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Last Post 02/10/2010 2:30 PM by  Dean Baylor
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Dean Baylor

02/10/2010 2:30 PM

    Welcome to our Hearts Center Forum!

    Membership is free. We encourage you to express yourself, to engage in discussion with both mind and heart and to share your spiritual insights and opinions with us. All respectful contributions are honored. Our forum supports the ascended masters of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and their mission to save mankind and heal our earth. You will find a wide range of topics relating to their teachings.

    To begin reading through our messages, please choose a forum from our selection below. If you would like to post messages, please register at the top of this page, then login. It is necessary to be logged in to post replies to existing messages.

    Buying or Selling is prohibited on our forum. Vulgar language or personal attacks will be deleted. Also, refrain from promoting political agendas in that our focus is sharing the teachings of the ascended masters and related topics. Follow the Golden Rule and treat all forum members with the same courtesy you expect and require. Kindness is an expression of love and so kindness is a prominent theme in our forum.

    Have a great time. We hope your experience is fun, inspirational and educational!

    We encourage you to include photos or images along with your posted messages. Following is the procedure to follow in order to submit your pictures:

    1) Click on ATTACHMENTS (at the bottom of the dialogue box when you are creating a message).
    2) Click on BROWSE (this will take you into your folders, click on your pictures folder, then click on the picture you choose to use).
    3) Click on the UPLOAD button next to the Browse button. (The file information will appear immediately below the UPLOAD button).
    4) Click on INSERT IMAGE. A box saying "IMAGE: X" (in brackets) will appear in the dialogue box.
    5) Click on the SUBMIT button.

    JPG files work very well.

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