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Last Post 01/14/2011 9:50 AM by  Wayne
Welcome and Glossary of Terms
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01/14/2011 9:50 AM
    Welcome to Meru 1100, Course Orientation and Technical Training! I trust you will find this course interesting and informative. To help you get a head start on the course, I have composed a glossary of technical terms below that will be used during the course. Please read them before the course. They are also on the course page as a pdf that you can download and print out.


    Application sharing: A function of Elluminate in which an instructor can show everyone on the whiteboard programs or websites that appear on the instructor's computer screen.

    Browser: A program that you use to browse the internet.

    Cursor: An arrow or hand that moves on your computer screen as you move your mouse over a program menu or website icons. It sometimes changes to a hand when over certain tabs.

    Download: To transfer a program or file from a website to your computer.

    Emoticon: A face, hand, or other picture that expresses emotion. Used in emails or posts.

    Forum: A website or part of a website where people who share a common interest go to read and post messages.

    Icon: A small symbol or picture that you click on with the cursor that has some function or link that is symbolized by the picture.

    Link: A web address that takes you to another webpage. It can be connected to a word or phrase such as "click here" that automatically takes you to the webpage when you click it.

    Login: A tab that you click in order to enter a secure area like an email account, fully accessed website, online store, or online course webinar.

    Password: The secret code you use to log in. It can contain letters, numbers, and certain symbols.

    pdf: A type of document file, created using Adobe Acrobat, which usually can't be modified.

    Poll: A survey taken on a forum or during a webinar in which participants get to vote on a question.

    Popup: A box that pops up with a message such as an error message, security question, or warning. On some websites, advertisements appear as popup boxes. Most have an X you can use to remove them. Or you can click OK to answer a question.

    Radio button: A small circular icon that you select with the cursor when given a choice of items.

    Setup wizard: A function that guides a user through the process of installing a program or adjusting settings in a program.

    Tab: A button on a menu or webpage that does a function or takes you to a different page.

    USB device: Any device that connects to a computer using the narrow rectangular input ports.

    User name: The name you use to log in. It could be your name, your email address, or any name.

    Webinar: A synchronous online class session in which audio and video are combined with texting and a whiteboard to create a virtual classroom.

    Whiteboard: A screen area in a webinar classroom that can project PowerPoints and that can be used for application sharing, typing, or drawing.
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