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Last Post 05/21/2011 10:42 PM by  donnakorth
Start a Heart Center Study Group
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dennis fisher

05/15/2011 11:29 AM
    I would like to start a Study Group here in Vista.
    What are the guild lines? Any Tips?
    Thanks Everyone for your help in advance


    05/21/2011 10:42 PM
    Hi Dennis, If you are in a situation where people are unlikely to venture out of their homes to a "meeting" because of distance, gasoline prices, children, time limitations (driving), night driving, etc. you could start a telephone class (teleclass). All you have to do is get a free conference call # (which I would be happy to help you do), invite people, pick out a heartstream you would like to study from the many heartstreams available on our website, and play it. Stop every paragrah or so to discuss, share applications, answer questions, etc. Or you can all read the same book and do likewise. Our heartshare team has a wonderful teleclass which has grown to include people from all over the U.S. - and some from outside the U.S. Very few live anywhere near someone they can meet in homes with. Go to Events on the home page and click; then go to HeartShare Events and click. You will see the info you require plus a phone number to call for more info. Of course if you do have several interested contacts that live near you, there are still some similarities to a teleclass that you can use in a physical location.
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