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Last Post 08/22/2011 4:39 PM by  constance
Healing Technique for Self or to Teach
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08/22/2011 4:39 PM
    Two healing techniques to share.
    1) for inner emotional: In a quiet meditative space, fold hands on Lap and imagin you are holding yourself as a very young infant. Tell yourself (You may use a soft baby doll)
    over and over 'I am holding myself as a baby' Gently rock the baby.
    There may, after a little bit be a spine straightening little shrug. Always use your heart not your head, when entering a meditation.
    2) To heal an area of concern: Rub hands vigorously first. Left hand /arm outstretched. Rt hand lightly on area of concern. Focus on the heart. State 'In the name of my Mighty I Am Presence In the Name I Am that I AM I--------- call to the great healing Seraphim, Hilarion,M.Mary
    To Heal this----------etc.through the crystal rays in my Lt hand
    through my heart and to my Rt hand, please assist and exemplyfy the power of healing to my--------.Hold this until you feel thepower flowing through you. Focus intently on the heart. Wait until you feel ?/something?
    Then say thank you. You may have to repeat this for some time depending on what it is.
    I always feel an electronic 'surge' Every one is different.
    constance welzel
    You are not authorized to post a reply.