to the opposite pole, no religion. Now they will be able to see and understand how it all happened, and hopefully choose a middle way.
It is clear that the destruction of the Alexandrian Library, the desecration of the sanctity of Hypatia’s school, and all that it stands for, and the organizing and reforming of the Christian movement by Constantine were an unimaginable setback for a coming golden age of enlightenment. That was over 1600 years ago, and much ignorance and malice has ensued in these past 1600 years. And now, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, we have arrived at our greatest opportunity to do our utmost to become enlightened and to enlighten others.

Ronald Dubrawsky
Ronald and Dwinn

10/15/2012 9:34 AM

The Movie, Agora, filled in much of the history I had not been fully aware of. The social setting, culture, and history were clarified in greater measure. The violence and fanaticism acting between the different groups of people was difficult to watch just as it is in today’s world. The intensities taking place stirred emotion within me. It is amazing to see how far man can stray from their God reality. Seeing the intolerance, judgment and lack of freedom present in this period demonstrates how cycles repeat themselves, unless there is greater enlightenment and until there is the recognition of all life being sacred. This movie brought awareness of the importance of learning history more fully in order to avoid the repetitive patterns of mankind and the snares they get into.

I have a greater appreciation of beloved Clare de Lis as Hypatia in witnessing yet another embodiment of her love, wisdom and power being outplayed. The soul of Hypatia like many of her other embodiments have brought witness to her love of truth and search for greater enlightenment. Seeing Hypatia’s study of the path of the planets and the Sun in the 5th century, I can personally relate this to our growing relationship with the sun and all life within our universe and its interconnectedness.

I remember Guru Ma saying near her retirement that she had advanced teachings she desired to deliver to her devotees. As I am reading her 33 heartstreams again, and I am so caught up in them, I desire to be in the highest reality she says we can be in and be there at all times. I find them so precious and preparatory for the work and advancement my soul requires to fulfill my divine plan and to assist in holding the balance for life on this planet. Our beloved Mother delivered the teachings for decades and now we are blessed to have her sponsorship in the Heartscenter. Now it is time to take that torch and give back to God all that we have received by being in perfect Presence. As I gain greater oneness with my Solar Presence so will all life be lifted up. Love is the Key.

Dwinn Dubrawsky
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