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Last Post 10/15/2012 9:34 AM by  Ronald and Dwinn
Final Assignment: Observations on the Movie AGORA
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10/17/2011 10:23 PM
PS I saw the slave, Davus, at the end acting as Archangel Michael did with Joan of Arc. As Joan was dying at the stake, Archangel Michael appeared to her. He told her to breathe in the smoke. Because she was breathing the smoke, she fainted and did not feel the pain of burning to death. Similarly, in Hypatia’s story, the slave blocked Hypatia’s nose and mouth and caused her to faint. He thus saved her the pain of being stoned to death and maybe still being alive while her body was ripped to shreds as it was tied to the back of the cart and dragged through the streets. He actually did the best for her that he could.

In other parts the movie, I saw intolerance and misunderstanding. As the leaders were intolerant of Hypatia, the opposing parties were intolerant of them. Karma! And, as ages come to a close, and cycles speed up, the return of karma is also faster. For me, one of the take-home messages is: intolerance is dangerous. And, as we are now in the midst of a cosmic shift in consciousness, similar to the shifting of tectonic plates, we had best take care to express tolerance so we can avoid physical violence.
Dorothy Rieven

10/18/2011 12:06 PM
from Dorothy R.
I saw the film way at the beginning of the class.
I found the violence difficult to watch but the understanding of the story of how the library was destroyed was important to know.
The intolerance was so hard to watch. We must continue to learn from history.
I enjoyed seeing the relationship of Hipatia to her wonderful father
It was interesting how they used the sandbox for her to explain her ideas.
the scene of photography where they showed the people from way way above, seeming to scurry like ants. Interesting photography.

10/22/2011 8:18 AM
So you can get credit for this and get a certificate for 1107, please contact MURegistrar@heartscenter.org.
Nancy Freaner
Joyce Genis

10/23/2011 4:59 PM
The following are my observations on the movie Agora.

The movie Agora depicted how a civilization shifting from one age to another and one belief system to another can be thrown into violence and how people can be emotionally and psychologically divided inside their beings as they attempt to understand the shift. I think it also showed how people who desire power and control will use a time of religious or political upheaval to manipulate the masses to cause destruction in order to solidify their power. The burning of the Library of Alexandria was a very tragic example of how an entire civilization can be plunged into darkness by destroying the knowledge that had been gleaned from the great teachers and adepts from many previous centuries. Those in positions of power sought to control the masses by keeping them in ignorance.

The earth is moving from one age to another again as we move from the Piscean age to the age of Aquarius. Those who stand up for the Aquarian principles of unity, oneness, peace, love and brotherhood are still being attacked—in some countries physically and violently and in other countries through more subtle methods such as the manipulation of the media, education, and the balance of nature. What I feel is so hopeful about the shift to the age of Aquarius is that through the current technology, including the internet, knowledge can no longer be withheld from the people. Now that the truths of loving cooperation between people, nature and the universe are being spread through the media and by example, it cannot be stopped.

The spiritual work of all those who desire to bring peace and harmony to the planet will be what brings in the golden-crystal age. Our prayers, meditations and communion with the Universal Brotherhood will provide the spiritual impetus for enlightened communities to grow and thrive throughout the globe. The shift of light is here, the wave is coming and there is no turning it back! Joyce

10/23/2011 5:08 PM
Hypatia was born in Alexandria in 350 AD and executed in 415 AD. She was the first woman instructor in mathematics as head of the Platonist School of Alexandria.

The Library of Alexandria, according to the history books, was founded during the 3rd Century B.C.

The destruction of the Library of Alexandria is unclear in the history books. Four different dates are given for the destruction:
1) 48 BC Julias Casear's fire in the Alexandrian War
2) Attack of Aurelian 270 AD
3) Decree of the Coptic Pope Theophitus 391 AD
4) Muslim conquest of 642 AD

The Decree of the Coptic Pope Theophitus 391 AD correlates with Hypatia's life span.

HPB taught that Atlantis existed until approximately 12,000 BC. Edgar Cayce's readings say 9000 - 1100 BC. As students of truth many of us believe that Egypt was a continuation of Atlantis and that the truth about those end times and ancient wisdeom was recorded. Possibly the information of the Atlanteans was recorded in the scrolls in the Library of Alexandria. Of course that information would have wanted to be destroyed by the ones who wanted to control the people.

I have heard teachings that the Iliad and Odyssey by Homer, Greek Poet (850 BC) was the hero's attempt to avoid the earth changes that were taking place during the destruction of Atlantis just as we are doing today. Where is it going to be safe to live? where will there be floods?, earthquakes? etc.

Even though there was a shift going on during the time of Hypatia the big shift was during the end times of Atlantis and now we are going through another great shift into the Age of Aquarius.

To this day people who speak the truth are hunted down, i.e. Tesla, whistle blowers etc. Hypatia was a speaker of the truth and had to be terminated. Even though I did not personally know Elizabeth I knew many people tried to stop her from speaking the truth but fortunately this did not happen.

This essay seems to be all over the place but in my mind I am seeing a much bigger picture than just this particular embodiment of Elizabeth. St. Germaine was in and out of the picture as well as Hesiod the Greek poet 750-650 BC and Samuel 931-877 BC.

I see changes happening all the time as we move into higher levels of consciousness. The truth is being exposed through the internet, videocameras, pictures, etc. I was watching a John Wayne westerner one day and was shocked to see him shot a beautiful sauharo cactus. Imagine someone doing that in a movie today? Chances of it happening are very slim. More and more people are exhibiting reverence for all life including plants and animals. Michael Vick did not escape the pitt bull dog fighting he was doing and he paid a high price for it. Many people are celebrating the killing of Kadafi but the people who are in a higher state of consiousness see his killing as the killing of themselves and it is very painful to watch. We prayed many times for him to see the unity of life but unfortunately his time has ended.

The Light of the Divine Feminine energy is becoming stronger each day. As I make my pilgramage to Lake Titicaca for the 11:11:11 I know that all of us who are Light Workers will be anchoring even more of this Divine Feminine Energy on this day just as Hypatia did over 1,600 years ago during that embodiment.

On November 21st (Monday) at 6pm Pacific Time I will be having Danion Brinkley on my radio show "Return to Shamballa" on
BBSRadio.com to talk about his new book.

On November 7 I will be having Esparanza Rey on the show to talk about her new book "Hope Reigns Beyond 2012." (6pm PT)

Thank you Cheryl and David for a wonderful class.
Vicki Goodwin
Shamballa Enterprises, LLC

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