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Last Post 06/13/2011 1:45 AM by  Cathleen
Final essay on Advanced Alchemy
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06/13/2011 1:45 AM
    110612 Meru University 1104 Final essay Cathleen Alexander on Advanced Alchemy

    Saint Germain has taught me that alchemy is more than manifesting things. I understand the most challenging and most rewarding place to start is in my own heart. As I meditate upon the changes in my own world, I see the Masters assisting my own growth in desiring to be more of my higher self than ever before.

    During this class I was in the midst of reading many books, and some were beyond those specifically recommended for this course. One was the biography of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov who embodied spiritual alchemy and whose unfolding life has been a constant inspiration. Also, I read Zen and the Art of Knitting: Exploring the Links Between Knitting, Spirituality and Creativity by Bernadette Murphy, (2002). Saint Germain and the Maha Chohan, even this morning, spoke about the weaving and this reminded me of knitting. Saint Germain spoke about weaving a net of light to catch the darkness and the new divine net we were enlivening with our greater level of purity which Omraam also referenced in his meditation today. As we have a pure vessel, the Holy Spirit is more inclined to visit us. As we become more receptive, we necessarily become more passive, and thus we are required to be pure vessels to ensure only the most pure beings and energies will alight.

    I have been reminded of the many gifts of the Holy Spirit, both today, Pentecost, and at this past Sunday when Saint Germain spoke of the gift of prophecy as we become our own prophets and bring forth a prophecy of our divine plan we are writing. And today, Pentecost, a week after the official end of our MU1104 course, The Maha Chohan spoke about weaving cords of energy as we all live in one accord and as one chord in the grand chorus of God's orchestra.

    I found many metaphors given to us by our beloved alchemist, Saint Germain. In answer to Darshan question 23, Saint Germain spoke about the light in the secret chamber of the Heart where this light is lit by the lamp of intuition. And as performer of our own alchemy, we let our light shine and work in a well-lit laboratory. When Saint Germain talked about working in the laboratory of our hearts, I also thought about working in the labyrinth of our minds, and in the kitchen working with our hands. I see these as all connected, spiritual and mundane, practical and divine.

    I was grateful for Saint Germain’s discussion on longevity and acknowledgment of our quest for perfect health by regenerating ourselves. I appreciate his showing the relationship of honesty, wholeness and holiness and I will encourage my body elemental to visualize wholeness as we say “Holiness unto the Lord!” I also appreciated the answer Saint Germain's questions about the 72 names of God as written in the Zohar in the Hebrew language. I am motivated to find my copy given to me by a friend long ago to scan them with my eyes even as my mind absorbs their innate and divine beauty.

    Sometime in the near future, I hope we are able to fulfill Saint Germain's request that he made of us during his answer to the Darshan question 30. He suggested having a 24-hour seven radio station playing uplifting music so our youth would have a place to turn to hear beautiful music. I hope we can help to make this a reality.

    At the end of class 3, we were requested to write a paragraph on some of the new sciences such as the new biology and physics. Here is my paragraph as follows:
    One of the new sciences is the new organizational science. A leader in her field, Margaret Wheatley wrote Leadership and the New Science, first published in 1992, with new editions in 1999 and 2006. She described organizations as living organisms, naturally self-organizing and continually seeking greater levels of complexity and diversity. The organization is alive when its community is alive and vibrant. Just as Bruce Lipton, in Biology of Belief, pointed out that the brain of the cell is actually in the membrane, so the outer edge of each community is its place of growth. Each community member is a change agent, a growth agent, for bringing in new food and new vitality to keep the organization alive and vibrant. Wheatley explains how the world, physical and beyond, naturally organizes itself into beautiful patterns and structures as it constantly changes. Continuing her research of organized communities, in Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now (2011), Wheatley describes seven different communities where their shift in belief resolved seemingly unsolvable challenges with practical solutions.

    In answer to Saint Germain's request for suggestions for further Meru University courses, I suggest the following:
    • Teacher training where students acquire skills and beliefs in their ability to present the teachings of the Masters via the courses we have taught through Meru University.
    • Advanced Studies of Initiatic Science with the World Teachers
    • Aquarian Community Governance
    • The fun of tuning into our Dharma
    • Singing the songs of the free
    • Attaining and expanding the 144 virtues
    • A harmony of New Age teachings, similar to a harmony of the Gospels
    • New vistas of practical spirituality
    • The mystical side(s) of the seven major religions
    • A companion of the lives of modern Saints
    • How to teach our children: Spiritual lessons for the New Age, especially for ages 7 to 14, and 14-21
    • How to balance our spiritual bank account
    • Introductory courses as stepping stones on the path
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