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Last Post 03/06/2011 7:06 AM by  Mariah
Spiritual Exercise Nine
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03/06/2011 7:06 AM
    I really enjoyed doing this exercise and felt the energy of white light going from my heart to my finger tips to touch items (places, people, animal and plant life) that I placed on the inner walls of my bubble along with the multitude of people within the bubble depending on the closeness of our relationships. I included El Morya within my bubble to manifest God's will consciousness. I also included my office since this is the place where a majority of my time and energy is spent. To offer my blessing of light into these areas and know that the freedom to accept or decline my blessings of light are joyously accepted in my four lower bodies is amazingly fulfilling.

    I desire to participate in this exercise at least monthly, it is a blessing to experience the freedom it gives to me to let go and Let God.

    Mona, I am so blessed by these exercises and wish to use these tools as much as possible. They are priceless!
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